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Unauthorised returns will not be accepted. Returns must be postmarked within 4 business days of authorisation and must be in resellable condition. Returns are shipped at the customer's risk. We cannot take responsibility for items which are lost or damaged in transit. For purchases where a shipping charge was paid, there will be no refund of the original shipping charge. Recognised as a number one textbook during this box, Intellectual Property deals scholars unrivalled assurance of all features of the highbrow estate syllabus making it their crucial consultant in the course of the intricacies of this dynamic topic.

This publication examines the advance of nationwide legislative regimes for the safety of highbrow estate rights within the Arabian Gulf states: Are highbrow estate rights like different estate rights? What are the excuses for this? What are the results for energy and for justice of permitting this estate shape to variety throughout social existence?

Read e-book online Cazado: Parents just shouldn't be allowed to take them on a long flight before the age of How are the working conditions? I may drop in to listen to you, so keep an eye on the green light - when it flashes it's me! Have a good time. I thought you'd be back by now. Long trip this time, is it? Comment Good evening, good morning, good afternoon, everybody. No, let me explain this a very little bit. As you know, I'll travel home in a few days.

Yes, I count them. D Sometimes there happen too many things at once and that's when I freak out, but only my inside freaks out. For example I have to organize special formulars because I need a kind of attendance during my flight. I have to pack at least one extra packet as my luggage should better not be overweight. I think about the work at home and the changes and how quick I'll have to adapt myself again.

It all gets more complicated by the time. Thus, today I'm fine after I managed to clarify serveral facts. I know I won't be able to sleep, though. I don't even want it, for no particular reason, however, my body somehow refuses to sleep. Thank you for the hint, RenaRd , I might look at that later. Oh yes, I must have been tired, there's no other possibility. I've already agonized over how I might probably react to seeing my family after all this a hundred times and I really can't imagine what that could be like. Surely one of the strangest situations I've ever been to. Auch und gerade wenn du ein bisschen Heimweh hattest und einiges in Frankreich nicht immer so toll gefunden hast, nicht wahr?

Habt ihr denn einen Grund, sauer auf einander zu sein, oder sonst nicht einfach froh, einander wieder zu sehen? Alien, Entschuldigung, dass ich mich nicht besser erinnere, aber wie lange bist du denn schon weg, nur so Wochen, oder sind es schon Monate? Aber bestimmt noch kein Jahr?

Die Zeit kommt dir wohl langsamer vor, weil du noch jung bist. Aber aufzuwachsen bedeutet sowohl wegzufahren als auch langfristiger denken zu lernen. Guten Abend, ihr anderen. Und wenn auf Englisch, mit oder ohne Untertiteln? Und wenn mit, mit deutschen oder englischen? Entschuldige die vielen Fragen!

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Die letzte Staffel habe ich aber noch nicht angeschaut und hoffe, dass mir der Weihnachtsmann sie bringt. Ich brauche eine neue Brille! Du wirst schon gebildete Menschen aus uns machen. Are you counting down the days until you return home? We're counting down the days until her homecoming. I had a lot of contact[s] [to] with psychologists oder: A lot of my contacts were psychologists. Thank[s] heaven for little children! Thanks be to heaven for little children! Thanks to heaven, we have to have little children! Wenn ja, dann entweder The rules sound very similar oder Both languages seem to have this rule in common oder The rules sound as though they have a lot in common with each other.

Sie sind sehr hilfreich, wenn ich nicht schlafen kann, weil zu viel durch den Kopf geht. Besonders mag ich diejenigen, die eine Phantasiereise darbieten.

Superwillys Blu-ray / DVD Soll oder was man sich mal anschauen kann - Stand 29.10.2018

Meine Lieblingsphantasiereise ist Reise ins Weltall , die man hier umsonst herunterladen kann. Comment Hello snails, it is unbelievable how fast you are running again! I guess I am the last of the "old" snails to congratulate harambee on our wonderful new house ;- harambee: Thank you so much for having built our wonderful new shell! And all the best wishes for your trip to China — you have finally arrived there and will be back in a day or two Sie sind sehr hilfreich, wenn ich nicht schlafen kann, weil mir zu viel durch den Kopf geht. Only suggestions, maybe there are better options.

Good night, good morning, bye for now!

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I had a very good sleep this night and feel quite good. This morning I won't go for sightsseing. I will just walk through the neighbourhood, so it will be a lazy morning. Weather looks good, it's sunny, skye is blue and temperatures are around freezing point. A few minutes ago I got the media distribution list for our live broadcasts.

For Europe Laola TV is again one of our main stations. From their website I found out that the kive broadcast will start at 8 am German time: It goes without saying that I have no information at what time they will switch to the xiangqi tournament. However, I was promised to get a tentative schedule before I have to start talking. I am not completely sure about that as a station called SNTV is listed and my google search probably restricted here in China wants to tell me that must be Somali TV.

I somehow doubt that: Obwohl es durchaus somalisches Fernsehen aus Minneapolis gibt. Es ist wahrscheinlich dieser , anscheinend ein Video- bzw. Wie soll man denn wissen, ob man abonnieren will, wenn sogar das Sendeplan geheim halten wird? Es tut mir leid, ich werde selbst nicht zu an? Comment Alien, I can understand you, it really is exciting coming home after all that time. But I don't think you need to worry - the right reaction will come automatically when you see your family. Have a safe trip home! But I rarely have trouble falling asleep quite the reverse, to be honest.

And since I started editing science fiction novels, a fantasy journey into outer space would feel too much like work, anyway Sachs, to be honest, my mind did not even register "periphrases", but just read "paraphrases" and left it at that Call myself a linguist? Have a good start in China, harambee, and always the right amount of tickets! I always feel sorry for infants on planes and damn annoyed, I admit , and hope those parents had a very good reason to put the poor things under so much stress. Merely "I want those holidays, and having kids won't stop me" is not good enough for me, I'm afraid.

Comment Regarding children on planes I get that the usual reaction is annoyance, and agree that it is probably hellish to be on a long flight with screaming children, but!

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I highly doubt that any child will scream for the duration of a whole flight, and most parents will do almost anything to prevent their children from doing that because from my experience it is even worse for the parents who know that the whole plane hates them.

And why do parents put their children under so much stress? Well, probably, because they have family in far-away places who should also have a chance to bond with the children. Again, I can only speak from my relatives and friends, but all who go on these intercontinental flights do so because one of the parents is from a country like South Africa, Peru, the U. And even if not, also parents should be allowed to go on holiday with their children to other places than Denmark Comment Abertawe, having family in far-away places is one of those "very good reasons" I meant.

As for being "allowed" to go on holiday - I certainly have no right to forbid that, but I, personally, would never do it. Not because I could not live with the whole plane hating me, but because I would consider it too stressful for the infant, like I said. You are right, it is worse for the parents, no doubt, but it is worst for the poor babe. My parents never went anywhere by plane with my brothers and me, but visited Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium or France, and it did not do us any harm.

Should you consider it, I advise thoroughly flouring hands and working surface before you begin, and in between "rolls". And the recommended baking time was slightly too long - minutes proved to be enough. With regard to being distressed there is one thing I can offer you in addition though it might not be good for your ears. This is what I do: I look for a clear!

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It has to be loud enough that you are able to hear the singer breathing, hear the fingers gliding on the guitar, hear the wall of sound when an orchestra starts … Concentrate on every bit of sound, every change in direction of the drums. Refrain from singing the tune, just listen to what the artists and the soundmixers did… As for me, after ten minutes I used to be relaxed and had forgotten the troubles of the day.

How are your parents? I seem to remember that you had a hard time a few months ago. Are they with you, btw? Is Christmas a time to remember good times, then, or rather a sad season? Imagine a physician is kind of shy, anxious and reserved. If you perceive this you can act accordingly: What we did in the psychological trainings was giving our representatives the tools to find out different behaviours, not only of the doctors but of themselves as well. The day before he even kissed her on the cheek!

Lucy, have a second look: With regard to German TV-series: Thanks for the new link. I watched for a while this morning, but heard another commentator, I guess… ; May I put in my two cent regarding flights with little children? To put it short: Yes, there are parents who have to fly for different important reasons and may take their children from here to there. But, Abertawe, there are parents that give a damn when other passengers are complaining. Comment I'm not sure if I have told this story before, but I once had a student from New Zealand who had her first child in Germany, so she wanted to go home for Christmas and show the new baby around.

toilette stil gestaltung Amsterdam – Express

I have forgotten how old the girl was, but under a year. She screamed for 20 hours. The mother was close to suicide, her nerves wrecked, feeling sorry for the child but also incredibly guilty for putting all the other passengers through it who all wanted to murder her, of course , and she said that flight easily qualified as the worst day of her life. She hadn't been selfish, just ignorant - she'd assumed the baby, who was normally quite easy-going, would sleep most of the time. I'll probably sell them again - it was good, I enjoyed the series, but I'm not sure it's a keeper.

I watched it in English but did use subtitles, partly because the noise level in the film oscillated wildly and some bits of dialogue I simply couldn't hear, but mainly because I'm lazy. I'm not used to American accents, so I'd have to go back and forth quite a bit to catch everything, and it's easier to just vegetate on the sofa and read along ;- I don't know Dexter , but somebody mentioned it the other day so I have a vague idea what it's about. Do you know any German series? I don't watch much TV so I'm out of touch, but the other snails can make recommendations.

I think it would make total sense to watch something in German, although it's normally not so varied accent-wise. Most actors speak Hochdeutsch. I've borrowed "Life on Mars" from a friend - has anybody heard of that? And would anybody recommend "Homeland"? I skim-read the whole CC you linked but didn't find any answer, and if you told aus before, I can't remember. The more I edited my 61 the more vanished in LEO's nirvana. I reckon the posting is too long and LEO gets mad The paragraph starting "The rules sound very common" is cut, so here is it in total.

I don't dare to change the italic letters. But most probably you refrain from reading anyway Comment Renard, now you've interupted my edit! I just saw that there are Kipfels. I find it really distracting - the movement of the mouth doesn't quite work, I keep wondering what they might have said in the original, and I can't cope with somebody else's voice coming out of an actor I know.

Just imagine a different German voice for Robert de Niro, for example - he has a very distinct dubbing voice. Wouldn't you find that very odd if he suddenly sounded different? Comment Gibson, at the risk of interrupting your edit again, they are "Kipfe r l", actually Hope you still like them. Plenty for everyone, no need to hide them! Didn't you know that virtual plates in the CC are self-refilling? I hate watching them.

Apart from the problems you mentioned, they are often translated in such a hurry and slightly weirdly to lip-sync as much as possible, that they are full of false friends and suchlike. Funnily enough, I can only think of German crime drama series. There are regional ones that might provide some accent variations, if that is what you are after. Comment I grew up knowing them as Kipfel - you're not saying that my mother lied to me, are you? I've learned since that it's Kipfe r l n but I guess the -rl was too southern for my born-and-bread Kohlenpott mother.

She's always been wary of anything below Bonn. In our family, it's Kipfel once and forever. But I eat them by any name: Comment Are you suggesting that my trusted older-than-myself baking book "So backt die junge Hausfrau" is lying to me, then? And it is perfectly appropriate, isn't it? Comment Guten Tag, Kipferl-Fans. Damned, if anyone did. Comment To be honest, I never understood "damned if" any other way than Dragon and the others did in the threads linked by you.

And, contrary to Dragon, I am certainly not "echt zweisprachig"! Might this be another of those AE-BE differences? Dragon speaks BE, as far as I know. Comment What's going on here? So many new posts! My first day as Deputy Chief Arbiter that's my official job title according to the badge and online commentator was funny, chaotic and successful, I think. RenaRd, I can't tell you what you have watched and listened to. All this is a bit confusing as there seems to be more than one feed.

I was sitting in a cabin close to the players room and commenting together with a co-commentator from Singapore, but apparently there is another stream with commentaors sitting in a studion of Beijing Television or similar name. Never mind, it's not that important, is it?

Yesterday the start was not without minor problems. To solve the first problem was quite simple. As I said we were two commentators, but had only one chair.

It seemed to genuinely surprise the organizers that we wanted to chairs, but they finally obliged without bearing us a grudge for long. The game we should comment on was filmed with three different cameras. However, in the speaker cabin we saw only one picture mainly showing one of the players and a small part of the board. Giving reasonable comments would have been easier if we had seen the full board. After 40 minutes someone had found a solution for our problem. In the meantime we had helped ourselves by paying short visits to the player room and taking notes of the moves on the board.

And then there were the microphones: We asked a couple of people but nobody knew. In the end we learned that our microphones were always on and that there was no simple way of turning them off: But then we learned that even during times we were not on air for the international stream, our twaddling was nevertheless recorded and transferred to some imaginary or real?? I have no idea whether that feed really exists, but we decided to speak in a more orderly manner: I'm not an architect and I don't know much about architecture, but I wanted to see it nevertheless.

I took the totally overcrowded subway to get into the neighbourhood of the tower and There was, however, a building called "World Tower" and silly harambee assumed it might be the same tower. Where I went was nevertheless interesting. It was a huge shopping centre with many luxury brand shops. There was also beautiful ;- purple Christmas illumination in many parts of the centre.

It was not easy to find a way out of that really huge complex, but I finally managed and then walked around a bit. During my walk I also found the new CCTV tower, an interesting building I'm sure you will be able to find pictures if you are interested , but not at all the highest building in the area. Later I had some nice dumplings for dinner and went back to the hotel. Gibson, I'm not sure what your question in 62 is. I got an email where I was asked whether I could again act as an arbiter for that tournament and after some consideration I asaid yes. But that does not answer your question, does it?

Like last time the World Xiangqi Federation wanted to show that xiangqi is a popular game all around the world and there may be people who would not buy that statement if all players and officials were of Asian descent. People with long noses come in handy in such a situation, Black people might be even more convincing, but any port in a storm Enough written for today and sorry for the typos and other mistakes, but there is no time for proofreading now.

Comment Good morning - last day of the week, thank god! This afternoon we have the christmas party in kindergarten, so I had to bake again yesterday, but something "salty", for a change.

29 Tatort 758 Absturz Saalfeld, Keppler 7 Leipzig

How do you say "herzhaft" in English? I am too lazy to look it up now. To shortly revisit the children on planes topic - sorry - I am really convinced that the majority of parents is sensible enough to only go on these very long flights with their children if there is a solid reason to do so. As I said before it's not much fun for the parents, either. You asked about Homeland - hubby and I have seen it. We were a bit skeptical at first, this being a somewhat difficult topic for America, but we really liked it!

Claire Danes is amazing in it, and it's very exciting. We haven't seen anything from season 3 yet, but the first two seasons are definitely recommendable. Have a good day, everyone! Comment I looked at the 'damned' thread last night and didn't understand it. Neither of the 'I'll be damned' meanings makes a lot of sense to me. My initial thought was something along the lines of 'Damn - if somebody did fall in, he'll be in big trouble. In any case, I wouldn't use 'verdammt' here. Sorry I can't offer anything more useful.

What you wrote sounds interesting. How do they know you? Like I said - well, implied - you probably explained it all before, but I either missed it back then or fotgot. That sentence I do understand: For a lot of the examples in 6, the ones meaning 'I'm not going to do that', "ich werde den Teufel tun und Comment Gibson and wi-chan , RE dubbed series: What I had in mind when recommending dubbed US-series was my impression that most German series are rather bad — cheap actors in a low-budget production talking nonsense due to a poor script.

At the best some of the early evening series are funny. I want to be caught by the film itself, the plot, the faces, the surrounding, the landscape or the thrill of action. The original is best. Comment Gibson, for most time in the last 20 years I was an active xiangqi player. I'm also one of the few Europeans who acted as the chief arbiter at larger xiangqi tournaments in Europe like European championships. So, I'm not the only, but a somewhat logical choice if someone wants an experienced xiangqi arbiter with a long nose. Comment RenaRd, lip-sync is usually something that you don't perceive knowingly, but subconsciously.

Something "just isn't right", and your brain is slightly confused and distracted trying to work it out. Mostly, you don't notice that yourself. And as for not recognizing a bad translation: Oh yes, often you do. For example, one of the classics, when "silicon" is translated as "Silikon" instead of "Silizium", and a whole sentence or scene suddenly doesn't make any sense whatsoever I must add, though, that I am rather overly sensitive to that sort of thing hence my choice of job.

Even though it still stands what I said earlier: Therefore I am looking forward to suggestions to the contrary! Because sorry for generalizing I hate films cut into 5 parts to be interrupted by commercials, comedians that earn their money by telling the dirtiest jokes only and docu-soaps about drunkards and diners. Oder vielleicht machst du das alles schon. Wieso steht nametag nicht mal in LEO? Zu Kindern in Flugzeugen nicht auf, stimmt? Es liegt zum Teil einfach daran, dass unsere Gesellschaft so viel beweglicher ist als einst.

Und die meisten Eltern versuchen schon durchaus, das Kind irgendwie zu beruhigen. But somehow they all seem to follow a, more or less, identical script, so they simply don't catch me. Other non-crime series not mentioned yet are "Traumschiff" or "Schwarzwaldklinik", but they're not really my cup of tea either. Mainly during the 60s there were produced a number of Edgar Wallace films in German and a rather nice parody to them not too long ago - not really a series, but maybe more interesting than most real series.

For years I do not even bother to check what's on their programme, because I simply can't stand commercial breaks. Not even the very simple solution to record a movie and jump those breaks can change this aversion. But certainly more than half of my TV consumption is documentary films anyway. My 2 cents for "damned if": My first thought would be identical with answers 1 and 2. But I see your point that this is sort of a question, what isn't appropriate when the fact that it was indeed filmed is commonly known. But then I can't imagine a German version that can express this knowledge with the negation used in the original sentence, in this case it had to be something like "und, Teufel noch eins, genau das hat irgendjemand auch aufgenommen.

Comment hm -- us: Don't worry, I won't tell much personal information. I know that you all could be monsters.

in münchen Ausgabe 13/ by InMagazin Verlags GmbH - Issuu

Before I went, I got along very well with my mother and we all seemed to stick together and I'm not scared about that this might change, there wouldn't be any reason. I've been away for three months. I think it's long for a teenager to be completely away from the family. It found an end quickly, though. I always have the feeling of the time running way too fast and I hate this.

I don't like growing up. Of course I'll be happy to see them. Thanks for the link, I'm going to try it. I actually guess that those meditation things are quite useful sometimes. I also downloaded some applications on my cell phone, but they don't work without the internet and my connection here is even worse than at home. I managed to clear my head a little. Yes, thank you very much for the suggestions. Maybe I should buy a similar CD and see if that improves. Uhm, it's just that I've got extremely sensitive ears which don't allow me to choose a high volume and normally, any songs I like, with texts and everything, have too much sense and they make me feel worse.

That's why I forbid myself several songs from time to time, to concentrate on other things. Lying on the ground helps for sure. Didn't you talk about cookies? I love vanilla Kipferl: I suspect I won't sleep a lot. We'll leave the house at 10am tomorrow. My flight is in the afternoon. I'll arrive back in Germany at 5pm.

Let's hope that everything will work fine! Comment hm -- us, your comment on the word "arbiter" is interesting. Many years ago I used to say "referee", but many people in the xiangqi world did not understand that word. They used "arbiter" instead, so I adapted to that usage. Today there will be no online comments from me, I will have a break from that and will just act as umpire to use another word: Comment So many new posts already — I've been away for a few days only. Well, not exactly away, but I didn't have time to procrastinate.

Harambee, I simply love the idea that I now know a long-nosed deputy chief xiangqi arbiter, or whatever your official title is. You must be the only one in the world. And I even met you during one of our Berlin shtummtishes, so that counts as "knowing", doesn't it? Is anybody else writing a Christmas newsletter? Last year I somehow didn't get round to sending one, so this time I'd have to call mine "Wupperwolf's Christmas Newsletter " because I'd feel so bad about leaving out one. The Christmas newsletter could follow some time in July Anyway, this time we really have something to tell.

As some of you "regular Leonistas" will know, we moved from Berlin to Flensburg this summer. Quite a change, but on the whole a change for the better, although I miss lots of people and places. Comment Das mit dem Newsletter hat mich gerade daran erinnert, dass ich noch keine Weihnachtskarten geschrieben habe, und eigentlich wollte ich dieses Jahr eine nach Deutschland schicken.

Vielleicht, wenn ich sie am Montag zur Post bringe, kommen sie noch rechtzeitig an Comment I am sure they will be just as appreciated if they arrive after Christmas, Lara. Wupperwolf, you only procratinate when you have the time to do so? A beginner's take on procrastination. You clearly have a lot to learn! Comment Thanks, harambee - I didn't realise that xiangqi wasn't simply chess by another name and you were known in those circles. I always had this scene in my mind where somebody stops you in the streets because you look foreign and offers you the job: Auch wenn der Stummtisch in der neuen Stadt um etwas kleiner sein wird.

Kann ich mir irgendwie nicht vorstellen, aber vielleicht zieht die Hauptstadt oder der Norden irgendwie die Introverten an. Comment hm, your theory concerning arbiter and referee may be correct, but I can offer another one. If I recall it correctly, the first Europeans who composed English invitations for xiangqi tournaments were from France. And in French arbitre is the correct word, isn't it? Correcturitos for hm -- us: That was probably a slip of the pen and I only mention it because I want to add that I would prefer another word order: However, your word order was not wrong. Auch wenn der Stummtisch in der neuen Stadt etwas kleiner sein wird.

No need and no place for the "um". Comment If it is a "St u mmtisch", they might even be more introvert than you'd think On second thought, was that a deliberate joke? Comment I had assumed it was a deliberate joke, so I did not comment on it. I talked to someone familiar with British English and he told me that referees for board games like chess are indeed called arbiters in BE. There even is an Association of British Chess Arbiters or similar. Today my job as commentator was quite easy.

The players repeated the moves after less than thirty minutes and agreed to a draw. On every other day that would have offered me an opportunity for extended sightseeing, but not today. I got an invitation for dinner. I watched the whole of the first series when it was first aired on German TV dubbed, unfortunately , but that was quite enough for me - no need to watch series 2, 3 and 4 as well, I think. But do try it if you find a single episode somewhere or if you can borrow the DVDs , and by all means make up your own mind.

You don't have to read all postings, just don't forget to stop working before next weekend. Take a deep breath then and brace up for Christmas! Comment RenaRd, wupperwolf's version in 82 was obviously a joke, so I did not even think about it. I assumed that hm also joked, but I admit that I wasn't completely sure. Wouldn't you agree that the best jokes are those where you don't know for sure that it was a deliberate joke? The food was delicious, we had about 10 courses plus drinks and paid less than 50 Euros for seven persons.

Comment Ich bin neidisch, harambee!! Gestern habe ich "Vikings" angefangen. So weit, so gut, aber ich sollte eigentlich meine Semesterarbeiten fertig schreiben, bevor ich weiter gucke oder nach neuen Serien umschaue. Gestern hat es viel geschneit. Comment harambee, you're right! I thought of your dinner when I wrote my above posting but refrained from mentioning it because it was too late for saying "good luck" I mean that literally ;- The price sounds rediculously low, obviously it was not one of those "friendship restaurants".

Ich schreibe jetzt mal schnell auf Deutsch. Es ist eine Notlage; denn ich komme nicht mehr richtig in Leo rein. Ich habe schon meinen Ad-Blocker deaktiviert, aber es nutzt nichts!