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As the study progresses, and I publish this research, it will embody components and references that are a direct result of my experiences with the conversation analysts in Finland and with the culture of the land. Feeling at home in Finland was not only in the intellectual realm, however. Joan and I were welcomed in many ways while we lived in Helsinki. We had the privilege this year of returning to Finland for ten days in June , nearly a year and half after the end of our Fulbright stay. When arrived back, it almost felt like we had never left.

It was that rare but treasured sense that any time intervals were irrelevant to our continuing relationships. When we arrived home after this most recent journey, it was a mere two weeks before the summer solstice. The event was co-sponsored by the Madison Finnish-American society: Joan and I attended with friends, shared in a sumptuous feast complete with sauna, listened to folk music, and heard another kind of music as well—the intermixture of Finnish and English being spoken around the farm as we celebrated into the night with bonfire and fireworks!

Judging by the last 18 months, and even our last two weeks, our Finnish Fulbright experience blessedly will not cease. It only grows and expands. I wish there were more words from the language that would have surfaced so easily, but I think that would take some hard work…a class, or disciplining myself to spend time with those books and tapes we bought before our Finnish experience.

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I never took a sauna at the gym before. Those ten minutes or so in the steamy hot room of cedar give me time to reminisce about our time in Helsinki. Some of us we do not want to step aside and give the youth a chance.. Do we want our country to be torn by war as we see happenning all over the world.

You all want everyone to turn against one man yes one man. The Pastors, Priests, people who are silently praying for the land. This is instigating for a revolution. You have all seemed to forget the presence of the one who owns this world and we are only passing for a while. I call on all of you to seek first the face of the Great I am. Did he give you the talents to create revolution and anarchy etcc? No he did not? Your talents are his and to be used for his glory and honour. Now Mr Sampson , we see all poor malaway children going to colleges and University.

You seem to want to tell Mr Maynard what he should and should say. Are you one who says that demorcracy is threatened? When last were you in DA? So again my learned friend , is there anything that the Government is doing that i sgood? What about the number of children attending Secondary schools and Colleges. What about some of the persons who got assistance with their houses — What about what is bein gdone for the Elderly — the YES We Care program. Have you been to DA and seen the number of vehicles on the roads and as a necessity those access I mention above did come at the most appropriate time.

I can continue and continue but I have to live now and when you do come home, I would be very honoured to meet you on a one on one basis. Mr Sampson — let us exercise true love for our fellowman and not try to bring down one another. Criticise if you have to but be objective. Only then will I respect that you intentions are honourable. What kind of society are we encouraging. The young ones are looking u to us and we are the role model they will emulate.

Man you are my post name. What are you consuming on the island that has made you such an illogical unaccepting of truth being? Is it the medical marijuana thing? Wrong , Wrong, wrong. This is not a man but woman. Perhaps you need to come with some facts to back up and stand by your allegations and accusations.

The best thing is to mind your business. Maynard personal life has nothing to do with you.. You surely make no sense. I am from Mahaut and was raised poor but cannot forget the days while waiting on a bus to get to school, Mr. Maynard would stop to give me a ride and for this I was very appreciative because I got to save my 50 cents. I can say the same for many of the people who live in Belfast, but not the same for the native son of Mahaut, Julius Sampson. You see all Hon Maynard has done is being honest. Remember when his book was launched, he simply acknowledged that Hon Skerrit has given yeoman service to Dominica, considering his youthfulness.

This has proven too much for the haters, so right now they trying the pope. Its too late to tarnish mr. It takes one to know one.. Is that a problem. Maynard must hand over the evidence to the Attorney General. AG, get to work!! Prepare the groundwork for an arrest warrant whenever he sets foot in DA.

Padna you can never be a sout man you too smart bro. Charles Maynard can speak for himself. Just to say this. And he is still contributing. A bribe made in secret and a public disclosed offer of a bribe are both repugnant. Julius Sampson and the UWP cabal now masterminded by a despotic section of the Dominican diaspora must all bow their heads in shame.

The chicken have finally come home to roost. They have alleged that Prime Minister Skerrit bribed voters last elections. This is an allegation. Julius Sampson now an avid supporter and strongman of the UWP in the diaspora has made public his offer of a bribe to someone he claims is lacking or has lost sight of moral values. Sampson, how many other less suspecting Dominicans you have bribed with your money or offered to bribe with your money?

I wonder if Sir, Brian Alleyne is associating himself with this latest abnoxious activity of Julius sampson. I wonder whether those who espouse good governance and free thought can sleep well when a member of their inner circle of great moral and ethical values proponents can be so criminal with his real self. Sampson, allow me to give the following advice. Maynard and offer a sincere apology not becasue you have succeded in tarnishing Mr. You came across as someone who will do anything with and for money. Secondly, you can put your money into good use by contributing in whole what you planned to offer Mr.

Maynard to the legal defence fund of your friend and protege — Lenox Linton. Maynard He wil need it and every cent of it. For once I thought it was Trevor Johnson up to his latest mischief. But you have stooped lower than. You are a hater man. I am a youth watching and listening to all this nonsense in the country and I must say I no longer have respect for any leader.

All the people who I have been taught and encouraged to emulate are just big disappointments. Every single last one on all political and religious sides! And most young people in Dominica feel the same way. No you should not leave… the bible spoke about the last days where men will be lovers of themselves. My advice to you seek ye the Kingdom of the Father and his righteousness….. There is no example for you in the world carnal. Put yourself closer to the Father and seek his wisdom and he will guide you path.. He will direct you when to speak and when to remain silent. He will through his holy spirit give you the words to speak when you have to.

I know that this is not very healthy for you. When you seek and develop a relationship with our Father , only then you will understand what is happening around you and you will not be troubled because his words prohesised some of the things happennign around you. This is just dehumanizing for my country.

When one thing is said, then u hearing this one did not do this, this one did not do that. Come on people grow up. I must say that i love my country, but thank god i am not living there. Dominca need a clean up jesus jesus i call upon u help us……. I have just lost all respect for you Mr.

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  • I grew up admiring you. You were one of my influences when I spoke on Freedom Party platforms. Did he put country first? Charles Maynard should sue this guy for denigrating his name and integrity by his assertion that Mr Maynard can be bought. Charles Maynard has over the years and continues to be one of the few prominent Dominicans who is still regarded as someone with high esteem and integrity while others are falling by the wayside. He is corrupt, devoid of any moral or ethical standing.

    He believes that money is the beginning and end of all life. Maynard of betrayal, but he finds nothing wrong in going public with an offer of a bribe. Can you imagine what the talkshows would have been if Prime Minister Skerrit was the one offering a bribe to Lennox Linton to stop his Saturday afternoon drabble in exchange for a position of ambassador to the EU? See what happened when Prime Minister Skerrit and Matt arrived at a mutaully acceptable arrangement in their recent court matter.

    See how the PM was unmercifully assassinated. A bribe is a bribe is a bribe no matter what form it takes. So you can come now and offer that same person who made you into something…money? You are dam rude and ungrateful!! All these people overseas, away from what is really going on, like Julius Sampson, are fed via the internet by Q Homesick and miserable in their cold little apartments, they want to influence things from afar using the internet.

    The Experience of Sampson Maynard Local Preacher of the Methodist E Church

    But they do not want to come back here and face the voters themselves So they use the internet to try to create trouble. But why should they? There is so much that is being done by these people inside and outside of government for the benifit of Dominica. What do you want them to do? Join Edison, Hector and Ron in their unproductive ranting? Or try to assist a country that needs every bit of help it can get in various fields? At least these people have remained in Dominica to put their shoulder to the wheel. Is Sampson setting himself up as some sort of puppet master? Sorry, it wont work.

    Dominicans are the most hypocrite set of people I know! You are accusing the man of MAL Twaveiye? Sampson you are no friend of Mr Maynard. You should keep your bribe and shup it up your …… I hold no brief for Charles Maynard. It is not surprising that he is offering Charles Maynard money today. He must remember that many many years ago when he ran away from Dominica it is the same Charles Maynard that wrote a piece of recommendation letter on his behalf which helped he Sampson to secure an Executive and Top class position at a famous Stock Exchange company downtown Miami.

    Oh how some people so quick to forget and attacking that same person who contributed to his welfare today? Yes it is true.. Get real bro…get a life and stop leaving in the past…people like you that vote for what u can get…SHAME!! I am prepared to make a substantial contribution to a retirement account in your name if you would volunteer to go on record to condemn the Skerrit regime. That makes no sense. Volunteer and exchange of money do not go together. Sounds like a bribe attempt to me, pot calling the kettle black.

    Another one looking for publicity so he injects himself into the political cesspool. How can you condemn him on one hand and then dangle a carrot before him. Why these tired people not enjoying their retirement in peace or volunteering to help a school or needy community? No one walking the face of this earth is perfect….

    So once you are up and about trying to make things happen you will make mistakes…. Samson, Remember no man is justified in doing evil on grounds of expediency. And we must remember that Power Corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves. He claims to want to make a good faith offer because of the impropriety of the manner in which the administration acts, and then turns around and tries to bribe the man into denouncing something that he is himself offering?

    I am totally aghast as to what is really happening. Did Julius sampson wrote that letter or soemone did someone else write that letter pretending to be Julius Sampson. If Julius samson did not write that letter then Julius Samson should coem clean and clear his name. A bribe is a bribe, irrespective. The writer made a number of assumptions. The fact that Mr.

    The writer assumes as well that Mr. Maynard is supporting Skerrit because he is in dire need of finance, so he is keeping quiet to assuage Mr. Maynard is so immoral that he will do anything for money. The writer among other assumptions is suggesting that given the right amount, Mr. Maynard will kiss moral values good bye. Well I am not putting my hand in fire for Mr. He is human just like all of us He makes mistakes like all of us. But that comment is not one done in isolation. Some time ago on radio program, officials of the present DFp labelled people like Chatrles maynard and others as opportunists.

    They expect that people will behave like them at their whims and facies forever and ever amen.

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    But that is not the democratic Dominica that we all want. Sampson you are among those who are agitating for justice over alleged election irregularities including bribery. You may have placed your money in the effort to get justice done as they say and perhaps reverse the strong voice of the people of Dominica on December 18th The elections bribery that you and your new found friends in the UWP have been complaining about is assumed to have been done in private.

    You have chosen to go public with the offer of a bribe. Your understanding of moral values is so skewed that by your very public offer of a bribe to Mr. Maynard says in a few words what you are made of. Ron Green, Edison James et al must be very wary of you. You cannot in one breath condemn bribery and in the other breath dabble in a public offer of bribery. You are a man who himself can be bought for a penny once the price is right. Should Prime Minister Skerrit offer you the position of ambassador to the US will you accept it for a price? You really displayed the hallmark of someone who can be bought for a price.

    Is this what we have come to? Offering money to illicit someone to speak against a government? We are a democratic state so why not? However, it disgusts me that Mr.

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    • Sampson is offering financial support and that to me is an act of desperation and should not be tolerated at all. Maynard has made a substantial conribution to Dominica and I think you should ask him to voice his opinion because it MAY be the right thing to do, but to offer financial gain? This is a total low on your part Mr. I respect you as an individual but now I am asking myself WHY???? This man should be arrested for bribery.

      There is no credibility in the chronicle for its editor to stoop so low to get info for a story. Lord help us all.

      TOM HOLLAND INTERVIEW *PRANK* (EARPIECE) ft Conor Maynard & Caspar Lee

      Sampson got it differently. The Dominican politics saga continues. You say he did it for money but you offered him money, so what does that make you? Tell us, is he the first person you offered money to condemn the Skerrit? Maynard singing for his super leave the man along , Survival, This is what he has told me in his own words. The man is so disappointed in Maynard that he just wants his friend to come back in line.

      However Maynard should really stop pandering to corrupt government and salvage what is left of his life so as to be able to face his God cleanly. His trial is not so heavy as the trials of Job. In my opinion Mr. Sampson do not feel that Charles is left with an ounce of moral fiber to do the right thing for the right reason, so he is now asking him to do the right thing for the wrong reason……catch my drift? Anyhow you look at it, it is wrong, but what really is right in this country of ours? If we concentrate less on men and more on the Creator this country will turn around, but if we continue to put our trust in men, we will be doomed.

      Julius, how can you insult an honorable man like Mr. I have just gained much more respect for a man that I have long admired and have lost respect for you, my fellow villager and primary school teacher. Why all the angry rhetoric? Give peace a chance! Go spend your money elsewhere.

      Maynard has way more class than you.

      Museum’s WWI exhibit open to public

      While I do agree with the gentleman, the offer of money does not fit. But as you can see the gentleman is deeply hurt and cares about his friend. He feels that he has lost this way and knows that history will judge Maynard the same harsh way that it will most certainly judge Skerrit. One consolation Julius and that is as soon as the signs are large that Skerrit is going down, Maynard will jump ship as well.

      This is the new reality of DA brother man. Excuses , Exuses , Excuses — Thats that is what the enemy does to us. What is his friend hurt about??? Well no more May 29th, anymore. We know how to pray now..

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      PJ was stupid back then and he never recovered from that stupidness. If not then you need to do some Dominica history? I think some of you misunderstand the letter — Julius was not making a literal offer. In other words I think he is giving Mr. I do not know Julius, or know what is going on with Charles Maynard. Skerrit needs to increace is Body Guards!!! Money continues to top intergrity and scruples in Dominica. On that note, check the records of Ambrose George as an example!! Are you trying to bribe the gentleman and by extension say that the major, if not, only reason for supporting the Prime Minister is for financial gain?

      Your offer would have appeared more reasonable without the hollow financial offer. As an individual with editorial experience with a major newspaper in Dominica, your reasoning ability appears purile. Is any and everyone who speaks some sense or criticize the goverment a UWP supporter?

      So you think there are no concern dominicans anymore or domincans with moral values? Oh what a tangled MESS we weave when first we practice to decieve!!!! Please recite this all involved in this fiasco of bribery and corruption sweeping the nation. This is a disgrace, and a shame to the writer of the letter! I mean come on,what madness overtook you, to even want to make this public? My imagiantion is running wild. Maynard threaten to go public with the letter so you are jumping the gun?

      Letter to Charles Maynard (by Julius B. Sampson) – Dominica News Online

      I mean what could have possibly led you to even make this letter public. This has not colored you well at all. How could you offer the man money to denounce the DLP, this is the height of corruption! A bunch of corrupt white collar criminals. Preying on hte sympathies of a needy citizenry. That is my two cents on that crazy crazy letter. And I am waiting for more because there is always two sides to the story.. I am upset with this story.

      Nice try so when he was with freedom party u tell me no wrong was ever done and u say u was part of that i think u being two face. By the looks it seems you all are poised to lose the next one. And, by the way, I doe like Skeritt dem. For blatantly trying to steal money thru garbage bins etc.

      See how much they have raised for the country over the years, can any of you do that or match that? So what if they hurt your individual feelings. I still doe see any group better or one that can raise funds for the country like dem man. So… dem man turned to China and Chavez who have given generously. No one else, including Euginia, could raise such funds like these fellas. So they tried to manuvre a few dollars here n there, you caught them…..

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      With UWP we were on the brink of starvation. Sold Domlec and immediately electricity rates doubled, today trippled. I doe like Skeritt dem, but I still doe see any group better. You are all failures. Just prepare peacefully, tone it down — to contest next election by convincing us to vote for you.

      I can write a letter too. DNO was this letter written by Julius Sampson? This man should be charged for offerring a Government Official a Bribe. Sampson should be arrested. By the way Sampson is it right for a former Acting Chief Justice to comment on a live case before the Courts. I have never heard that before. Sometimes, now and again an article comes up that I just have to lift my hat to and say well written.

      Then other times there are those like this piece by Julius B. I first have to take my hats off to him, in which he made the letter public. I do not know why he did such a thing considering how good friends he and Mr. Lets delve in the content of the article. Sampson mentioned that Mr. Maynard thought that he could be more useful aligning himself with Skerrit, rather than being on the outside.

      The reason being that he would be able to exert moral influence on Skerrit and his administration, who the people of Dominica gave the mandate to see of the affairs of the country. The key words is Exert Moral Influence. That show true patriotism, from Mr. He joined them so that he could do good for the country. Even in world politics, when Japan wanted our vote, what did they do for us.

      Last, are you seriously trying to bribe someone to denounce another? Or are you being sarcastic by that, saying that this is what Skerrit is doing to Mr. Maynard to hush up? The fact is, none of these tactics are gaining traction with the public and there are many, many who are clamoring for the chance to rob the country blind. The infighting within the UWP and the totally wild James Bond-esque allegations made by various members of the UWP cabal will continue to prove that these men and few women are hell bent on achieving their goal by any means necessary.

      Is it against the law to do so when the individual right to openly support your political party still exists? We all have interests and we all believe in something but these people feel that waging war on the DLP and its supporters will bring them closer to holding office. When one compares the two parties, irrespective of ones personal views. The recent drubbing at the polls was a clear warning shot, fired by the Dominican voters letting the opposition know clearly that their incompetence and childish behavior will not be tolerated.

      Sampson, keep trying, do not give up…the only thing you are fighting is father time…and I hope he is kind to you. So he was offering to pay off the man? I am deeply ashamed! The Ambassador epitomizes the next level: As is typical in the struggle for the hearts and minds of men. We take a little from this and a little from that, confuse the context, and put it forward true or false in the manner we would like to see it.

      Her boom boom was sticky out because God blessed it so. The old boys are up to their ancient tricks again. They want to master-mind another upheaval in Dominica before they die. They are still thumping their chests about it, never mind the poor people who got beat up, whose properties were destroyed, whose life was taken, and who suffered for years after.

      So they are coming again. But this time there is no Mamo to decide just how far to go. We are seeing them conscientiously going after anyone or any project that makes Government look good. They corner the media as the marketplace of their propaganda, and anything that is good they pronounce over and over again as bad.

      They believe that Dominicans are that gullible that if the propaganda machinery broadcasts it as bad often enough true or false the people will believe. But hey, there is a God in heaven, and he knows why he made his world round.