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  1. How To Relax Into Your Eating & Lose Weight
  2. How To Relax Into Your Eating & Lose Weight - Nadine Dumas

Scientists spent two years studying overweight or obese women asked to try a variety of activities to help them de-stress.

One third of the women took part in "mind-body techniques", which included meditation, deep-breathing, yoga and positive visualisation, where participants are asked to imagine images of what they would like to happen in the future. At the end of the study only those women who had practised the relaxation techniques had managed to lose weight.

How To Relax Into Your Eating & Lose Weight

The findings, published in the journal Preventive Medicine, show that they were also on average happier and healthier than the women in the other two groups. Dr Caroline Horwath, from the University of Otago, in New Zealand, who led the study, said that all three groups had been successful in preventing weight gain.

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But "the most striking results" were among those who took part in the intensive relaxation programme, she said. She said that helping women to "break free from chronic dieting and make sustainable lifestyle changes" was the way to ensure better health over the long term. The study also found that participants who were extremely focused on losing weight were more likely to lose interest and drop out early than other volunteers. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

How To Relax Into Your Eating & Lose Weight - Nadine Dumas

Wednesday 19 September How to lose weight: So, what happens when you put your body into a stressed response? Everything in your gut decreases.

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  • Calm Your Mind, Relax Your Body and Lose Weight.

The mind is so powerful that even the healthiest of foods will affect you in the same way if you think in this state. Learn to relax into your eating the same way you learn to relax into your body through yoga and meditation.

This is something that takes time and practice but I can assure you that so many of your digestion and weight loss issues will go away. If you would like to learn how to understand the mind-body connection and relax into your eating, contact me for your free assessment at info nadinedumas.


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