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The Sixth Sense is highly entertaining, thought provoking, and a touching journey through a world that influences us every day, but one that we know too little about. Abbie had been treating two victims of the Chabot rapist who targeted girls, and as she's making progress in their care, unbelievably, someone abducts and strangles them. Their deaths devastate Abbie. During Abbie's difficult recovery, memories of past events gradually return. They are fragmentary and torture her with memory flashes and nightmares.

Gradually, she begins to suspect that one of her adult patients may be the strangler. Harmony Lane's single-minded obsession to cure her patients, she cuts corners and treats a desperately ill woman with an experimental viral vector provided by an unscrupulous research scientist. While he shares her impatience, he cares nothing for her humanistic sensibilities. She uses a similar vector on her patients with autoimmune diseases.

While the vector has remarkable curative properties, it soon becomes clear that it has devastating and lethal side effects. The race is on to cure or at least control the vector before it kills again. Lisa Cooke is the product of a passive mother and an abusive father. She finds her way into pediatric nursing, a world filled with men in control, especially the director of the Neonatal ICU, Mike Cooper.

As Mike reminds Lisa of her father, it's no surprise that they don't get along. Ultimately, they fall in love and have a fulfilling marriage except that she's unable to have children. They try everything, but fail.

When an automobile accident severely injures Mike, Lisa is devastated. Shortly afterward, she discovers that she's pregnant.

Brier Hospital

One night, I was attacked in my home. I survived the inferno, but my house burned to the ground - with my parents inside. I was at a loss to explain to the courts what happened, and so they sent me to prison for 10 years for manslaughter. A riveting new post-apocalyptic EMP box set that keeps you guessing until the end!

First, Do No Harm

First in the Brier Hospital Series. If you believe that television, movies or medical fiction, accurately portray what it's like to be an acute care physician or a critically ill patient in a hospital today, think again. Doctor Joseph Polk is an intelligent, charismatic, and a powerful member of the medical staff at Brier Hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he's killing his patients.

No gun, knife, poison or drug injected into their intravenous tubing, common plot lines in medical thrillers, and he doesn't plan to kill them. They die anyway because this once brilliant physician, a functional psychopath for most of his career, has decompensated. Nurses and front-line physicians see Polk's indifference, incompetence, and stubborn cruelty, but the medical staff and the hospital administration are willfully blind. Patients suffer, and worse. Well prepared to care for patients, Jack is woefully unprepared when he runs smack into Joe Polk, the medical staff and the hospital's administration.

The strength of First Do No Harm lies in the authenticity of the medical setting and the struggles of patients and physicians. Joe Polk is a very different kind of villain. What would have made First, Do No Harm better? A different reader could have made this a better story They were so monotone that you just lose interest. What could Lawrence W. Make it less like a text book read with a story that flows.

I love a good medical thriller This is my first really negative review but I had to write it. This was more a story about the politics and bureaucracy that doctors have to deal with. The narrator was horrible.

Brier Hospital | Awards | LibraryThing

He sounded like he was reading with gum or a lifesaver in his mouth. John McPherson attracted and repelled Janet me. The following is on the cover of the book: If you believe that television, movies, or medical fiction, accurately portray what it's like to be an acute care physician or a critically ill patient in a hospital today Book would have ranked 5 stars but for errors. If you believe that television, movies, or medical fiction, accurately portray what it's like to be an acute care physician or a critically ill patient in a hospital today, think again. Written by a doctor as the voice of a doctor in the book he's a good guy , be prepared to be scared.

I couldn't read another book like this for a little bit. Has a good doctor gone bad? Or had he already been bad but got away with it? Even when the hospital finds out he has truly harmed -- no, he has done more than just harm -- patients, will they protect their own or do something about it? Not for me in this state. Full of mistakes and I wasn't prepared to persevere. He seems to want to use big words and flowery sentences without getting the basics right as well which is irritating.

See a Problem?

I'd seen enough by page 13!! Page 1 we have this-"Steve loved Laura's warm genuine smile gave her and earthly quality" Then the word crakin' used in place of crackin' and lightening not lighting. The flowery stuff like 'entrapped by their own personas' and 'after the coarse b Not for me in this state.

The flowery stuff like 'entrapped by their own personas' and 'after the coarse buzz' to describe a call button Got to this sentence on page 13 and gave up-"I finally achieving the knowledge and experience to justify the responsibility I wielded on a daily basis" employed the big words while getting the tense wrong Needs a proper proofreading exercise done.

I had a lot of this series downloaded as free ones but paid for this first one so was less than impressed! A private hospital is plagued with the poor performance of one of its long Doctors. He makes poor or miss diagnosis, he berates nurses how try to bring problems with his patients, he is often unavailable when called about his patients conditions and is generally disliked.

Jack Byrne is a fairly new member of the hospital staff and is acting as a general internist and consultant and he is the focus that the story returns too as it chronicles the history of various patients of the disliked Dr. May 30, David Donaghe rated it really liked it. This was a good read if you like medical reads and hospital stories. Jan 16, Michelle A. Gold does an admirable job of making the mystery of medicine comprehensible for all readers. Excellent One of the best books I have read in a long time!

As a nurse I emphasized with the nurses and doctors in this book! May 08, Deborah Fertakis rated it liked it. The writer was good, story moved quickly. Editing was surprisingly poor. Enough to be distracting. Apr 03, Linda rated it it was amazing. Read this one first in the Briar Hospital Series as dedicated professionals root out a bad actor in their ranks.

Great Series, great book. This is the first book in the Brier Hospital Series. I read one of the later books in the series without knowing it was part of a series, so I must admit that I know that the writing gets even better and the stories get more complex as the series progresses. That said, this is a really good book. It is a medical procedural novel, with a lot of details about specific diseases and treatments. If those thing are not of interest, then the story will probably not be worthwhi Great Series, great book.

If those thing are not of interest, then the story will probably not be worthwhile. But there actually is much more to the story than the medical stuff, because it is also a murder mystery. Although for me, the murder mystery was the least interesting aspect. In addition to the medical issues, I really appreciated the attention to the details of the relationships among the staff.

The book has a little bit of everything, and the best part is, I know the subsequent books in the series it get even better. Nov 22, Esmeralda rated it really liked it. I enjoy medical shows so I liked this book. Jack Byrnes is a specialist in intensive care who is new to Brier Hospital, a private community hospital. He has been specially trained to deal with the sickest patients. Unfortunately some of these patience have arrived in this unit because of physician negligence.

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Joe Polk is popular with HMOs because of his ability to see the most patients in the shortest amount of time. His p I enjoy medical shows so I liked this book. His patients love him and he even has his own radio show. But many of his patients are winding up in ICU.