Doctor Who: Made of Steel (Doctor Who: Quick Reads Book 2)

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Read reviews that mention rose episode daleks tenth stop young tardis moon fans human episodes david exterminate television pages ancient enemy gareth roberts enjoyable.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Ever since the relaunch in , I've been a fan of Doctor Who and have later gone back to watch the classic series as well. And when I discovered there were a ton of novels based on the show as well, I knew I had to check them out. All of them have different writers, and all of them vary in degrees of quality.

Doctor Who: Quick Reads Series

But all of them still capture the spirit of the show; playing out like actual episodes, while being able to utilize things that would be extremely difficult to create on the show in terms of special effects. Set during the time of the Tenth Doctor and Rose, the two are planning a vacation on the moon, when the Tardis instead takes them to a village in England.

There they discover an archaeological dig that's uncovered the body of a Dalek. Meanwhile, a young woman is hit by a bus on her way to work, but miraculously survives Can our two heroes figure out what's causing the girl to think such evil things? And can they stop their old enemy from destroying the world? It was only after purchasing the book for my Kindle that I found out that what I had actually gotten was a "quick reads" book--a junior novelization of sorts geared towards a younger audience.

And for those who are used to reading the longer, "adult" novels, the difference definitely shows. It's about half the length of a normal novel, with far simpler descriptions and bare basic characterization. Since these books are pretty much professionally published fan fiction, the writing pretty much expects you to already know who the Doctor and Rose are, what the TARDIS is, and so on.

All the main characters behave and sound like they would on the show proper. But as for the one-off characters, such as the ill fated Kate who's mind gets corrupted by a Dalek, there's arguably not much to her. She's your basic nice and innocent person who gets the plot moving.

Made of Steel (novel) | Tardis | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And as for the plot, it moves at a VERY brisk pace, and gives the audience hardly any time to breathe, with the big finale wrapping up quickly and a bit too neatly. But it's nothing terrible as the mystery itself IS interesting , and I guess I can't be too harsh on a book that was geared with younger kids in mind. So for the Who fans who want their Doctor adventures with a bit more meat and grit, look elsewhere. But if you're in the mood for something light and fun, and are willing to forego some characterization in exchange for more action, then give these "quick reads" a try.

This was a short story really, only one hundred pages, give or take a few. Thus, the book was a quick read, and this is not a bad thing. The revived television series tends to move a bit quicker than the original classic show, so we Whovians have grown accustomed to the stories reaching their resolution in a timely manner. And this book, by virtue of being an easy read and a quick one to boot, tells its story with the same pace of the show. The story itself is enjoyable, just the sort of thing to kill a couple of hours. It isn't particularly deep, but it is entertaining in the same manner as popcorn entertainment that makes up much of modern TV programming.

So long as you go into this knowing that you're not reading the next I, Claudius, my guess is that most folks will enjoy this for what it is, a fun romp through one of the Doctor and Rose's many adventures. One person found this helpful. The tenth Doctor and rose were supposed to be on the Moon. It reappears at a dig of old Roman holdings a short distance away and the Doctor is surprised to find they've dug up a Dalek. A dead Dalek to be sure, but one hundreds of years old.

Meanwhile Rose witnesses a young woman in a hurry jump in front of a speeding car and get flung a distance. She gets there in time to see a horribly twisted back and a lot of blood, then green energy surrounding the young woman, hair turning from red to blond, and the young woman leaping to her feet, still covered in blood but otherwise unhurt, and rushing off. A new Dalek plot from a race destroyed in the war with the Timelords that killed both races. It's up to the Doctor and Rose to find out what's going on and stop the rebirth of the most dangerous race in universe history.

For example, the print is quite large and the length of the book is halved of what a normal Doctor Who book typical is. The characters do not have any sense of depth like they would in an 'adult' Doctor Who novel. The plot was straightforward and you could tell where it was going quite easily. Oddly there are tones that are not usually shown in young adult books such as sex and psychology. Despite all this, this novel has one thing that the usual 'adult' Doctor Who novel does not have, an ending that is completely wrapped up.

So when you get to the ending you aren't disappointed or pondering the 'what ifs' like in the typical Doctor Who novel. This young adult book gave the fan what it always wanted - a perfect ending.

Paperback Editions

I imagined the Ninth Doctor, played by Series One's Christopher Eccleston, rather than the Doctor who appeared on the cover, and I think it worked very well to do so. I hoped for more episodes with him, as he played a good, cool, if at certain times slightly mean-spirited, Doctor Who, and "I Am A Dalek" felt like one more Ninth Doctor episode that I had hoped for.

It had good writing, a good story, and, for me, one final episode that felt like the Ninth Doctor. See all 70 reviews. At the Army Base, the Doctor realises that the Cybermen who were made on Earth, not the parallel universe and were therefore not sucked into the void having been using teleportion devices stolen from the Torchwood building , to help them gather enough technology to create a portal capable of reopening The Void and release the Cybermen trapped inside.

But the Cybermen do not know how to open the Void, and so they need the Doctor to open it for them. That's why they're trying to capture him alive. While Martha is separated from the Doctor, the Cybermen reappear, and capture her. They take her to their secret base where they discuss whether or not to kill her. Soon, the Doctor phones her on her mobile, and lets slip where he is. Just as Martha is about to tell him where she is, the Cyberleader snatches her phone and destroys it, then plans an attack on the Army Base where the Doctor is being held.

The Doctor manages to figure out that the Cybermen are at the Millennium Dome. But a team of 6 Cybermen who were being kept frozen since the battle of Canary Wharf attacks the base. The Army manages to destroy all but the Cyberleader with special weapons they had prepared in case Cybermen should invade again.

Doctor Who: Dr. Forever! - Love and War - The story of Dr. Who books (DVD Documentary)

The Cyberleader tells the Doctor that they'll kill Martha unless he helps them, then vanishes. The Doctor and the Army plan to attack the Millennium Dome. But the Cybermen realize that the Doctor's methods do not work, and the force-field does not lead to the Void.

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Instead, it leads to Prehistoric Earth. A Tyrannosaurus rex appears and kills two Cybermen. Martha damages the force-field generator, and the Doctor uses an electrical cord from it to fry the Cyberleader. The portal then closes.

Made of Steel

This is the first New Series Adventure to be written by Terrance Dicks, who has written books for all previous lines of Doctor Who fiction with the exception of the Telos Doctor Who novellas. Dicks served as script editor for the original Doctor Who series in the early s and contributed many teleplays, and was prolific in novelizing serials for Target Books , serving also as editor for the line. Dicks' involvement in Made of Steel marks the first time that a writer connected with the original series has been directly involved in a story related to the —present series.

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