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Catherine Noske is currently the editor of Westerly Magazine. Emily Paull is a bookseller by day and a writer by night. You can read her work in the Re Sisters Anthology or on her blog, www. Helen Renwick is a linguist, an accredited editor, and an EFL teacher. Rachelle Rechichi lives by the sea and enjoys waking to the sound of waves on the sand.

Her first novel will be released by Legend Press in Sue Robertson is a Melbourne-based writer. She is currently working on a collection of interlinked short stories. Phil Sparrow started writing in his teens. He has had a number of stories and plenty of articles published, many of which draw on the years he spent in Afghanistan as an aid worker. Phil continues to work overseas in aid projects. Leslie Thiele lives in Capel, Western Australia. She lived in the Kimberley for a long time, has two kids mostly grown and a partner who plays guitar a lot.

She writes in a messy writing room with stuff pinned up everywhere and never has enough time to follow the thought trails they suggest—but is ever hopeful. They have been published in many Australian and international anthologies and journals. It will be published by Allen and Unwin in , along with her debut novel in Perhaps more than most years, the anthology embodies a small number of distinct themes, although several stories cross thematic categories.

In this well-shaped collection, editor Laurie Steed has nestled the diverse work of emerging and established writers comfortably together. Margaret River Press is a small press that produces good-looking books and this one showcases a wealth of Australian talent. It should be pondered with relish. More than anything, Margaret River Press offers an engaging, approachable alternative to mass publication, selecting those titles that speak to us, and bringing them to you, the reader.

Your book bag is empty. A Bird in the Hand This story involved ex-lovers running into each other and discussing some of the regrets they had in regards to their relationship. I found this story to be very well written, but it was not one of my favorite stories in this book. Crocodile Shoes This story took the old saying "one pair of shoes can change your life" to heart! When a woman finds a pair of killer heels, it turned her not so fabulous life upside down! I thought this story was hilarious and oh so charming! Holdups While working at a jewelry store, a woman had an interesting encounter with a robber.

Even if the events seemed a bit ridiculous, the character interactions were well written! The ending put a smile on my face, even if it seemed crazy. Last Year's Coat This was such a realistic and emotional story. I felt like the author touched on such a relevant and relatable topic in regards to struggling to make ends meet. This story was such an emotional roller coaster!

Even though I had a feeling things wouldn't end up well, I was invested in the story and the characters. This story was so heartwarming and precious. The character interactions in this story were precious and made for such a memorable novella. Overall, Paris for One and Other Stories was a fun, charming, and easy read!

I would recommend this book to everyone. View all 5 comments. Paris for One offers easy, light romantic reading and is my first outing with this author. I was highly anticipating that I would enjoy the writing style but unfortunately, for my personal taste, it was lacking the power in the prose to engage my attention or convincingly draw me into the story.

I found myself disengaged from the characters and felt some 'Paris for One and Other Stories,' is a collection of eleven romantic shorts with JoJo Moyes the headline author and writer of the main title. I found myself disengaged from the characters and felt some elements were a little too convenient, perhaps a touch contrived rather than organically drawn from the narrative and sadly this affected my overall enjoyment of the piece.

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I confess that I stopped reading after the seventh story, I may go back to the remaining romances when I need a romantic short over a lunch hour but at this stage I was finding the shorts to be of a similar ilk and not really working for my reading tastes. My rating is based on reading the first 7 of 11 short stories.

I don't usually like short stories, but this collection was very enjoyable. It was satisfying to read the stories during my commute to work. The book ended appropriately with a short Christmas story. Total chick lit, but good! Aug 09, Aleri rated it really liked it. Jojo siempre tan genial.

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  • Sep 18, Toyni Erica - Queenoftales rated it liked it. Makes me want to drop everything and go to Paris! Nov 29, Kirsten rated it really liked it. This is my first book by this author.

    Paris for One and Other Stories

    This book starts with the novella Paris for One - I think of it as a novella as most short stories don't have chapters. I really liked Paris for One. Great female characters and not all the men were worthless. The other stories in the collection are darling. Some remind me of stories by O.

    The women are very real. The stories are lighthearted with This is my first book by this author. The stories are lighthearted with an edge of steel to them. Jul 26, Maria Sol rated it liked it. This was my first encounter with JoJo Moyes writing and I have to confess that I was somewhat reluctant after reading all the angsty and teary-eyed reviews of Me Before You. I'm a chicken about really heartwrenching stories so I held back.

    But then I spotted this short story collection and thought it might be safe enough.

    Shibboleth & other stories

    No, this was a fantastic collection that gave me an idea of the writing gift the author dis This was my first encounter with JoJo Moyes writing and I have to confess that I was somewhat reluctant after reading all the angsty and teary-eyed reviews of Me Before You. No, this was a fantastic collection that gave me an idea of the writing gift the author displays, her talent for going deep in an economy of pages, and gave me so many lovely story gems all in one volume. I might just be brave read greedy for more, there enough to pick up more of her books.

    Paris For One and Other Stories. There were nine stories total including Paris For One which is a novella and the others as short stories. Each showed a different facet of love and life all from each heroine's perspective only: They were all good in their own ways and I could see the appeal hitting me differently if I read these in different moods because they hit all facets of womens' lives and feelings.

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    • I enjoyed the most, Paris For One as a girl who never took a step without making a list learns to take chances now and then and finds her confidence, but also thought Hold Up was a hoot, Crocodile Shoes made me root hard for the heroine and Last Year's Coat resonated with me the most, I think, because this woman struggled hard with every day issues. And, I think that was the appeal of each story. All these gals were every day women that I recognized in myself or others I know. They were familiar, but yet they had new experiences. This book brought out my emotions, but also left me musing afterward.

      All in all, I was well satisfied with this collection of shorts and definitely want to try her novel-length books. These are definitely for those who enjoy women's fiction and chic lit. My thanks to Penguin-Random House for the opportunity to read this book in exchange of an honest opinion.

      Aug 13, Ana M. Cada una de las historias trata sobre uno de ellos: Para los que os apetezca leer algo ligero, con historias cortas para pasar el rato, es bastante recomendable. Oct 04, Angie Elle rated it really liked it. ARC from the publisher. She heads to Paris assuming her boyfriend will be arriving shortly thereafter. I found it really easy to ARC from the publisher. I think my favorite part of the story aside from the super sweet romance, was how when we get out of our own way and away from everything familiar and actually take a chance, we can surprise ourselves.

      I thought this book did a fantastic job representing that. As for the other short stories in the book, I read another review that said it was almost as if the author was trying to sharpen her skills with a few quickies, and I would have to say I agree with that. It was a decent way to while away an afternoon.

      Nov 13, Coryanne Hicks rated it it was ok Shelves: This is the sign of authorial success: Being allowed to publish a bunch of stories you wrote during puberty and having it sell well. The sort of stories that make you wonder if they were written B. Before Success or A. D After the Wells Ran Dry. Either way, the definitely feel like a collection published so This is the sign of authorial success: Either way, the definitely feel like a collection published solely out of a need to put something new on the shelves.

      A "between times" book to fill the space between big hits. While there's not a lot of creativity in any of these stories and none of Jojo Moyes brilliant signature characters, if you already love Jojo Moyes, this book won't change your mind about her. The main story, Paris for One, reminds me of a B chick flick.

      It pulls out all the usual stops: Nothing in it will make you see things in a new way or surprise you, but if you're look for a very quick, reliably romantic read, it'll do the trick. Of the "Other Stories," the only one that held any twist and made me laugh was Between Tweets.

      The rest are pretty much shorter versions of the same caliber writing as Paris for One. Read it for something to read i. I definitely won't be reading it again. Now Me Before You, on the other hand View all 4 comments. Jul 20, Judy Collins rated it really liked it Shelves: A Parisian Holiday Delight! Nell is excited while waiting to take the train to highly-anticipated Paris when texting her boyfriend. He is not going to make it! He will meet up with her later possibly. Shocked and angry, this was supposed to be a romantic getaway and her first visit to enchanting Paris.

      At age twenty-six, Nell Simmons has never even been away for a weekend with a boyfriend, much less a trip by herself. When arriving at the hotel, they have overbooked the rooms. She decides she will let nothing interfere with her trip. Until she realizes her boyfriend is not coming, and she is stuck rooming with another woman she does not know. A rude American woman, at that. The Frenchwoman at the reception desk is of little help.

      One room, twin beds, or a refund. Things are not starting out too well. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Share the wonder, experience the pain and pleasure, take the journey From Award-Winning Author D. Orton comes a funny, thought-provoking, and sensual collection of short stories. Laugh, cry, and linger over these brief but intense glimpses into the lives of a billion-year-old AI, two awkward young lovers, a captive dolphin, an aging woman, and more.

      The Last Star Two be Share the wonder, experience the pain and pleasure, take the journey The Last Star Two beings watch the last star in our universe wink out and discover the answer to how it all ends. And, perhaps, how it all begins. Just Friends Friends since they carried Scooby-Doo lunch boxes in second grade, two college students take the awkward, irreversible, and perilous step away from just friends.

      Phoenix You think your roommate is bad, try living with a practical-joke-playing, drop-dead-gorgeous, celebrity femme fatale. No one is safe from her wiles, least of all you. My Kingdom for a Double Espresso Is sex just a physical thing for guys? You know you're in trouble when your girlfriend tosses that out after you make the mistake of falling asleep on her Down in Flames Personal tragedy played against a background of public disaster leaves one woman stuck in a very personal hell—and hoping for a second chance.

      Willing Right now, at this every instant, you are older than you have ever been—and younger than you will ever be again. There will never be a better time to find love. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The author via Booktasters provided a copy of the eBook in exchange for an honest review. Orton has compiled an eclectic collection of short stories. Although each story is truly unique the common thread is relationships.

      The variety of genres adds depth to the well-written stories. Th The author via Booktasters provided a copy of the eBook in exchange for an honest review.

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      The author is a collector of moments, a creator of new vistas. Every minute of our lives is a story, every living second adds up to making us what we are today. Some we recall, most we forget. The author seems to remember them all. This book is part fiction and part true story. The stories are heartwarming and poignant. It is a bit like trying to stand still in ankle deep water on the banks of a fast flowing river. She captures passing thou The author is a collector of moments, a creator of new vistas.

      She captures passing thoughts revealing the human vulnerability beneath. As we read along, the reader becomes that fly on the wall watching seemingly everyday situations unfold, revealing connections at multiple levels be it situations, emotions, like and dislikes, habits or moods. Of going beyond the known, where nothing really needs to end.

      Or is it that every end is a new beginning? A couple of simple poetry just adds variety to the collection. The book is a light read that runs into deep emotions. She uses easy language in uneasy situations and uncomfortable experiences, and never fails to end the stories on a positive note, a hand extended in understanding and empathy, in some cases.

      An aspect I found unexpected and refreshing. It made me feel that here was another person somewhere at the other end of the world, just like me! And come back the next day same time for another one or maybe to read the earlier one again. Thank you Book tasters the author for sending me a copy. I received an electronic copy of the book via booktasters and the author, thank you. This book is an anthology of short stories about love and life that touched my heart in ways I never expected. I truly loved the story, found it very juvenile and sweet. Definitely the shortest love story I ever read and still couldn't help but rooting for them.

      I don't want to talk about this one that much, because for me it was a big amount of "Oh, I didn't was expecting that". I will say, however, that it was beautiful, it touched my heart and brought me to tears, specially because it turned out to be so different and so much more than I could have imagined.

      I don't know if it counts as a story but for me it was intriguing, the kind of things that makes you wonder. My Kingdom for a double expresso: A light and quick read, about a couple that's having a little discussion while drinking coffee. I am not that eager to the topic but I still enjoyed it and the ending made me swoon. One known, one doesn't but still both devastating.

      I couldn't help but to feel so unpowered towards the story, I wanted to do something, unfortunately I can't. It was good but not my favorite, and it's not about the writing or the story but the topic it covers, just couldn't relate to it. However it was still enjoyable and I'm pretty sure older audiences will appreciate it. The Idiot's Guide to Writing Workshops: Witty, satirical and just fun! Instead of say, I will show: A sweet story that also teaches a lesson about animals with little hints of a love story that's just about to begin.

      The Devil and the Hard Place: I love how love was the answer and how it makes you think about life, excellent way to finish the book. Mar 13, O. This is an anthology of short stories, essays and personal narratives. They vary in genre and elicit different emotions.

      Bliss & Other Stories.

      I will give a brief description of each short: The Last Star A ride that takes you to the very end of the universe and beyond. You are guided by a pair of ageless beings that contemplate what will happen next, while the last star dies. I think this story will appeal to fans of time travel genres and Doctor Who and the like. Just Friends A story of long-time best friend Description: Just Friends A story of long-time best friends now college age who are struggling to get up the courage to confess the way they really feel about each other.

      Was spending spring break alone together a mistake or exactly what they needed? Phoenix I don't know how to describe this story without spoiling the experience of reading it. I'll just say it was a cute and fun story and it thought it was nice that it had an Afterword that promotes eco-friendly attitudes and actions, while also giving background on the story. My Kingdom for a Double Espresso A new couple argues after sexual rejection.

      A passionate, romantic short story. I wasn't very interested in their fight, but the story did have a cute ending. Down in Flames The most heart breaking story of the bunch. It overlays two tragedies, and a couple experiencing a miscarriage. This deeply personal narrative may be gruesome and difficult for some readers and comforting to others to know they are not alone. Willing This is a story I never would have sought out but I found it so enjoyable. It is an amusing tale of an older woman who is relentlessly flirted with by a young, attractive man.

      It has the emotional ride of a rom-com in a good way. One of my favorite stories, highly entertaining! The Idiot's Guide to Writing Workshops As someone who has never participated in writing workshops this one went over my head a little but I did find it comical too. The Devil and a Hard Place An explicit erotic short story. This diverse collection of shorts will appeal to a range of audiences and you may love all of them or only some of them.

      I thought this book was a fun quick read that evoked many different emotions and proved to be quite entertaining. It is also the kind of book that is perfect for times when you are busy or traveling and only have time to read a short story or two at a time.

      See a Problem?

      Overall, this book is an intense, emotional and some times sensual ride. This book is very, very well written! It is easy to get swept into the stories. I would definitely read more by this author after reading this. Different readers will have different favorites out of this collection.