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How important are the norm violations that have led to political scandals? Have the types of scandals changed over time? How may rivals and political opponents use mediated scandals?

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Are character assassination and demonization typical traits of a scandalization process? Are male and female politicians treated differently? Skip to main content. Sigurd Allern , Ester Pollack. Nordic Political Scandals Anders Todal Jensen , Audun Fladmoe.

Ten Commandments for the Scandalization of Political Opponents. Scandal as a Strategic Ritual of Journalism. Pundits and Political Scandals. Why bother when you have a guaranteed job after graduation? Luckily for Edward, he had reached the minimum age for enlistment just as World War I began in While he was eager to serve on the front lines, that was not a place for the Prince of Wales.

Princes are denied little in life, but this specific request for front line duty was rejected by the Secretary of State. Although he was forbidden from serving in the front lines of World War I, Edward frequently visited.


For his witness of front-line trench warfare, he was awarded the Military Cross in At the end of the war, Edward flew his first military plane in Despite his lack of interest in school, Edward became the president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in In , Edward began an affair with the married textile heiress Freda Dudley Ward. To be with Ward, he had broken off his relationship with the French courtesan, Marguerite Alibert.

Unlike Edward, Albert had done his royal duty by making a fine marriage to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and producing two daughters. Wallis had not fully divorced her second husband.

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For the record, Furness herself was also still married to someone else. Edward had a type! Edward became utterly enthralled with Wallis within the first year of being together.

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They were frequently seen together on vacation and he bestowed tons in grants and gifts upon her. This escalated to the point where Edward missed out on those oh-so-important official duties. Edward caused family outrage by introducing his mother to Wallis at an evening get-together in Buckingham Palace.

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Divorced people were usually excluded from court functions, so this utterly enraged the current king. The ruler of England is also the head of the English Church, which poo-pooed marriage to a divorced person while their exes were still alive. Edward taking Wallis as his lover and wife would not sit well with the people, or their God.

Setting the tone for his reign, Edward broke a long tradition by watching the proclaimation of his own ascension from a window. Wallis Simpson was at his side. He did this on the way to his Accession Council, commanding a plane from Sandringham to London. George V was facing left, but Edward insisted that his face also face left—it better showcased the fetching part of his hair. Since his reign was short, only a few coins were made. In July , Edward perhaps had a brush with a would-be assassin.

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Or was he a protector? A swindler named Jerome Brannigan drew a gun as the king rode past on his horse at Buckingham Palace. Brannigan was promptly apprehended. Within 9 months of his reign, it was very obvious that Edward had every intention of marrying Wallis Simpson. After all, Simpsons was finally divorcing her second husband. The American gossip rags went wild, but the British press stayed silent—treatment of the royal family is different there—so the British public was left in the dark for the rest of the year.

At first, he tried to negotiate with his ministers. When informed that the people would be wholly opposed to the match and never accept her as queen, Edward tried to compromise. Alas, even this was not good enough. Thanks to the Statute of Westminster , any change to the royal succession required assent from the Parliaments of all the British Dominions.

Prime Minister Stephen Baldwin presented Edward with three choices: But for Edward, giving up Wallis was not an option. Nor was marrying without Parliamentary permission—going against their wishes would force the government to resign and trigger a constitutional crisis. In the end, what else could he do but ditch the crown? On 11 December , Edward announced on worldwide radio that he had surrendered his title and reverted back to being a mere prince.

On June 3, , Edward and Wallis finally married each other in a private ceremony in France. The Church of England refused to sanction the marriage, so a County Durham clergyman performed the vows. The government refused to include either Edward or his wife on the Civil List. Exile in Europe with nothing but your loyal wife, royal title, and royal allowance?

How did he manage? Edward had plans to return home after a year or two in self-imposed exile.

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Backed by their mother and his own wife, George VI threatened to cut the couple off financially if they ever returned to Britain without an invite. Arguably more controversial than his decision to abdicate: