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This is a story of dark instincts and love and learning and I feel I can't even do it justice by how I would attempt to portray it. This is not about love between two of the same gender, it is about love itself and how it connects people and how it tears them apart. I highly recommend this series to any adult. There are also changes coming to the buccaneers. New men arrive on Jamaica every day and many follow the lure of gold that piracy seems to promise, without caring for the traditions of the Brethren of the Coast. Amongst old friends who do hold to traditions, changes are happening, too.

Will is instructed by his father to marry--and learns that Gaston desires him to have children some day. Striker lets it be known that he's also wished for children--and a wife, but fears Pete will kill someone rather than let that happen. Much of the first part of this book, the captain and crew of the Virgin Queen are sailing on their own, or in Port Royal, or off on other parts of the islands. There is a lot of action in the latter part when Henry Morgan gathers together the buccaneers for his famous attack on Porto Bello.

But there is not a dull moment in the entire pages of this book. I am so grateful that the author has written this series. Sometimes books can be magic of the highest order--casting a spell that can transport a reader to other worlds to meet and adventure with people who can be known better than oneself. I can't wait to read the next book which fortunately for me, is available as I write this. I will need to wait for the right moment when I can put aside time to immerse myself again in this amazingly vivid world with these incredible characters and adventures. These are books I wish would never end, so I know I will be re-reading them as soon as I can.

Still, a wonderful series!!!! They also have to cope with the many new recruits who need training in the ways of the Brethren, as well as the fickle French with whom they plan to battle against the Spanish. Striker and Pete have issues of their own to deal with. We also see relationships between some of the other buccaneers nurtured and blossom; while others prove themselves less faithful to their former friends.

The overriding theme though is the relationship between Will and Gaston. And Will and Gaston are like a slow-moving train wreck, but one in which I'm not quite sure whether all will be well in the end which I really hope is the case or whether it will end up being just as tragic as it could be. That darkness and uncertainty coupled with the romanticism of their pairing and the adoration and admiration they have for each other is, I believe, what draws me in the most.

View all 5 comments. Sep 24, Em rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm thoroughly enjoying this series and found this book much easier to get into than the first one. Will and Gaston cling to each other, they are so in love and would prefer just to be left alone. They analyse 'everything', and just when you think something is finally resolved, they hash it out again. They talk A LOT and they also have sex a lot! I have a huge soft spot for Striker and Pete and was nervous when they started having their difficulties.

I'm not really that happy about view spoiler I'm thoroughly enjoying this series and found this book much easier to get into than the first one. Apr 18, Jason Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just love these guys. I'm moving on to book 3. Apr 20, Punk rated it it was ok Shelves: The continued adventures of Will and his pirate mate Gaston. If you liked the first book but thought it had too much pirating and sailing around and not enough PTSD, BDSM, dub-con, and rape, then maybe you'll like this book more than I did. I actually started to hate it near the end.

It's appalling how much pain -- physical and emotional -- these two put each other through, all for a relationship that's so poorly developed it reads more like co-dependency than love. These two need therapy and it is sickening to read. I won't be trying any more books in this series. View all 9 comments. Jun 27, Rosie rated it it was ok. Maybe one day, I'll continue this, but right now I just can't. That's just not right to me and it made me sick and I just couldn't keep reading.

I would love to one day continue Will and Gaston's story, because it seems like a bloody long and complicated one! Jan 26, Ayanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Utterly, amazingly, complexly multi-faceted. There are sections where it gets bleak and it's amazing, where it explores the deepest, darkest abyss of the soul in a way that is profoundly unsettling and unwittingly thought-provoking.

There were times when I though, "There is no beauty in this, and yet, it's such a fundamental truth in part of what it means to be 'human. I could see how some people could argue for abandoning old customs for the sake of new progress, but it just felt like observing the death of an ancient and noble empire as they transcend into - to borrow Waitman's term - celestial status. I sat there thinking, "I'd rather the Brethren be completely abolished than reduced to the Pirates of the Caribbean flavored nonsense; wonderful in its own way, I suppose, but paling completely compared to the nobility of true matelotage and the art of boucaniering.

In fact, I think I like mad-Gaston more than mad-Felix. As usual, the analogies are wonderfully complex and extremely applicable. Again and again, it has amazing insights and observations interspersed with the plot and characters. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a heart-racing thriller. Its impact is more subtle; it seems rather benign, but has facets, hidden depths, revealed depths, plumbed depths, and is, in a way, effortlessly spell-binding, even if you don't feel like it's ensnaring you.

And yes, I hated Sarah, just a little bi- Oh, find. A whole fucking lot. Still, I thought the way it was handled was complex and morally ambiguous and stuff. I got rather uncomfortable when it started delving into the realm of rather BDSM-y stuff because they saw it as part of their respective madnesses, and I suppose in some way it can be construed that way, as with any and all things people do, but still.

It was just the way it was perceived and conveyed. Blah, blah, blah, something I noticed earlier and am just now pointing out -- each chapter ends with an invocation of the Gods. I believe it was so in bk 1, too. It's interesting, as MC professes to be an atheist. They actually lampshade it a bit in this book, although I don't remember exactly what they say. Something something Greco-Roman something atheist.

This sort of odd reversal of roles towards the end was really fucking weird. I basically didn't understand it at all. Sep 07, Alicja rated it really liked it Shelves: More pirates buccaneers roving and roaming the high seas, drinking and romping around ports, killing and maiming, and having lots of gay sex. I have no idea exactly what has me so addicted to this story. There are some grammatical mistakes and even though the writing is good, it isn't brilliant or unique.

The same criticisms as with the first part are still relevant. The story seems to be turning m Rating: However, somehow I'm still addicted. The philosophy is a bit confusing and uses to much animal metaphors but makes me want to ruminate on it long after reading. Their romance is ridiculous, and yet entertaining and endearing to watch. The best way I can explain my attraction to this story is that it is like watching a terrible accident, it is horrible yet so fascinating that you can't take your eyes off it. And yes, I will be reading more. Nov 13, Maggie Simms rated it really liked it Shelves: What an exhilarating feeling it is finding not a book, but a series that is good fantastic.

This is the second book of the series. Each book is quite long which I like. I love long books with nicely developed plots and characters. This book delivers both: This book is filled with adventure. It is a pirates boo 4 wonderful stars This series has been out for a while but it is new to me. It is a pirates book after all. The author is an engaging storyteller. When she describes them roving, I feel that I am just there roving with them.

I love Gaston and Will. And I love Pete and Stricker. There is also a great surrounding cast. This would have been a five star book but one minus star goes to Sarah. I just hated this character and the role that she is playing between Pete and Stricker. All of the sudden we learn that Stricker misses women and teats, and everything that comes with them. I was like, wrong book for hetero yearnings. Then, I was sooooo disappointed when Stricker after two days of meeting Sarah who in my opinion should have gotten the flux or malaria by now decides to marry her and throw away the 10 year relationship that he has with Pete.

He was going to marry her and if Pete didn't like it, tough. It surely put a downer for me on this otherwise wonderful book. View all 6 comments. Apr 16, Sirenprincess rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was worried that this book wouldn't live up to my expectations from Brethren. I was sure that I would enjoy reading it, if for no other reason than it was more of Will and Gaston. I don't think it's possible to read Brethren without falling in love with these characters and wanting to read more.

However, it seemed like most of the secrets had already been revealed in the first volume, which made me worry what could possibly be left to cover. I need not have worried. The relationship between Wil I was worried that this book wouldn't live up to my expectations from Brethren. The relationship between Will and Gaston progresses much further than I ever thought it would.

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The exploration of their love and it's limits or lack thereof is a very interesting topic for this book. Additionally, there is more sex in this book, and Will and Gaston find new ways of dealing with their issues. I still felt as though I was living in their world while reading the book, and found it extremely hard to put down. I am anxiously awaiting book 3. If you have any doubt if you should buy this book, go buy it anyway, and go ahead and preorder book 3 for yourself.

You're going to want it. When I picked this series up, I thought it was testing my boundaries because of the historical feel. Turns out, it tested more than that. The book is good. I've loved the series. But it will be a while before I pick up the next one. There were 2 scenes that made me scream wtf?!? Both coming late in the book. It wasn't the bdsm scene It wasn't the rape scene I don't want to list spoilers It changed the feeling from romantic, to abusive.

I still love Will and Gaston both. But will is to quick to blame the past, than to see that there is abuse now. And Gaston, is a little to uhhhhh This is starting to become a story of a couple who enable each other, rather than help each other. I just feel like I've been hit with a bus, and need to heal, before I read on. Sep 05, Harshini added it. This is an incredibly detailed, well researched epic.

Not only is there a richness to the information about the historical setting, but the characters are so well developed, and go through such an incredible journey both in terms of actions, emotions and personal growth.


It is very long, but without this length the characters growth would not be so realistic or so well explained. Jun 28, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: Hasta entonces, una humilde bucanera xD prefiere quedarse con las aventuras vividas hasta el momento y desearles un buen viaje a Will y Gaston.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I went through an array of emotions with this new installment of Will and Gaston's adventures. You have but only to check the status updates as I read on. However, some books will do that. Will provoke intense emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Matelots: Raised By Wolves, Volume Two

And I reveled in it because I have grown too attached to this pair. I despaired and almost became depressive, fearing that Will and Gaston might not be able to find a way to overcome each other's turmoils. Then I blushed and sighed in happ I went through an array of emotions with this new installment of Will and Gaston's adventures. Then I blushed and sighed in happiness as they found a rhythm and style to declare their love, in words, actions and gestures. It was followed by a bout oh lord, I'm picking up some of the book's jargon of intense anger and sadness.

I hated Sarah and her meddling between Striker and Pete. It seemed so unfair to Pete. And though the resolution was satisfactory to all parties involved, it did seem a bit forced as to not upset the overall feel of optimism of the book.

Matelots: Raised By Wolves, Volume Two by W. A. Hoffman | LibraryThing

I didn't want Striker longing for a wife and child but I didn't want Pete losing his matelot. It was a happily ever after solution for them but one I had to struggle to swallow as it was too convenient. And then the grand finale with such impressive display of emotions and actions. I kept wondering when and if Alonso would make an appearance since the raiding was in vicinity of his whereabouts. I did not expect his intrusion in the book to lead to such a powerful confrontation between Will and Gaston. And while it strengthened their love, it also served to push them slightly away from their friends, in that they are truly starting to resemble centaurs: I was sad to see Will struggling to remember his fight with Gaston and how hard it was for them to struggle past their guilt over it to confront the event.

But it made me care for them even more. Yet, their adventures are far from over. There are still plenty of questions left unanswered. What will happen to the Damn Wife? What revenge is Shane plotting?

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How will things evolve in Gaston and Will's relationship both sexually and emotionally? What effect will Alonso joining the Brethren have? What is to happen to Pete, Striker and Sarah? Will Nickel, Bones and Ash continue to be a part of the cabal? So glad there is more to this saga. The Henchmen of Zenda. The Heart of the Lost Star.

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