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In , he opened his business Promenade and moved it to Charles St. The barber shop was located inside the building for 42 years until Dollarama bought the location in Faccio anche il colore per gli uomini vanitosi! Why did you become a barber? I always liked to work with people. I would go to school in the morning and to the salon in the afternoon. I first had to sweep up hair for a year and then graduated to washing hair. After two years, I was allowed to give my friends, my brother and my boss shaves.

Quando vieni qui devi avere la terza media. Tornavo a casa a mezzanotte Quality to be a good barber: You need to be nice to your clients — treat them right. It was very difficult at times, but I always kept my cool The age of 14 Thing you love about your job: I have no stress. Io voglio essere uno dei primi, uno dei migliori. Anche quando giocavo al pallone o al nuoto in Italia, era questa la mia filosofia. One client wanted a half-shaved head with a line of hair going down the middle Trick of the trade: Usare la tovaglia calda 2 volte, ammorbidisce la pelle e fa uscire i peli.

Nobody wants to take the time to learn to be a barber. When Salvatore came to Canada in the 60s, he started to work in Scarborough with two other partners from the same town. His father-in-law, Pasquale, who had been a barber for over 65 years, decided to retire in and Salvatore inherited his barber shop, now located in front of the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Pachino SR Cutting hair for: My brother was in Canada, and before I came he told me: My mother would bring me there. Essere sempre amichevoli e sorridenti con i clienti. They had been partners for 35 years, until Sam retired to Wasaga Beach. Today, Nick is still one of the best barbers on College St. I started out in Italy. My mother would send me to learn after school to keep me off the streets.

In those days it was my favourite thing to do Philosophy: Bobby grew up in Woodbridge and attended Marvel Hair Studios. The year-old hair-stylist is part-owner of Colour Central Hair Studios. Why did you become a hairstylist? Hairstyling is in my blood Who taught you? My father started in Sicily at 11 years old learning how to shave and cut hair on dead bodies. Education is important and I never stop learning Italian roots?

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My mother and father both hail from the town of Delia in Sicily Strangest request from a customer: A gentleman asked me to give him the look of grey hair to look more distinguished Favourite part of the job: Seeing the smile on my. Thing you love about your job: Parlare con la gente. Loro ti parlano di cose familiari, la moglie, i figli, il lavoro, i problemi He hardly spoke; he was a serious person, while I was always joking around.

He would tell me: Do their hair and throw them out! Ci vuole passione, immaginazione per vedere i visi dei clienti e immaginare come ci starebbe uno stile. Devi fare quello che dicono, ma se puoi suggerire I can do anything, but time is money Who cuts your hair: A friend of mine who has a barber shop close to my house. By myself I would need four hands! I had to learn how to be a hairdresser as well. Noi siamo gli operai del cliente. Bisogna cercare di accontentarli Favourite cut: Basic cut Worst cut: Punk rock Strangest request: Someone asked me to only shave the top of his head Who cuts your hair?

Il mio ex socio, Sam. Io li taglio a lui, lui a me What do you think of hairdressers? Ho imparato con la pratica, poi in Canada ho preso la licenza. Sono andato a scuola per 6 mesi per pratica e teoria. Allora era come la George Brown. In Italia, potevi solo guardare ma non toccare About retiring: It depends on my health. For now, I still feel like working About the decline of the trade: Even if there are fewer now, there will always be one nearby. I love to make people happy Qualities of a good stylist: Creativity, passion and understanding.

Find the most suitable cut based on the parameters of the person and never stop learning. Style and aesthetics are always evolving and it is important to adapt to suit the needs of your clients Decline of the barber, rise of stylist? For the majority, service is lacking. People want service and they want to feel unique. Ponytail cut - all layers with ponytails which maintains shape and graduates from short to long.

Bobby bang — 3 in 1 bang short fringe with side ponytail and full fringe that is side swept and placed to the side. Corpi restituiti alla famiglie senza troppe spiegazioni come quello del fratello di Hamid, Alborz, 48 anni, una moglie e due figli. Quelli detenuti nella sezione , come Hamid, sono prigionieri di coscienza, molte volte condannati a morte senza prove e senza processo, spesso torturati nella mente e nel corpo.

Ti hanno fatto il regalo di compleanno. Quanti non si sa. Ha perfino firmato la sua condanna a morte. Antonella lo sente le poche volte in cui lui riesce a chiamare: Una manciata di minuti per consolarsi a vicenda e rimettere insieme i passi della campagna che Antonella sta portando avanti per liberarlo.

Indeed, if not for this tragic fact, I would have been named Michael, after my grandfather, instead of Salvatore. The subject pained him so. Whenever I pressed him for more details about this enigmatic, war-fallen uncle whose name I carried, he would give me cryptic fragments. I knew only that my uncle was a few years older than my father, that they had grown up so poor they shared a bed and one pair of good shoes, and that he had been, in some vague, half-realized way, a good man, a good soul, perhaps someone capable of great things, and someone who had mattered deeply to my family.

Of the few things my father did say about my uncle before he himself died of lung cancer in , he never said that he died on the Russian front, only that he went missing there, something I had always found disquieting. Growing up during the Soviet era, and prone to the fancies of an overactive imagination, as a youth I walked around with this half-baked notion of my uncle Salvatore alive and well, living in Moscow, wearing a ushanka, speaking Russian.

This went so far that when a ship flying what I thought was a Soviet flag floated into the Hamilton Harbour, not far from my house, I wondered if my uncle was on it. That was, until my neighbour Patty Sullivan pointed out it was the Turkish flag. More than twenty years after my father died I visited Bompensiere, his home town in the rugged Sicilian province of Caltanissetta. I had been there as a child with my family but this was my first trip as an adult.

Toronto Vol. 2 No. 1 by Panoram Italia - Issuu

Get in on the ground floor and rise with us. Send a covering e-mail telling us why you want a sales career in print media sales and your resume to: I learned that my father had been a bit of a troublemaker as a young man, particularly when Salvatore departed for combat, and that my uncle himself was a gentleman, a charmer. For years they harboured the impossible hope that somewhere he was still alive. She went on to tell me that back in the s, an unscrupulous man in nearby Racalmuto had taken advantage of that hope and swindled my grandparents into believing Salvatore, traumatized from the war, was living in Palermo.

Needless to say, the man took their money, they went to Palermo, but never found their son. Then my aunt said something that made my heart leap. The letters, dated from July to December , and hastily written in the ornate calligraphy of the time, immediately struck me on a number of counts.

Non riferite mai, a voce o per iscritto, notizie che riguardano il vostro servizio. Tacete con tutti; anche con i vostri cari! The letters are touchingly addressed. This date coincides with one of the last letters received from my uncle Salvatore before they ceased altogether. In , well into his third year of studies at York University in History and Political Science, Cianciulli realized that his ambitions were very different than the ones his parents had laid out for him.

Just as he was saving up for a big European trip before beginning Law School the next Fall, the young man was able to seize an important opportunity. Called upon to temporarily replace an employee on maternity leave at ConferTech conference calling center, Frank immediately accepted a second job offer at Darome Teleconferencing now Bell Conferencing that would change his life forever.

When Darome was eventually sold, the trusting atmosphere that had once kept Frank tied to the company had suddenly changed: I thought I should start my own conferencing company, but I had no formal business education, no idea how to create a business plan. In my model, having other entrepreneurs who are passionate and educated in their field, who want to invest in this opportunity, is a better way to duplicate my leadership rather than scaling out into a larger organization.

When I took that leap of faith, failure was not an option. Frank Cianciulli was only 23 when he embarked on his first entrepreneurial adventure. Now Chairman and CEO of Wish Group, a network of businesses in the conference calling sector which extends throughout Canada, the young Italian-Torontonian is one of the most accomplished under 40 business owners in the country.

A proud history of staffing the factory, restaurant, banquet facility, hotel, clerical and general labour industries for over 15 years within GTA. Committed to offering our applicants and business clients the highest level of customer service to meet your employment or staffing needs! Be it part-time, full-time or weekends! I watched my dad courageously battle cancer for five years. He persevered and never complained and fought his illness with dignity while still maintaining a wonderful sense of humour.

The image of seeing someone you love so much, who has always been there, take his last breath while I held his hand is something I will never forget. I have often asked myself, "What would I do, if I had one more day to spend with my dad? He had many titles including a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend just to name a few and he brought much joy to everyone he touched. I think our day would definitely start with a Tim Horton's coffee and a few donuts which he really enjoyed.

I would love to hear his stories again of what it was like growing up in Toronto, his first few jobs as a young man, his 57 Chevy Convertible that he sold when he married my mother and of course raising four sons. I think that we would then go for a drive and visit the old neighbourhoods, remembering what it was like. The rest of the day I would love to see my dad doing what gave him the most joy which was sitting around the dinner table enjoying a plate of nonna's home made gnocchi with all his sons and their families.

The day could end with dad singing and playing his guitar or harmonica surrounded by us all. You left us on March 27, and not a day goes by that I don't think of you! I wish we had a few more years, but that would be selfish, you suffered enough. Love always, Len Mizzoni.

Annina Lanzillotta Boscaglia If just for one day I could see you again My mother always made sure that there was food to eat and never made you leave until you had a full stomach. She was this way with anyone who went to visit; no one ever left her home empty handed. Where two eat, three can eat. My mother had the strength and courage of a lion, living life without the knowledge of reading and writing. She was not given the privilege as a little girl to go to school and get an education.

Unfortunately, it was not a necessity at the time. She and her siblings had to work and help the family. She always taught us there is nothing to fear as long as we had faith in God and in ourselves. She taught us to walk with our heads held high and to never be ashamed of where we came from.

My mother was a fighter. She fought for her rights on the job, making sure things were fair for her and her coworkers. I know she is now in a better place but I do miss her so. Not one day goes by without wishing I could share another word with her, a hug, a smile, a cup of coffee. Ma, enjoy yourself because you are truly somewhere where all long to go one day. We miss you so much and we think of you ever day. You will always have a piece of our hearts. Parents are a wonderful gift from God.

I lost not only a father, but also a best friend and mentor. It is very difficult to lose a parent. Parents give so much to their children. My father was always so giving never expecting anything in return. Then, when all of a sudden he became sick with cancer, followed by a major stroke, it was especially difficult to watch such a strong and independent man endure great pain and degenerate. The day before my father passed away, I told him that we would go to Italy as soon as he was well and out of the hospital, so if I had one more day with him, we would spend it in our favourite city — Venice, Italy.

There we would walk together while enjoying the breath-taking views that Venice has to offer. I would listen to him tell me unending stories of how he would walk these streets as a boy and hear about what life was like during the war. He would always have a story for us. His stories were all special, because like fables, they would always have morals to them. From his stories, I would learn lessons of how to save money wisely, how to have patience when troubles strike, how to be a good person, etc.

After our relaxing ride, we would hit the shops and end off the day for dinner in the square. Once the splendid day was over, I would also wish for a thousand more! A year may have gone by since we lost him, but he is still very much alive in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. I love him, miss him and look forward to one day be reunited with him again. Want to share your story? Sometimes legend can trump history and as the ages have demonstrated, the romance of a less-than-factual story can endure for centuries on end.

Just look at the 14th of February. Valentine has been largely dispelled since the Roman Catholic Church relabeled the feast day as a general commemoration on the liturgical calendar. What survives is the romantic theme attached to the legend, fostered over the centuries by great poets and authors such as Geoffrey Chaucer.

So what makes February 14 such a strong symbol of romance? Maybe the fact that its story derives from Italy? There seems to be some magnetism towards the Belpaese that makes it interchangeable with the celebration of love. And what about the opera? Paris may as well be a city with a few nice pastry shops and a fancy tower with Christmas lights when put side to side with Italy, an entire country associated with the concept of love. Whether Romeo and Juliet were fact or fiction, Verona is without a doubt the perfect city for a pair of star crossed lovers.

Surrounded by picturesque hillsides, castles and the Adige River, its pristine city centre is ideal to spend the day exploring. Stop on one of the bridges over the connecting rivers before heading for a candlelit aperitivo. Piazzale Michelangelo with a one-of-a-kind view of Florence and the Tuscan countryside. Come in the late afternoon and stay for sunset. Marechiaro — immortalized in the song of the same name by poet Salvatore di Giacomo, this fishing village is perfect for a romantic stroll and dinner.

Isole Eolie — a cluster of stunning islands off the northern coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rent a boat for the day and set off on your own little adventure to the islands of Lipari, Vulcano, Stromboli and Salina where Il Postino was filmed. It is a place nestled less than twenty nautical miles off the coast of Naples, in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is the largest of the Phlegrean Islands, with a rich history, authentic traditional cuisine, thermal springs and beautiful coastlines attracting over six million tourists every year to its enchanting shores.

If you were asked for the name of this idyllic setting, the island of Capri would surely be your first guess. Cast your gaze inland for views of the meter tall Mont Epomeo, a landscape rife with lush foliage and outcroppings of volcanic rock. This view is eclipsed only by looking over your shoulder to see a peaceful shoreline marked by the interplay of beaches, cliffs and thick greenery. Ischia is divided into six separate communes: Each of these places is as diverse and as wonderful as the next. It is filled with tiny shops, original artists producing one-of-a-kind pieces, delicious Neapolitan foods, spices, and the typical Ischitan liqueurs: Rucolino a liqueur based on Arugula and Limoncello.

The beauty and authenticity of this place is accentuated by il Castello Aragonese, an old castle first built in BC by Hiero I of Syracuse. It sits perched on a naturally occurring peer. A short drive or delightful walk away, one finds S. Angelo, a beautiful coastal town with a variety of seaside seafood restaurants serving up the Neapolitan special spaghetti alle vongole. For all of its natural splendour, the main reason that tourists come to the island is to benefit from the numerous thermal spas and volcanic mud baths that occur naturally on the island as a direct result of the constant volcanic activity: They help alleviate persistent aches, pains, and a variety of dermatological problems because of their temperature and unique natural composition.

The history of the Terme goes back to the seventh century when the Euboins, a Greek people, first discovered them on the island. Recent archaeological discoveries prove that the Greeks used the thermal waters to replenish and heal the body and soul. In fact, the Greeks used the thermal waters to treat war wounds in a time period where there were no antibiotics. They attributed supernatural powers to the waters, and the fact that many of the old thermal baths still standing in Ischia today have statues of the Greek gods Apollo and Delfi lend credence to this assertion.

If the Greeks were the discoverers, the Romans transformed the use of the Terme into one of public benefit. They built large edifices where all of the locals could go and make use of the Terme in different ways. The Terme came into disuse throughout the Middle Ages. During the Renaissance, Giulio Iasolino, a Calabrian doctor, fascinated by the island and its volcanic activity, decided to study the phenomenon scientifically. His book sparked interest in the Terme and put them back on track to become the popular tourist destination they are today.

The health benefits that Iasolino descibed have been so pronounced that. In modern times, to experience the Terme to their absolute fullest, one needs to visit Forio. Situated twenty meters from the sea, one finds the Giardini Poseidon, a thermal park that has every amenity imaginable.

It is the culmination of what Ischia has to offer. The island of Ischia has everything an individual could want for a relaxing vacation. As the Greeks first believed, and the Romans asserted after them, Ischia truly is a remedy for the soul. Both regions are home to extraordinary art and architecture, colourful festivals, genuine cuisines, and picture-perfect green landscapes. Its serene landscapes, stunning sights and picturesque hill towns still look almost as they do in the canvases painted by Perugino and Raphael four centuries ago. Midway between Florence and Rome is the grand hill town of Orvieto, which sits majestically 1, feet above the valley floor on a large butte of tufo, a sandy, volcanic rock.

It is home to one of the great masterpieces of Italian art, the Duomo di Orvieto. It took centuries to build and its ornate, polychromic, gothic facade is breath taking, especially at midday when it basks in the full glory of sunlight. Nearby is the Tempio Belvedere, Italy's only remaining above-ground Etruscan temple; and the Pozzo di San Patrizio, a deep well topped by a spectacular two-story house built in the 16th century and featuring a double spiral staircase leading to the water source.

Orvieto is also known for its Classico white wine and colourful ceramics. Lesser known, but equally as charming, is Spello, a picturesque town and a pleasure for those who love walking. Three well-preserved Roman stone arches form the entry points to the town, Porta Venere, with its towers, Porta Urbica and Porta Consolare. Once inside, the cobblestone streets meander, leading to simple, yet elegant stone houses. For the art lover, Spello is well known for its wonderful frescoes by Pinturicchio, which can be found in the 12th century church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

For food enthusiasts, on the third Sunday of February, the town celebrates an olive and bruschetta festival during which local farmers parade on decorated tractors and delicious, local food abounds. This picturesque Etruscan town has kept its medieval look.

It is dominated by Italy's largest fortress, the Rocca Paolina. Perugia's main square is Piazza IV Novembre with the Fontana Maggiore in its center, a large fountain covered with bas-relief sculptures. The art museum, La Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria, is filled with wonderful works by Italian artists. Nearby, the unassuming church of Sant'Angelo and the monastery of Sant'Agnese invite visitors to meditate. Perugia is home to Universita per Stranieri, attended by students from around the world who learn Italian as a foreign language.

Perugia is also the chocolate capital of Italy and home to the world famous chocolatier Perugina — creators of the Baci Perugina chocolates. Every October, Perugia hosts the Euro Chocolate Festival that features everything from theatre and music performances to cooking demonstrations and chocolate art exhibits. Perugia is also host to one of the most important jazz festivals in the world — the Umbria Jazz Festival — held annually since Gubbio In the northeast corner of Umbria lies the charming hill town of Gubbio.

Its town center is a mix of medieval, gothic and Renaissance buildings made from grey limestone. Together, they seem to be marching up the steep slopes of its heavily wooded hill. At its base is a well-preserved Roman amphitheatre that is still used for summer performances. The 13th-century church of San Francesco showcases wonderful frescoes and a serene little cloister with remains of Roman mosaics. The most visible landmark of Gubbio is the tower of Palazzo dei Consoli, one of the most beautiful medieval public buildings in Italy.

It is crowned by the fairy-tale castle, Rocca Maggiore. This is the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi — patron saint of Italy, founder of the Franciscan order and one of the most popular saints in history. There are several other churches well worth visiting for their beauty and connection with Francis and his friend St. Clare was one of the first devout followers of St.

Following her death, the order she founded was renamed in her honour as the Order of Saint Clare, commonly referred to today as the Povere Clarisse Poor Clares. Norcia Another hidden gem of Umbria is Norcia. It also delivers its share of impressive churches and museums. Norcia is the birthplace of St. Benedict, patron saint of Europe. However, most people come to this town for pork products in all their delicious forms — prosciutto crudo and cotto, salami, porchetta, and wild boar.

Not surprisingly, meat shops specializing mainly in pork throughout Italy are known as Norcineria. Black truffles are also a hallmark of this area. So much so that starting at the end of February, Norcia is home to a world renowned agro-food exhibition — Nero Norcia — showcasing the prized black truffle.

Anyone seeking a relaxing atmosphere and great Umbrian cuisine and hospitality will revel in a day or two in Norcia. Certainly many of us have been to Italy and have eaten the freshest pasta, the most delicious pizza, and the best gelato. But here's an idea for your next Italian adventure that will take your culinary senses to a whole new level. Perhaps you have already heard of Slow Food which is making waves around the world.

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It is an international organization committed to preserving local food traditions and eating products that are authentic and natural. The Slow Food philosophy believes that what we eat should not only taste good, but it should be clean and friendly to the environment. In a time where a lot of what we consume is based on convenience, it allows the consumer to develop an appreciation of food in its purest form.

In Italy, there are over 1, producers including farmers, butchers, and cheese makers that follow Slow Food principles. They have deep roots in the territory and only the best eateries, including traditional taverns and wineries, propose that their products be prepared using only locally-produced and natural ingredients - a true guarantee of quality and taste.

If you're a food connoisseur, or just someone looking to get healthy, a Slow Food journey in Italy could be interesting to you. Here are three itineraries available in either Venice, Sicily, or Tuscany, each of them opening the door to a unique gastronomical experience. After a bit of rest, you will enjoy your first Slow Food welcome dinner in Treviso. After a morning of sightseeing, you will head to the island of Sant'Erasmo to a local vegetable farm. There, you will be given a tour and a brief presentation of the purple artichoke of Sant'Erasmo, an ancient local variety of artichoke with a unique flavour that has been cultivated for centuries in the Venetian Lagoon.

Your night will be capped off with a Slow Food dinner reserved for you at the Osteria la Mascareta, renowned for its great selection of wines and its oyster bar. In the days to follow, you will travel to Padova and Verona for more culinary treats and some sightseeing, including visits to markets where fresh produce is sold. In Lake Garda, near Verona, you will sample traditional wine, grappa, and olive oil, and in the enchanting town of Bassano del Grappa, capital of the famous Italian distillate, you will take a memorable tour of the Grappa Museum and enjoy lunch at a local trattoria.

You will land in Rome and transfer by air to Palermo. After Palermo, the next stop is Syracuse for a traditional Slow Food lunch at the Trattoria Cucina e Vino where you will indulge in different wines and sample local dishes from the land and sea. Moving along to Taormina, you will enjoy a wine tasting at the Azienda del San Michele before heading back to Palermo for a final Slow Food lunch at the Trattoria Primavera. Once back in Rome, enjoy a day of leisure in the Eternal City before coming back home.

Gastronomical adventure in Tuscany Your 7-night stay in Tuscany begins in Florence, where you will enjoy a Slow Food welcome dinner prepared using local produce. The next day, take pleasure in a few hours of exploring this magnificent, quaint city during a walking tour.

In the days to follow, you will visit a family-run farmhouse in the small medieval town of San Gimignano for a delicious lunch prepared using traditional, local produce such as the Certaldo onion and San Gimignano extra virgin olive oil. No matter which one of these three itineraries you choose, be assured your experience will be authentic and delicious. Enjoying time with loved ones surrounded by the best food and wine. Just be sure to come with an empty stomach. All these Slow Food itineraries are available with Transat Holidays. Today, over one hundred and twenty years later, it is still home to many families with multi-generational ties and is a thriving area of residential growth and redevelopment.

The Columbus Day Parade, with its colourful floats, bands and costumes, ignites the city as does the annual Feast of the Assumption, a four day extravaganza with delicious Italian delicacies, culminated by a religious procession through the streets. Their talents have focused on bringing the authentic cuisine of Italy to the general public and avoiding the stereotype that often passes as Italian cuisine.

He made a return, sold out. Numerous and longstanding Italian organizations also reflect the origin of Italian immigrants from various regions of Italy. Their well-attended social events attract not only Italian Americans but the general public who delight in feasting at their annual dinners and bocce tournaments. As a matter of fact, one of the fastest growing social events in Cleveland is the Italian game of bocce which has exploded in popularity with state of the art bocce courts built in various parts of the city that host large tournaments.

This year, 1, people enjoyed offerings from Italian operas performed by Opera Per Tutti as they picnicked around the majestic Renaissance fountain in the garden which was modeled after the fountain in the Villa Medici in Rome. Sculpted by Sandro Bonaiuto whose artwork is featured in the Vatican. Collections, it will not only be a major piece of public art in Cleveland but in the country. Jackson of Cleveland and the Consulate of Italy in Detroit. The Italian language newspaper, La Gazzetta Italiana, founded in by Paul Sciria and two Italian radio stations highlighting the latest music from Italy play a key role in keeping alive the Italian heritage and identity in Cleveland.

The pistachio, that little green gem of a nut with an earthy and rich flavour, has the ability to elevate and marry with other ingredients, both savoury and sweet. From the lovely specks that dot a slice of mortadella, to a beautiful crust on an involtino, to a luscious and creamy spread, its taste is sublime and its creativity in the kitchen incredible. It has long been revered for its medicinal properties. The ancient Greeks used it as an antidote against bites from poisonous creatures and believed it to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Today, its medical properties are numerous. The oil extracted from the fruit is particularly delicate and finds application in dermatology for its high emollient and softening quality. Health benefits aside, the dried fruit of the pistacia vera tree has become a sought after ingredient in the world of gastronomy.

The Arabs, who dominated the region of Sicily between and , are responsible for bringing pistachio trees from the Middle East. The leading producer of pistachios for all of Italy is the Sicilian city of Bronte. Perched atop a slope of volcanic rock, located about half a mile northeast of Etna, its conditions are ideal for growing the precious fruit:. The trees only bear fruit every two years and are planted in areas that prevent the use of machines to harvest the fruit.

The picking is done during the first weeks in September of uneven years. The intense, full flavour and grassy aroma of Bronte pistachios have made them an essential ingredient in many Sicilian recipes, whether used whole or as a paste. While we all have enjoyed shelling and eating the pistachio as a snack or as one of our favourite ice-cream flavours, the fruit is also a tasty ingredient in penne al pesto di pistacchio, a traditional brontese dish, and many other exceptional recipes.

It is also used in a wide gambit of applications including: A number of pistachio products such as honey, oil and liqueur are also produced from the harvest and are often sampled during the Sagra del Pistacchio, the famous pistachio festival held in the region from September 29 to October 7.

Subscribe to our e-newsletter on www. The moment you walk through our doors, you will know that your family will enjoy the comfort and value that you have been looking for. Call us to make dinner reservations or book your special celebration. Here are four chocolate recipes designed to serve two. Directions Combine the chocolate, water and espresso in a heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water.

Heat until the chocolate is almost completely melted, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and stir until the mixture is smooth. Set aside and let cool. In a clean, dry bowl place egg whites and a pinch of salt and whip on medium-high speed until stiff peaks form. They should be thick and smooth. Stir the egg yolks into the cooled chocolate mixture. Add half of the whipped egg whites to the chocolate and fold gently. Fold in the remaining egg whites with a spatula just until there are no white streaks left.

Portion the mixture into 2 serving dishes. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 3 hours before serving. Serve with freshly whipped cream. Place the chocolate, butter, sugar and cream in a medium saucepan over low heat and stir until melted and smooth. Place the eggs and flour in a bowl and whisk until well combined. Whisk in the chocolate mixture until combined. Pour into lightly greased round cake tins lined with non-stick baking paper and top with the raspberries.

Bake for 35 minutes or until cooked when tested with a skewer. Place the dough between two piece of parchment paper cut the paper the size of your baking sheet. Remove and discard the top piece of parchment paper and place the rest on a baking sheet. With a heart-shaped cookie cutter press into the dough leaving about 1 cm between each cookie. Remove the excess dough between the cookies. Bake until the edges look done and the middle is just starting to look finished about min.

Allow to cool on cookie sheet. Spread Nutella on the inside of a cookie and top with another cookie. Press the edges of the cookie sandwich in the chopped hazelnut. During this mardi gras period in the peninsula, delightful sweet, crispy strips known as chiacchiere make their appearance in many pasticcerie and home bakeries.

They are fried treats that go by many names and shapes throughout the Belpaese. Their origin dates back years to ancient Rome, where during the Liberalia end-of-winter celebrations, fritters known as frictilia were made. These sweets fried in lard were indulgences meant to be enjoyed as part of the festivities honouring the gods and collective rituals of pleasure seeking.

With the advent of Catholicism, the pagan festival was transformed into what we now know as Carnevale. While this holiday is no longer dedicated to honouring the gods of fertility and wine, it is still all about excess. It is an opportunity to party before Lent when the rigors of 40 days of fasting and sacrifice begin. The definitive word for this period is decadence, which is why many of the foods prepared during the Carnival season are sweets and especially fritters, the most famous of these being chiacchiere.

They go by many an alias: Similar crispy delights can be found in other European countries as well as in North America where they are known as "ribbon cookies" or "angel wings. But no matter their descriptor, their recipe remains fairly constant. Northern Italian versions tend to use butter and spirits like grappa for the dough, while in the South they use olive oil and sambuca.

They take on many shapes - squares, sheets, strips, diamonds, knots and twisted ribbon. The dough is fried and dusted with powdered sugar, and what makes this timeless pastry truly heavenly and addictive is their light and crisp texture, which pairs beautifully with a coffee, dessert wine or bicchierino of liqueur. Put the eggs, olive oil, liqueur and sugar in a bowl and beat well.

Gradually add the flour and baking powder to make soft and sticky dough.

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Knead the dough with the addition of some flour until it is smooth and elastic. Form the dough into a ball, and allow to sit in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or overnight if possible. Cut the dough into strips using a knife or pastry tool, about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long, and shape them into bows. Half fill a deep pot or frying pan with olive oil. When the oil is hot, add the bows and deep fry them on both sides until they are golden brown. Drain them on paper towel and sprinkle them with icing sugar. To keep them crispy, store them in a paper bag.

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The Mediterranean diet is a healthy eating style thanks to its mix of wholesome foods and a wealth of quality products used to create exceptional cuisine. One of the predominant characteristics of the Mediterranean diet is that it is composed predominantly of fresh, natural, unprocessed foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables of the highest quality. The aim is to promote the extraordinary flavors, benefits and characteristics of both fresh and processed European fruits and vegetables, produced according to Italian styles and traditions, and inspired by simple yet healthy cuisine.

The fruit has a soft texture and a sweet but unique flavor. In terms of vitamins, Italian kiwis are a rich source of vitamins C and A, potassium, dietary fibers and antioxidants. When selecting kiwis for consumption, hold them between your thumb and forefinger and gently apply pressure; those that have the sweetest taste will yield gently to pressure.

If they do not yield when you gently apply pressure, they are not yet ready to be consumed, and should be left to ripen for a few days at room temperature. Placing the fruits in a paper bag with an apple, banana or pear will help to speed their ripening process. European Flavors Available at: Slice off the ends of the kiwis and peel them carefully with a knife. Insert a lollipop stick or similar into each slice and lay the slices on a parchment-lined tray.

Set a medium glass bowl over a pot of simmering water but not letting the water touch the bottom of the bowl. Put the chocolate chips and oil in the bowl and stir until the chocolate is melted and smooth. Dip the kiwi-pops into the melted chocolate, tapping gently to let the excess chocolate drip off.

Place them back on the parchment tray and put the tray in the refrigerator for an hour or two to set. Discover the benefits of a healthy Meditarranean style diet. Fresh fruits and vegeables from Europe in your diet can help you feel better and look great! Agri-Mondo carries the highest quality produce,and imports only top European labels. Quando giunse in Europa a seguito della scoperta delle Americhe, il mais non riscosse immediato successo sulle tavole. Inizialmente fu coltivato in orti e giardini botanici come pianta ornamentale per il suo aspetto assai esotico.

Inoltre, il granturco forniva una farina adattissima alla preparazione di una gustosa polenta che, a differenza delle farine di epoca romana a base di grano saraceno, richiedeva pochissimo lavoro e poco tempo di cottura. Sulle tavole dei ricchi, la polenta arrivava concia, ovvero arricchita di carni o formaggi, sulle mense dei contadini invece veniva servita nuda.

Per la perfetta riuscita sarebbero necessari il paiolo di rame, una spatola di legno e tanto olio di gomito. Le dosi sono calcolate per sei persone. Mettere di nuovo la salsa sul fuoco con olio, sale e pepe e far restringere, ma non troppo circa 20 minuti. Metterle quindi nella salsa di pomodoro. Preparare una polenta, metterla calda nei piatti e versarvi sopra il sugo ben caldo con le salsicce, spolverando il tutto con formaggio pecorino.

Preparare una polenta piuttosto morbida. Pulire i funghi e tagliarli a fettine. Salare, pepare e far cuocere per venti minuti, aggiungendo acqua se necessario. Spellarlo, spinarlo e dividerlo seguendo le scaglie. Herbs, liquorice and ripe red fruit notes with a moderately long finish. It will improve in bottle for years.

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  • When too cold, white wine tends to lose all expression as its bouquet and flavours get neutralized. When too warm, red wine releases more alcohol which brings out its acidity and its flavours also tend to fall flat. This is especially true for powerful, structured red wines. White wine should be served cooler, but not ice-cold around 8 degrees Celsius. In the event that your wine gets too cold, here are two solutions: Let your bottle slowly reach its preferred temperature by letting it breathe on the counter for up to an hour.

    Serve the wine and warm it with the palm of your hand by holding the glass from the top of the stem as you would hold a glass of whiskey. Cantine Lento Calabria Price: Bright ruby red with light spicy notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Long lasting and balanced with good structure. As a result, a Chianti Classico Riserva is usually built to last between five and ten years in the cellar. However, the Castello di Querceto Chianti Classico Riserva is balanced and intriguing enough to be enjoyed now. Ripe plum and cherry aromas for this medium-full bodied Sangiovese-Canaiolo blend; tannins are elegant and silky.

    Notes of balsamic plum and blueberry, with leather and firm tannins on the finish. The classic method is to drop your bottle in an ice bucket filled to the top. It takes about 10 minutes for red wines to reach the required temperature, while whites will take 15 minutes 2.

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    Place your white wine in the fridge for about two hours and reds for about one hour 3. The most drastic method would be to simply place your bottle in the freezer. Around 10 minutes for red wines and 20 minutes for whites. Colli, Lazio Mom from: Travelling and teaching Clothes: Gnocchi Absolute must in the pantry: Eggplant in oil Type of wine: Amarone Favourite Italian saying or quote: May Place you must go back to at least once more time in your life: Venice Favourite band or singer: David Guetta Best Italian movie: AS Roma Sexiest Italian: Elisabetta Canalis Dream car: Ferrari GTB What you like most about our magazine: Have an espresso and gelato on St.

    Clair Thing about you that would surprise most people: I can actually lick my elbow Best coffee in Toronto: Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe Best pizza in Toronto: People talking or kicking the back of my seat at a movie You know you are Italian when or if: You think everyone else is weird for not having sopressata and crotonese cheese for lunch.

    You know you were raised Italian when: September meant it was time to make sauce more than it meant going back to school Italian artist or actor you would like to meet: Roberto Benigni Favourite flavour of gelato: Baci Favourite Italian song: Florence If never visited, which city would you like to visit: Night out with my girlfriend. Giulio Muratori Make-up artist: Adrienne Lauren Duncan Make-up and photo shoot location: Melissa Di Nardo Nickname: Bicyclette on Queen Street Restaurant: Penne alla Vodka Absolute must in the pantry: Popcorn Type of wine: Pinot Grigio Favourite Italian saying or quote: Santorini, Greece Favourite band or singer: Coldplay Best Italian movie: Tre metri sopra il cielo Italian soccer team: AC Milan Sexiest Italian: Raoul Bova Dream car: Ferrari Italia or Lamborghini Aventandor.

    What you like most about our magazine: It helps to keep Italian-Canadian individuals informed, interested and involved in their culture Best way to feel Italian in Toronto: Taking a walk down College Street Mare o montagna: Thing about you that would surprise most people: I am always hungry Best coffee in Toronto: La Paloma Best pizza in Toronto: Pizza al Metro Pet peeve: Not being on time You know you are Italian when or if: You go visit nonna and you leave with food to last the whole week Your fashion idol: Marilyn Monroe Favourite thing to do in Toronto: You wake up Sunday morning to the smell of fresh sugo being made Italian artist or actor you would like to meet: Eros Ramazzotti Favourite flavour of gelato: Fior di latte Favourite Italian song: Salerno If never visited, which city would you like to visit: Cinque Terre Best memory growing up as Italian: Italia winning the World Cup in , then going to Italy a week later Favourite thing about being Italian: None as of yet, but who knows what the future holds….

    Film Student at Ryerson University Age: Music and Film Clothes: Got Style Favourite Italian saying or quote: Summer Place you must go back to at least one more time in your life: Tuscany, Italy Favourite singer: Bob Marley Best Italian movie: Matilde Maggio Dream car: Di Tomaso, Pantera What you like most about our magazine: It speaks of our Italian heritage. Downtown Best way to feel Italian in Toronto: Hanging out with Carlo Coppola Mare o montagna: Ravioli Absolute must in the pantry: Zazza Belaire Best pizza in Toronto: Repeating myself You know you are Italian when or if: When your hands are flying in the air during a conversation Your fashion idol: My dad Favourite thing to do in Toronto: Shinny at the local rink Most common name in your family: Joseph 3 You know you were.

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