Luca Lashes and his First Haircut

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Getting a haircut shouldn't be a scary "first"—it should be fun!

Lucas' First haircut part 1

Find a salon that caters to children. Hair salons can be intimidating places for children. Thankfully, the hairstyle industry has grown with the times and helped parents by designing kid-friendly, family salons.

Children can sit in fun seats with special designs, even in racecar-style chairs. Finding a family salon, rather than relying on your own personal hairstylist, will make your life easier when it comes time for the first cut. Going to a salon a day early, and just walking around with your child can be a great experience to help prepare for the first haircut. This way, your child gets a chance to see what the salon looks like, what tools are being used, and what the person who will cut their hair looks and acts like.

Going along ahead of time with family friends or relatives on their positive hair cut experience can also really help! There is nothing like seeing other kids they look up to having fun!

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Take an extra step in prepping for the first cut—enlist the help of an app, like Luca Lashes and his First Haircut. Let your child interact with each illustration to become familiar with the sights and sounds they soon will see! All parents can sense their child is crabby. See if you have enough points for this item.

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The book includes a section on suggestions for parents. This series focuses on Luca Lashes, a character your family can relate to. Luca Lashes and his First Haircut is written for children under four. Luca Lashes LLC is committed to promoting early childhood reading, and highlights key concepts to help children through new experiences.

First Haircut | eBooks for Children |

By combining the original text and terrific artwork with features that entertain and promote reading, this eBook series appeals to beginning readers of all ages. It is never too early to fall in love with language!

Tilly's Time to Shine. Kwaku And His Hearing Aid. Your Thoughts are Important. The Girl with a Heart of Gold. Superhero Sam Saves His Family. Bring a few non-sticky snacks as a backup. A lovie , books to read her during the cut, and any other simple distractions or entertainment can help her happily pass the time. Take pictures and video.

If your child is comfortable with it, record the moment to emphasize how special it is. Many children like seeing images of themselves, so remind her you can look at them together after. Our Stylist have a few tricks up her sleeve for dealing with fidgety, fussy, or anxious kiddos. If your child is completely losing it, we will consider taking a break to calm him down. If the situation remains we can reschedule for another day.