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After spending six years without releasing new music, Duff announced she was recording her upcoming new album.

She also described the album as an "earthy, indie-pop vibe" [2] and that a new single was going to be out "soon". However, less than a month after the release of "Chasing the Sun", Duff announced that she would release a new single called "All About You" on August 11, Lyrically, "All About You" incorporates romantic innuendos, [14] with Duff talking about how hooked she is on her boyfriend, and she is willing to prove her true love for him by "turning the lights down" and going to action.

All About You, All About Me | Fun Deck | Product Info

The song received universal acclaim from music critics. According to Nolan Feeney of Time magazine, "All About You" is in the "same twangy folk-pop vein" as " Chasing the Sun ", but that it is a "huge improvement", writing that "All About You" has the "kind of rowdy punch" that is required to get a comeback "really cooking". Carolyn Menyes of Music Times praised Duff's voice for "wander[ing] into its own territory, playing against the music and making an irresistible combination. It later climbed to number 20, becoming Duff's first top-twenty hit in nine years in the country, with the last being " Beat of My Heart " Elsewhere, the song received little impact on the charts, reaching number 91 on the Canadian Hot chart, lower than her previous single, " Chasing the Sun ", [21] and failing to debut on the US Billboard Hot chart, though it did reach number 19 on the Bubbling Under Hot Singles extension.

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Duff wrote on her Twitter account on 4 September that she was filming the single's music video, which was directed by Declan Whitebloom, whom Duff previously worked with on the video for "Chasing the Sun". Based on paparazzi photographs, Duff was seen wearing a short skirt and fishnets, sitting in a golden Mercedes-Benz convertible other than dancing with several backup dancers.

I wanted something different about it that was more me," she told MTV News.

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  4. She snaps a photo of the guy to share with her friends but before she's able to say anything, he leaves behind a record. Duff and her girlfriends vow to help her find the guy and armed with only the record and her cell photo of him, she embarks on a trip to find the guy that stole her heart. She also performed the song on Australian television talkshow Sunrise on September 11, With Kelly and Michael on October 8, Credits adapted from Qobuz.

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