A Well Pleasured Lady: Well Pleasured #1 (The Well Pleasured Series)

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  1. A WELL PLEASURED LADY: Well Pleasured #1
  2. A Well Pleasured Lady (Fairchild Family #1) by Christina Dodd
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A Rose at Midnight. Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night. Heart of the Wolf. The Secret of Flirting. The Designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh. The Trouble with True Love. To the Duke, With Love. My Once and Future Duke. The Day of the Duchess. Anything but a Gentleman. Six Degrees of Scandal. How to Forget a Duke. The Groom Says Yes. A Study in Scoundrels.

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More or Less a Countess. A Match Made in Bed. A Lady of Expectations and Other Stories. The Knave of Hearts. The Trouble with Dukes. The Legend of Nimway Hall.

A WELL PLEASURED LADY: Well Pleasured #1

Marquesses at the Masquerade. It's All About the Duke. For the Duke's Eyes Only. My Own True Duchess. Families and Other Enemies. What Doesn't Kill Her. In My Wildest Dreams. The Woman Who Couldn't Scream. Treasure of the Sun. The Prince Kidnaps a Bride. A Pirate's Wife For Me. The Chosen One Novels.

Revenge at Bella Terra. The Smuggler's Captive Bride. The Greatest Lover in All England. Candle in the Window. Danger in a Red Dress. Once Upon A Pillow. Almost Like Being In Love: Castles in the Air. A Knight to Remember. Move Heaven and Earth. A Lost Hearts Christmas Story. This book is a total trainwreck. Honestly, I am disgusted that there are reviews on here that give it 5 stars.

There is no way those aren't paid reviews. If I could request a refund, I would. First off all, there is so much head hopping in this book, it is terrible. It reads like it was written by a high school creative writing student. Second, the plot points are all completely contrived and unrelated. The pacing is terrible. The events are completely unrealistic. The dialogue doesn't fit the time period at all. The fashion doesn't fit the time period at all.

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A character gets SHOT and continues to kiss and think about the taste of her partners lips in a time where there are no antibiotics and a guns were not the tiny little bullets we have now. You cannot sit and have a gay little conversation about the depths of your love while you very nearly bleed out. That was completely unrealistic. Bad guys explain their motives in a "gotcha scene". Oh, and what can be more romantic than a painful rape to seal the fate of our heroine?? Even if rape weren't the least romantic thing on the planet, there is no choice by the heroine; everything is just a series of events that happen TO her.

And finally, the characters are inconsistent jerks. Every one of them with, perhaps the exception of Jill, a minor character, I hated. If I would have bought this book tomorrow, I would have laughed it all off a's a funny April Fool's joke, it was that bad.

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Don't buy this book. In fact, I will likely never buy another book from this author again. The writing was abysmally bad. And maybe I sound like a mean old lady these days, bUT it really makes me made when I pay money to waste my time. I remember a time when Dodd's books were a must-read for me. Sadly , I think I changed my mind after reading this book. It was sadly, dissapointing and lacking of pretty much everything and everywhere.

A Well Pleasured Lady (Fairchild Family #1) by Christina Dodd

The premise of the book was an interesting one, enough to make me go and buy it. However, after reading just the first chapter I developed a strong dislike for Sebastien, the hero. During the first meeting he came across as arrogant,domineering and vengeful. Mary was not that interesting either, she sounded very flat but at this point a reader holds the positive torch waiting for the book to develop, i should have quit while I was ahead. However, optimistic that I am, I kept on reading. When the villainous Fairchild clan was introduced my first opinion was, cartoonish and inaccurate.

There is just no way that high class English families would act so discourteous, not even if they were as evil as these Fairchilds were portrayed to be. It was just not done, it sunded surreal. Those snide comments,crude and rude remarks they made as soon as meeting Mary, Sebastien and his aunt are unbelievable because society cared for appearances, they lived for appearances,so I think the story would have come across a bit more plausible if characters were true to history at least. At this point, I already knew that I could never give this book more than 3 stars, no character held any appeal to me.

Regardless, I kept on reading, read and read through the boringness that was Mary and Sebastien conversations, her cartoonish family antics and Ian's evil plotting that made no sense whatsoever. But all these flops in the books were nothing compared to what made me give it a star.

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They pale in comparison to the love scene between our H and h. Since when is rape considered making love? This was never a love scene, unless Dodd considered it romantic by some mysterious way to force a woman, a virgin at that, to have sexual intercourse because the hero is jealous an a pathetic insecure nincompoop who decided that he wanted Mary and therefore he was going to get her. Sebastien raped Mary, against a wall nonetheless, she never wanted it, she continuously said no, don't! I was wrong, I misjudged you, he only said: I was not right.

The author then goes to describe Sebastien's inner thoughts, and how he couldn't bring himself to apologies because it had been so good and blah blah blah. I felt so bad for Mary,, for stupid bland Mary whom at this point I didn't know because she was so very boring, Mary never stood up for herself when Sebastien brow beat her to do everything according to his whims, she was apparently a very strong girl, huh? Despite the rape there is no way I could call it anything but she loves Sebastien, as to why, it is not clear to me besides the fact that the author wanted them to be together.

As this nightmare of a book keeps unraveling, nothing else happens besides Sebastien manipulating Mary, the Fairchilds trying to manipulate Mary and Sebastien's aunt also manipulating Mary. And Ian at this point randomly befriending Hadden, because he had yet to prove the point of being in this book at all. We miraculously get to the last chapters and by some miracle, we get to see a side Sebastien he had yet to know, blackmailer.

He also showed this trait on the first chapter, I guessed we came full circle. Since Mary had an independent thought, he had to squish it and so blackmailing her with his knowledge of what she had done in the past seemed like the best idea. At this point I was so excited for him to just drop from the roof and die, but lo and behold he didn't.

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His aunt excuses his behavior as being so in love that it scared him,and I can just imagine him thinking: He at first argues with his aunt, excusing his behavior, then decides randomly that oh yeah he loves her, afterwards he apologizes , they give the appearances of a happily ever after, the book ends and I just stare at the last page with a wtf look on my face.

I never knew, who was Sebastien? The real villain in the story, the Fairchilds? Comedy relief, and the rest? An excuse to write or so pages. Honestly, worse historical romance I have read in the ten years that I have been reading historical romances. I gave it a one star for two reasons: They struggle to start a new life and Mary takes the position of managing housekeeper for the kindly Madame Valery, a former "woman-of-the world.

But she has a really deep, dark secret. She murdered a man 10 years ago and someone else out there knows she did it. Quite unexpectedly, Viscount Sebastian Durant calls Mary's presence into service. He needs her to provide even more assistance to Madame Valery, his godmother. He also convinces Mary that she will be providing patriotic assistance to her country. She is enlisted to help retrieve a certain diary concerning personal information on some other country's finest citizens. To accomplish her task, must return to the family, which once threw her out.

Making matters considerably worse, she must do it, acting as the betrothed to Sebastian, the one man who may be the witness to the murder she committed all those years ago. Mary goes along with the plan, for safety and for secrecy, but when she arrives at the family estate she realizes that she been set up ridicule and discovery by Sebastian, the family and the one who really saw her commit the murder.

It has a very good ending. See all 62 reviews.