33 Summers

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Implausibly buff pair of men casually wandering around with their tops off and six-packs glistening, making the rest of us look bad. Annoying show-off hippy bloke doing Tai Chi underneath a tree.

Over-elaborate party taking place, involving a gazebo, fold-out tables and bunting. Yoga people striking ostentatious bendy poses.

Bad tattoos revealed by stripped-off sunbather. Mid-life crisis commuter or cycle courier whizzes through park on bike, endangering lives of pedestrians on path but oblivious to hurled obscenities due to headphones. A few of the men, especially any Americans, are being massively over-competitive and making their colleagues hate them.

Loud phone-talker sits down within your earshot and you want to ram their mobile up their rectum. Student types have clearly removed their duvet cover to use as a rug.

Sorry, realestate.com.au no longer supports this browser

Bet they put it back on without washing it, too. Fug of flies above overflowing bin, crammed with cans, bottles, ice lolly wrappers and picnic detritus. And also not very good at it. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

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