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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Rogue by Janet Dailey. The Rogue by Janet Dailey. Across the windswept plains of Nevada, through sun-scorched days and starry nights, they fought an all-consuming attraction Proud, willful, and beautiful, Diana clashes head-on with Holt Mallory, the man who runs her father's ranch.

But his son arouses her pity, and she opens her arms to the motherless child. Then a wild, white stallion ravages the ranch's brood mares. D Across the windswept plains of Nevada, through sun-scorched days and starry nights, they fought an all-consuming attraction Diana joins the hunt for this mighty beast, and finds herself hunted -- by Holt whose powerful passion she knows she cannot resist.

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Paperback , pages. Published July 1st by Pocket Books first published November 23rd To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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To ask other readers questions about The Rogue , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Feb 08, Christel rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really enjoyed this one, matter of fact could not put it down. Diana was queen bee in her father's eyes could do no worng. Raised as an only child who lost her mother when she was 4, the Major loved his daughter to know end.

Even though she made some terrible mistakes. Enter Holt, who was hired by her father to take the hard day to day life over on the ranch. Along with Holy came Guy his son. Over time guy and Diana come to a friendship.

But after Diana returns after a college and a broken mar I really enjoyed this one, matter of fact could not put it down. But after Diana returns after a college and a broken marriage Guy wants more but what about his fatehr Holt. Just gotta read the book!! View all 5 comments. Jun 07, Fre06 Begum rated it did not like it.

Bestselling Series

This book would have been ok if I could get over her sleeping with son and then his father but I couldn't get over it I found it so disgusting more so because it just didn't seem too gruesome for either lead protagonists. Mar 09, Kati rated it it was ok Shelves: The only reason I give this book 2 stars is that it, along with "Touch the Wind", was very instructional to my knowledge of sex as a teen. The herione's personality in this book is awful, she's not a person I'd like to know at all in real life.

Not an example at all that I'd want for my daughter of what a relationship should be, but So, I've got to give it a second star. Dec 01, Aimee Oliveira rated it did not like it. I ask myself if was only me that didn' t like the book. Jul 01, Kah Cherub rated it did not like it. Nov 19, Shirlene added it. John Somers, Diana's father, was called Major after returning home from his military duties when Diana was a baby.

Her mother had died of complications from pneumonia when she was 4. Diana was 14 when Holt Mallory and his 9 yr old son, Guy, arrived at their ranch. Holt was 26 and Major was grooming him to take over. Diana resented the fact that it would have been her being groomed to take over if she would have been born a boy. Guy didn't like his father and had just come to live with him after John Somers, Diana's father, was called Major after returning home from his military duties when Diana was a baby. Guy didn't like his father and had just come to live with him after the death of his own mother.

Guy's mother had told him that his father hadn't wanted him when in reality his mother had run off when he was a baby and Holt hadn't known where they were.

Rogue : Janet Dailey :

Holt's intervention prevented Diana from riding the Arabian stallions that her father raised. She was no longer allowed to help with the fall round up. She did well in school and learned how to cook and sew. She didn't have many female friends but became good friends with one of the new, young ranch hands wife, Peggy Thornton. As she turned 17, she became attracted to one of the hands named Curly. On her birthday she took him a piece of cake and he gave her a couple shots of whiskey. She was drunk enough where she couldn't seem to stop him from trying to take advantage of her but Holt put a stop to it.

He gave Diana a spanking that he told her was much later than she deserved and warned her not to say anything of the incident with Curly to her father. Diana really despised Holt after than. Diana went off to college to please her father. During her second year there, Major had a heart attack and Diana stayed in a hotel near the hospital until he returned home. She also met and started dating Rand Cummings. He was a lobbyist and a guest speaker at the college.

She married him the summer after her 2nd year of college. He seemed rather jealous and didn't seem to think he had to keep the same standard of a monogamous relationship. He was also controlling but Diana dismissed these aspects of his personality. Their marriage lasted 4 years and the gossip he spread was that she was cheating on him when the reverse was true. She returned home at 24 determined to remain. It was Guy now 19 that picked her up at the airport and told her that her father had another heart attack 2 months previous.

She saw Holt again and she told him that he should have told her about her father's attack. He repeated to her the gossip about her numerous affairs and she slapped him. He slapped her back and walked away. Oh how she hated Holt. Guy was still there to follow her around and tell her how much he missed her. He made her feel good about herself. They went skinny dipping one afternoon and she let him make love to her.

It was afterward when he started to tell her how much he loved her and wanted to marry her that it became a problem. She had felt sorry of all of the times she had treated him badly for following her like a puppy dog and he had made her feel better. The sex didn't mean she loved him at all. She just wanted to make him feel better too.

There was a white stallion that had began coming around taking their mares. Holt, Guy, Rube and Diana all set out to find the mares and get them back. They were camping out and chasing the horses. Guy was doing his best to pull Diana away from the others to get time with her. He ended up seeing her and Holt making love after they had fought with each other.

Diana tried to convince Guy that it wasn't rape.

He refused to listened to her. They caught the mares and took them back home. The stallion kept returning each day until he stole them away again. He had killed on of the other stallions on the ranch and wounded another. They went after the horses again and this time the stallion attacked Rube and killed him. The stallion had killed one of the colts that he had taken along with it's mother too. Holt bought another stallion and brought it to the ranch. He and Diana tried to stay away from each other but they ended up locked in passion a few more times. Holt made remarks to Diana about continuing her relationship with Guy and it seemed like he thought that Diana was continuing to pursue him along with Holt.

It wasn't true but there was no convincing Holt of that. He didn't want to want Diana but he couldn't seem to help himself. After Rube's funeral, Holt went after the stallion again. This time it was with the intention of killing him. Guy was there and Diana and he ended up fighting again and she told him that she was in love with Holt.

Guy disappeared for a few hours but eventually made his way back to their camp. Explore the entire Star Trek book collection, apps and more.

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