The Post-American World: And The Rise Of The Rest

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The New York Times bestseller, revised and expanded with a new afterword: Since its publication, the trends he identified have proceeded faster than anyone could have anticipated.

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The financial crisis turned the world upside down, stalling the United States and other advanced economies. Meanwhile emerging markets have surged ahead, coupling their economic growth with pride, nationalism, and a determination to shape their own future.

In this new edition, Zakaria makes sense of this rapidly changing landscape. He believes that there have been three power shifts in the last years: Zakaria believes that international organizations are not adapting well to emerging challenges and that there is too much focus on problems arising from potential market failures or general crises e.

The second and third chapters examine factors that led to the current power balance. Power shifted to the West because it fostered trade with foreign peoples and developed superior labor productivity per capita. Power shifted to the US because of its strong democracy and capitalist market. Zakaria argues that the success of the US in promoting free market capitalism and globalization has led to power being dispersed to several other countries. Economies have been surging for decades, in part due to large new players entering the global market place.

He compares this era's economic growth to the economic surges of the s and the s which also saw new players become global powers. At the same time, Zakaria sees attitudes in the US becoming insular and distrustful of foreigners. The fourth chapter focuses on China. Its strategy of small, gradual reforms have allowed it to quietly modernize. It has become the second most powerful nation, but still unlikely to match the US for decades to come. China's strengths include a philosophy that reflects Confucian ideals of practicality, ethics and rationalism.

The Post-American World

Its non-combative foreign policy is more appealing, most notably in Africa , over interventionist Western-style policy that demands reforms in other countries. China's weakness, though, is a fear of social unrest. The fifth chapter focuses on India. Contrasted to China, India has a bottom-up democratic political system constantly subject to social unrest with only a few politicians losing elections. Its political system is characterized by strong regionalism — often placing high priority on regional interests rather than national.

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Zakaria lists India's advantages: The sixth chapter compares the American rise to superpower status and its use of power. The difference between them is that the British had unsurpassed political power but lost its economic dominance, whereas the US, in the s, had huge economic power but faltering political influence.

The Post-American World - Wikipedia

Zakaria defends the US from indicators that suggest American decline but warns that internal partisan politics, domestic ideological attack groups, special interest power, and a sensationalistic media are weakening the federal government's ability to adapt to new global realities. The final chapter outlines how the US has used its power and provides six guidelines for the US to follow in the 'post-American world' envisioned by Zakaria.

The Post-American World , at pages long, was described as "a book-length essay" [4] and a "thin book that reads like one long, thoughtful essay". Zakaria's view on globalization was said to be similar to journalist and author Thomas Friedman.

Huntington and Francis Fukuyama to the list of comparisons and suggested there is now a subgenre of books that consider the decline or demise of American hegemony. The book was published by W. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Post-American World and the Rise of the Rest. The Future of Freedom: In Defense of a Liberal Education.

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