Se protéger sur Internet : Conseils pour la vie en ligne (Accès libre) (French Edition)

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Your general right to education includes online access to information concerning the free exercise of your rights and freedoms on the internet.


If you are a child or young person, you are entitled to special protection while using the internet. You have the right to have content which compromises your dignity, security, privacy, or future reputation or interests deleted in a short period of time. You are also afforded special protections with regards to physical, mental, and moral welfare, such as regarding sexual exploitation and abuse. The guide outlines that individuals have the right to an effective remedy when human rights are restricted or violated.

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This remedy should not necessarily resort to immediate legal action, and it should be accessible and affordable. National authorities are obligated to protect internet users from criminal activity committed on or using the internet. Internet service providers, online content providers, and other companies and public authorities should also provide easily accessible information about rights and possible remedies. The right to a fair trial within a reasonable period of time by an independent and impartial court extends to charges of criminal offenses committed online.

These cases may also be brought before the European Court of Human Rights after all domestic remedies have been exhausted.

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Information Society and Action against Crime Directorate. Eurimages - European Cinema Support Fund. The Council of Europe has also elaborated a comparative study on the laws and practices on blocking, filtering and removal of Internet illegal content in its 47 member states.

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The Internet has changed how we handle personal data and share personal information with others, creating opportunities, but also risks. Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights upholds the right to respect for private life.

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The Internet knows no borders, and Convention , which is open to any country in the world, has the potential to become a global standard. With the Internet, new types of crimes have emerged that require specific criminal law responses. The Budapest Convention on Cybercrime lays out a criminal justice framework to guide state policies in this field. It prescribes the minimum legal standards necessary for states to prosecute cybercriminals and tackle child pornography.

An additional Protocol criminalises racist and xenophobic acts committed through computer systems. The Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism also covers the virtual world, asking states to establish criminal offences for public provocation to commit a terrorist offence, recruitment and training of terrorists.

The Council of Europe has adopted the first international treaty on the counterfeiting of medical products and similar crimes involving threats to public health, the MEDICRIME Convention, which aims to stop the sale of counterfeit medicines, both offline and online. The Internet is a great tool for children and young people to learn, communicate and enjoy their free time.

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To help children understand the Internet and acquire the necessary skills to become digital citizens, the Council of Europe has developed, for example, the online educational game Through the Wild Web Woods, an Internet literacy handbook and a tablet application to empower children, parents and educators in making full and safe use of the potential of ICT and digital media. The use of the Internet to harm children sexually is a serious concern. The Council of Europe Lanzarote Convention criminalises the sexual exploitation and abuse of children, including the use of new technologies to abuse them, for example by adults soliciting children in chat rooms or online game sites for sexual purposes.

The Lanzarote Committee is currently analysing trends in sexual exploitation and abuse of children, in particular those where offenders make use of new technologies, in order to propose guidance to its Parties to fight them more efficiently.

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In order to fight the flow of xenophobic and intolerant messages inundating cyberspace, the Council of Europe has launched the No Hate Speech Movement, which aims to help young people and youth organisations recognise and act against such human rights abuses. Local contents and the development of open access institutional repositories in Nigeria University libraries: Challenges, strategies and scholarly implications. The case for developmental universities. University World News , The view from the front line.

A review of challenges and strategies. Dilapidated universities must be fixed, say officials. Improve education quality urgently to stem brain drain. Xavier Tannier: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Une introduction aux communs de la connaissance: Politics in the indigenization of library and information services: The way forward for East Africa. Le Web et la production scientifique africaine: The Normative Structure of Science. In The Sociology of Science p. University Of Chicago Press.