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Dark, smooth, and so delicious, you can only eat one small bite at a time".


Not even her father nor Mac, who she doesn't remember but tells her they were engaged. Both Jax and Mac claim Elle is their mate. She doesn't even know what that is supposed to mean, let alone know why she has two. Has very funny lines such as "No more manversations. Use your words, please. When she gets a few of her memories of Mac back, he is like a comfortable old sweater to her.

I read this is one sitting as I got so caught up in the story I was surprised when I reached the end so quickly. I cannot wait for the sequel. The story ends with a cliffhanger which leaves you wanting to run right out and get the sequel. Aug 30, Julia rated it liked it Shelves: Elle seems to move backwards throughout the book, starting out as a leather-clad cat-burglar robbing her father to help his victims, and ending up as a victim herself.

While there is obvious potential for her to grow into her birthright, Elle's resistance and anger is her own worst enemy in book one. Even her love life is hard to get excited about, as the two handsome, charming, and wonderful men in her life are obviously pitted against each other in a love triangle decreed by Fate.

Elle's strength in the face of childhood trama is admirable, and she is able to fightback against her tormenters for the first time, but ultimately we are left with the prospect of an uncertain love life, an uncertain home life, and a battle against her sadistic father to look forward to. I'm interesting in finding out more, but I think I'll wait until I can read the rest of the series is one sitting. Elle will come out on top in the end, I just want to make sure I can get to the end as soon as possible.

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Full review at All Things Urban Fantasy. Jul 29, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: Wow, is the only word I can think of after finishing this book. It was just so good and I couldn't put it down. I just kept turning the page completely absorbed in the story.

A Taste of The Macallan 64 Years Old Sells for $16,000 to Benefit charity: water

With her future unknown she sets off on a journey to find her fate with her oracle best f This review was originally posted at Ramblings From This Chick Wow. With her future unknown she sets off on a journey to find her fate with her oracle best friend Teryl, and her possible mates Jax the gargoyle and Maclean the phoenix. I really enjoyed this story and it's great cast of characters. I felt like I connected with Elle and her mission to find fate. I couldn't wait to see what was going to transpire with everything. There were many twist and turns that I can honestly say I didn't see coming.

I can't wait to pick up the next book in the Set in Stone series because I am definitely hooked. Sep 11, Erica rated it it was amazing. You could say that I couldn't choose between this book to read or another one at the time and I can honestly say that I am glad I chose this one first. I haven't read anything like this" and I was right. I was hooked from the first line, quickly devouring the world that Jess Macallan has created.

With a overly sexy and tempting gargoyle, a gorgeous Phoenix, and a best-friend who You could say that I couldn't choose between this book to read or another one at the time and I can honestly say that I am glad I chose this one first. With a overly sexy and tempting gargoyle, a gorgeous Phoenix, and a best-friend who's Mr. Funny Man not to mention good-looking as well , who wouldn't enjoy it? With most books that I've read lately, there isn't much content.

Halfway through the books, I find myself thinking that I've read nothing at all except the sexual tension between the main characters. While there is plenty of that in Stone Cold Seduction, there was also content behind it. Can't wait for the next book! I'll tweedle my thumbs as I wait in anticipation I can't wait that long Oh well, just have to read another book from my to-read list.

Jul 05, Dark Faerie Tales rated it really liked it Shelves: Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales. Elle is just a mere mortal or so she thought. In one day all that changes. Now she is confronted with gargoyles, elves of both light and shadow, phoenixes, oracles and more. On top of that she has to choose between her first love and the man she now loves.

The worst day of my life began with a double mocha, extra whipped cream. This was a wo Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales. This was a wonderful book to read. It is about a woman named Elleodora Fredricks who thought she was just an ordinary soap maker and part-time burglar.

Then after stealing some gems from her father and almost getting caught she realizes that she is much more. In fact she is part shadow elf and part demi-god. Her father is the evil shadow elf king and she is his heir. Unfortunately for Elle, the items she had been stealing from her father turned out to be souls from other creatures. How does she learn the truth of all this? Easy, her boyfriend who is actually a gargoyle, and her best friend who is an oracle, tells her.

There were times that I really liked Elle and then there were other times when I did not. I did like the fact that she held it together fairly well when she found out that she was part of a whole other world that she previously thought was all myths. I also liked how she stole from her father to help those people who he had harmed in some way.

She knows there is a price and a death warrant out for her and she still had a tendency to take off on her own. This usually gets her into trouble and sometimes the guys also. My favorite part about Elle was that she stood up to her father and her worst nightmare rather than just giving in when she is confronted by them. To the outside world he was a great business man and an honorable man. Those who knew him better knew about the evil that was in him. He had people killed just for looking at him wrong. Even though Elle was his daughter, he never had a problem handing her over to Luke, a sick disgusting man, who loved to torture Elle.

First is her best friend Teryl, who is an oracle. They have been best friends forever. Whenever she is feeling down Teryl is there with a smile and comfort food. He is also her partner in crime. He finds the shipments and the items that Elle steals. When Elle learns who she really is he is right by her side the whole way supporting her and trying to help her learn about herself. Mac is back in her life as a hunter looking for the souls that Elle accidentally took. He believes in her innocence and wants to help her prove it and protect her from other hunters like him.

He is the complete opposite of Mac. Where Mac has copper hair and eyes, Jax has black hair and gray eyes that have a tendency to go silver when he is experiencing high emotions. Whenever Mac and Jax are around you can expect a fight and they battle for the woman who was fated for both but meant to be with only one.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was hard for me to put this story down. I wanted to know if Elle succeeded in retrieving her fate and to find out which man she ends up with. I was on the edge of my seat as I read page after page of action. I do have to say I was not a big fan of the end because it was a cliffhanger leading up to the next book.

If the second book in this series Stone Cold Revenge is even half as good as this one I will thoroughly enjoy it. Her eyes flicked to him for a moment before coming back to my face. She told me her death would be for a great cause, for a worthy individual. She was wrong about you. Entangled Publishing provided me with a copy of Stone Cold Seduction. Aug 16, Kathy Martin rated it it was amazing.

Elle is not a kick-butt and take names kind of woman. She hates the sight of blood and violence makes her faint. She owns her own shop where she makes soaps and lotions. She is very sensitive to the way things smell. She also had an unfortunate childhood. She is the child of divorced parents and her two weeks each year with her father was the opportunity for one of her father's employees to torture her with her father's permission. She was constantly told that she was worthless to her father.

She grew up hating him and wanting to help his many victims. This has led to a second career as a cat burglar. She has a best friend named Teryl who assists her in her second career. She only steals from her father and uses the proceeds to take care of some of his other victims. Teryl helps her identify things to steal. She also has an employee in her shop named Jax. He is a hottie of epic proportions but she just longs for him from afar until the night he rescues her in the middle of one of her burglaries.

That burglary also caused her to manifest some unusual powers. She didn't know that her father was a shadow elf. In fact, he is the king of the shadow elves and she is his heir. She is surprised to find out that Teryl is an Oracle and Jax is a gargoyle. Apparently, when she didn't manifest any powers by age seventeen, her father wiped out her memory.

She needs to play catch-up really fast now that she is developing some unusual powers. She also finds out that she has been stealing the souls of a variety of the non-human characters in the world which were hidden in the objects Teryl had her steal. All of a sudden, she has hunters on her trail. Her only hope is to travel to Scotland to find out her fate which her father should have shared with her at age eleven.

She also finds out that she once had a fiance named MacLean who is a phoenix. He comes to her shop to investigate the thefts. She doesn't remember him. This immediately sets up a rivalry for her affections between Jax and MacLean. Both believe that she is their fated mate.

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Elle is very conflicted. The book is a journey of self-discovery for Elle. She learns about a world that she didn't know existed. It is also filled with danger and adventure as Elle, Teryl, Jax and sometimes MacLean try to find Elle her fate and keep her out of the hands of the hunters and her father. This book also introduced me to a new word - manversation. Elle defines it as "a conversation men have where only grunts, growls, and manly looks are exchanged.

I recommend this book for lovers of paranormal romance but caution readers that this is the first book in a series. There is a small resolution at the end of the book but most of the major problems are still to be solved. Luckily, readers need only wait until November for book 2 and January for book 3. I know that I am eager to find out what comes next for Elle. Aug 29, Marq ReadingRomanceinColor rated it liked it.

Stone Cold Seduction is the first book in the Set in Stone series. This book caught my eye because the characters are preternatural creatures that I have not read about before. Elle is your average business owner who sometimes steals from her father. Their relationship is tenuous at best and she doesn't feel any remorse about what she is doing.

Elle is your regular Robin Hood; she sells the items that she steals from her father and uses that money to help out his victims. During one of her escapades, she is nearly caught but thanks to her handsome employee, Jax, and Elle's shadowing power, they avoid being detected. Elle is grateful to have escaped unnoticed but when she discovers it is due to her shadow elf power, the world as she knows it crumbles around her. Jax is a gargoyle and his duty is to protect Elle from her father. Elle is in a vulnerable position because everyone knew about her heritage but her.

Now Elle is forced to come to terms with the knowledge that she isn't fully human, she has powers that are manifesting at a fast pace, her best friend is an oracle, her evil father is royalty and that her hot employee is a gargoyle. Oh yeah and that she is fated to be his mate. Stone Cold Seductionoffers a different twist on standard paranormal romance trope. I liked that the beings in this book are not your standard vampires and werewolves. I can honestly say that I haven't read many books where the hero is a hot gargoyle. Who ever thought that gargoyles could be sexy?

Not only does Elle have to contend with the information overload about her dad, but a man from her past, MacLean, arrives and proclaims that they were once engaged. MacLean is a phoenix and his father and Elle's signed a contract for the two to wed. Something happened to break that contract and now MacLean is back, 10 years later.

Stone Cold Seduction was a quick and easy read. There was just enough information to get the plot moving and not bog it down. As Elle learns about this new world she is a part of , the reader is learning as well. The story is told from Elle's POV. Her voice is funny and snarky. We are along for the ride and it isn't an easy one. The love triangle was interesting and Elle's faith and love wasn't truly tested until the end. I'm usually not a fan of love triangles; it reminds me of so many YA novels.

But so far, I find Elle's conflict to be true and genuine. I enjoyed Stone Cold Seduction but it didn't wow me. There were some moments where I felt that Elle was TSTL but understood that her actions were necessary to create the overall arc of the story. Stone Cold Seduction ends with a whopper of a cliffhanger that makes me anxious to get the next book. All in all, a good start to what I hope will be a great series. I really liked Stone Cold Seduction. Jess Macallan has created a really interesting mythology for her series that includes Gargoyles, Phoenixes, Shadow Elves, Lig First off, kudos to Entangled Publishing for being upfront about Stone Cold Seduction's genre: Jess Macallan has created a really interesting mythology for her series that includes Gargoyles, Phoenixes, Shadow Elves, Light Elves and more.

There are no vampires or werewolves. The fact that a mythical creature in the book called them myths made me smile. There are moments of levity in Stone Cold Seduction. There is romance and, yes, sex. There is action and some violence. Elle is the central character of Stone Cold Seduction. All of sudden her world is turned upside down when she finds out who her awful Dad really is and who she is and may become. The world is not what it seems. Elle's a very likable character. She has an offbeat and lovely sense of humor. Her reluctance about some things is explained throughout the course of the story.

We know as much as she does. We find out about her horrific past right along with her as her memories slowly start to return and her paranormal abilities manifest. Bad things have happened to her. The folks who have caused those bad things are still around. There is one scene in the story that really made me cringe for Elle. Elle is surrounded by a trio of terrific males - Teryl, Jax and MacLean.

Teryl is Elle's BFF. Jax works for Elle. The interaction between Elle and the "trio of hotties" and among the trio is very well done. There are several very amusing "manversations" as Elle calls them between the guys. They each have well-drawn and distinct personalities. This is the foundation book for the series so don't expect much to be resolved. Elle's powers have not completely manifested, her fate is not clear, and she's going to have to deal not only with romantic entanglements but her dear old Dad in the upcoming books. Jess Macallan did a terrific job balancing humor, violence, action, and romance in Stone Cold Seduction.

It's an engaging read and I can't wait to see what happens next. I give Stone Cold Seduction 4 Qwills. In Stone Cold Seduction, Jess Macallan creates an entirely new paranormal world, one full of dark and light fae, oracles, gargoyles, even phoenix's. The creativity of this world is astounding. The shadow dark fae have supernatural abilities, and can wrap themselves in shadows, the gargoyles are actually man-like and in their stone forms, they are still beautiful. Each paranormal being receives a fate when they are young, and that fate helps guide their life's path.

In Stone Cold Seduction Elle, the shadow fae princess, finds out about her heritage and searches for her missing fate. Along the way she falls in love with Jax her gargoyle protector , uncovers hidden memories, and winds up in the middle of a complicated love triangle. There is so much to love about this book. Elle is a wonderful heroine, she had a terrible childhood complete with a bad father and torture, but she still manages to rise above her upbringing to be a beautiful, caring woman.

She owns a scent-shop where she creates her own scents for soaps and lotions and runs her own store. She tries to help the people her father hurt by stealing from him and giving back to the victims. When her shadow fae powers begin to manifest, she handles the situation pretty well, considering her situation. The love triangle debacle adds an even more intriguing element to the story, and I really don't know which man I prefer. On that note, the romance in this novel is sweet and I really love it. With the title being Stone Cold Seduction, I had thought that the book would be more sex-heavy than it was, but I was very pleased to find that the romance and the sex in the book is a bit more moderate.

I really don't want to give spoilers away, so I will end with this: Stone Cold Seduction is definitely only book one, just an introductory story to what promises to be a very exciting series. Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy fans, you will really enjoy this book. It is one that I highly recommend. Sep 18, Jody rated it it was amazing Shelves: Elleodora Fredricks has always known her Dad was evil and in fact that is what lead her start stealing precious artifacts from him in the first place. Elle has always felt the need to correct the wrongs he has done by selling his stolen property and giving the money to the victims of his evil temper.

Then while narrowly escaping from her latest heist, Elle finds out she is being to show powers such as shadowing because her father is the King of the Shadow Elves. With the help of her best guy fri Elleodora Fredricks has always known her Dad was evil and in fact that is what lead her start stealing precious artifacts from him in the first place. With the help of her best guy friend, Teryl who is an Oracle, and her new love Jax a gargoyle she must solve the mystery of her fate and parentage.

In the last week, I found out I'm a shadow elf, daughter of a demigod, granddaughter to a god, a ward thief, and I can manipulate minds and flame. I saw a dead woman, was hunted and kidnapped, and then beaten and stabbed by a psychopath. All while traveling, around the world. I got my fate, which was a glorified riddle that provided more questions than answers and now I'm expected to choose between the man I loved ten years ago and the man I love now, while you two fight.

Macallan makes gargoyles a big sexy bodygaurds that anyone would want to have around. Jax is a strong protector who claims to be Elle's mate but what of Maclean, a phoenix who burns hot and is Elle's ex fiance. Elle's sadistic father Jedren has manipulated her mind and stolen her memories so she cannot remember whole people or situations from her past. I loved the fantasy world that Ms. This is an awesome start to a series with non-stop mystery and action. There are hot romantic passion between Elle and Jax.

Yet, Elle is beginning to get warm memories back of her love of MacLean. The end of the book will leave you wanting more. I will eagerly anticipating the sequel. Feb 07, Kadbury rated it liked it Recommends it for: This book started off really well. The characters are different and I love the fact that it's not your average run-off-the-mill urban fantasy with vampires. It has phoenixes and gargoyle's.

The introduction and build up of the story was brilliant. The start really reeled me in and got me very excited. This relationship made me very uneasy. There was no build up except for the fact that she thought he was hot. I'm sure lots of relati This book started off really well. I'm sure lots of relationships start off like that but the fact that she trusted him and started thinking of the L word didn't go down well with me. I just didn't get the relationship. Fortunately the Jax-Elledora relationship is just a part of this novel.

The best part about this novel are the various twists and turns and Elle's friendship with Teryl. I also enjoyed the flashbacks. There is a love triangle but it's not a full fledged one yet. I think it will definitely be a major plot point in the second book but I'm actually looking forward to it. I for one want Elle to get with MacLean. The Jax-Elle relationship just doesn't seem real and felt a little botched up to me. MacLean and Elle have a history and I can't wait to find out more about it.

The story is always affected by how good the villain is and this book has an EVIL villain. You actually feel scared of him. Elle's father is a formidable opponent for her and that is what helps to keep this story interesting. Towards the end the pace slips up a little bit and I got disconnected with the story but that doesn't mean that I've lost interest in the characters. I'm still interested in getting my hands on the sequel! Overall, this book is full of adventure and is unpredictable but it has it faults. I expected much more from it. Sep 24, Melyna rated it really liked it.

I had heard good things about this book before I won a copy here on Goodreads. I loved the inclusion of Gargoyles and Phoenix's. The use of Fates was interesting and I I had heard good things about this book before I won a copy here on Goodreads. The use of Fates was interesting and I am curious to see how the love triangle is played out.

I was happy to see her get back on her feet once she used some of her new found powers. There were times I wanted to thunk her and say just do it. One thing I really enjoyed was the authors use of fragrances in the story. It has me wondering if she will incorporate this natural talent of mixing fragrances in with Elle's powers. Regardless what a nice talent to have. My heart also went out to her for all of the abuse she endured as a child. Some of that was difficult to read. When her fear of Luke incapacitated her in the confrontation with Luke I was so upset.

I have never been so happy to cheer a character on to kick some ones behind. It felt a bit cliff hangerish at the end with a lot of loose ends to tie up or story arcs to pursue. I am looking forward to the next installment to see where this goes. Sep 13, Cocktails and Books rated it really liked it. Elle Fredricks has just been caught wearing a horrible Catwoman suit while stealing from the most evil man she knows The fact that she's been caught by her oh so hot employee, Jax, makes this all the more embarassing.

But Elle soon finds out that being caught stealing is the very least of her problems. Seems Elle never knew her father with the king of the Shadow Elves. Sure, he's still an evil bastard, but now she finds out he's evil with special powers.

Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Book 1 Betrayal

If that wasn't enough, she f Elle Fredricks has just been caught wearing a horrible Catwoman suit while stealing from the most evil man she knows If that wasn't enough, she finds out gargoyles are real, there are Light Elves and Oracles as well. And to just dump on an otherwise craptastic day, she finds out her best friend is an Oracle, her employee is a Gargoyle and still really hot , she's suddenly got some really freaky powers and she might have been engaged to the hot man at her door that she can't remember.

Elle suddenly finds herself in need of a trip to Scotland to speak with the Oracle that read her fate, torn between the bond she feels for Jax and the need to slow things down, and how her mother could have been so different than the woman she remembers. Elle is a brilliant character. She's sarcastic, cute, wimpy, whiny and down to earth.

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  • Given everything she's endured by having the bastard father that she does, she quite normal You're smiling when she's happy and heartbroken when she is. Elle trio of hot men are just as great. Teryl with his annoying but loving brother attitude, MacLean who's trying his hardest not to crowd Elle but hoping to get what he lost, and finally Jax who believes with every fiber in his being that Elle is his mate and will do everything in his power to save her Can't wait for the next book in the series which according to the Entangled Publishing web site will be November You ever read a book and afterwords think, "Whoa?

    What did I just read? I'll admit that I normally like a stronger heroine, but there is something steadfast hidden beneath the loveable Elle. I can't explain it, but she's "real" in a way that some heroines don't come across. We all have fears that we can't explain and Elle has some definite issues, but that's okay, that's what makes her awesome. Then there are the two m You ever read a book and afterwords think, "Whoa?

    Then there are the two men in her life that make the story oh so yummy. I'm telling you, Jax is so smokin' hot, I was screaming at the book when I reached the end. You have to read it to know why. I love it when an author grabs me so deeply in the characters life that I find myself wanting to reach inside the book and give the heroine a purple-nurple. It means that they've done their job. I'm as angsty as the conflict and I love it. There's a very sweet and sad backstory layered into this Uf that is original and almost old world feeling, but it makes me root for the other guy in a big way--even though I love the sexy gargoyle.

    I hate when an author does that--you know, makes you love both the heroes and you can't decide which is the best. It means that I'll love Elle for who she chooses and hate her too. This truly is a fab book with action, pain, love, hot sex, and everything else you want in a fab UF! I can't wait for the sequel. Macallan, could you hurry it up please?

    I'm dying over here! Mar 13, Nessie Smith rated it it was ok. Fair warning I stopped at page so my review is from the beginning to page First thing first the writing kinda sucks, the author isn't diverse with her adjectives always using "I love I love the people" and after that its how she loves her shop. Elle had an abusive childhood at the hands of Luke.

    But instead of taking self defense or some kind of martial arts she instead takes yoga. That stroke me o Fair warning I stopped at page so my review is from the beginning to page That stroke me odd since she still has feeling of helplessness and cant stand pain. Most victims go straight to how not be a victim not how to be more flexible. And onto this daddy issue, While she hates and steals from him she accepted the building plus twenty-five grand and calls it independence.

    That's not being independent that's being kept. He pretty much drags her to her apartment and into her room while kissing abnd apparently she has never lost her shyness again not strong at all because her brain melts from a damn kiss, be real. Not the case here, this finish is all lace and philosophy. Will anyone make these whiskies again? Not the owners, apparently. Cheers to the old Scottish distillers! Please visit his website and buy his music September 12, Glenrothes and sherry Glenrothes is classic Speyside whisky, usually very elegant.

    Chewing propolis and ultra-strong liquorice while sipping some mad triple-ristretto. Three tablespoons of chestnut honey mixed with pepper and bone-dry cocoa powder. Not for the fainthearted. Burnt raisins, malt, bitter chocolate. Really firm, in fact, with similarities to the OB. Orange peel in the aftertaste. That combines with a little copper, bitter chocolate powder, and fresh-roasted coffee beans. Few fruits this time again.

    Starts on marmalade, gets then leathery, tobacco-ish, and very chocolaty. The same fresh coffee beans are back as well. Perhaps propolis too, perhaps sulphur as well. Some leather again in the aftertaste, plus cinnamon. A lot of cinnamon. Really not the easiest dram ever, but some friends will love it. Coffee nuts and chocolate freaks, for example. Same bone-dry coffee and chocolate, sulphur, leather, orange peel, cinnamon, slivovitz… Mouth: Now some ripe damsons are starting to bring a little more roundness after a few minutes. The taster just has to be patient.

    Kaffee-Schnapps, would our German friends say. Glenrothes 20 yo This is much fresher and brighter, with some green apples, some fresh hazelnuts, and a much straighter maltiness than in the others. Greengages, pears, some fresh tree bark, and just wee hints of dried coconut. Cleans your soul after the sherry monsters. How about a much older one to close this up? Now many tropical fruits were to be found in s distillations, so perhaps a matter of yeast rather than anything else. What were they using? So, mangos, bananas, apples, then a little camphor, menthol cigarettes, leather grease, a few drops of soy sauce, and just one of properly-aged genuine balsamic vinegar.

    A fantastic nose, I have to say. And then come the cough syrup, the mint drops, the pinesap, and superb notes of tangerines. Amazingly fresh, complex, firm and light at the same time. A lot of tea. Loses one or two points at this stage. Hints of manure, green coffee beans, wet wool, smoky porridge, engine oil… All that sounds just fine, but it may lack oomph. It just needed time! Goes from like 80 points to 88 within ten minutes. Me very happy, me now chasing various other Springers, randomly… Springbank 21 yo Not a very significant number anyway, so let's please move on Quite uncommon in Scotch whisky, celeriac, French beans, beets, salsify… and then roasted chestnuts, walnuts from the sherry?

    A totally brilliant cask, one that may repel newcomers, which is good for us. Aspirin and tonic water in the aftertaste. The John Malkovich of Scotch. Aren't Springbank just killing the game a little bit? Just a little bit? What's sure is that I'm glad this baby was our 13,th! The opposite of that brilliant Shall we call it farmy? Stuffy, extractive, bittersweet, and too extreme for me.

    Now these are anecdotal bottlings, for fans only. And the indies, what do they say? Hard-boiled eggs, used matches, brake pad residue, coffee, bitter chocolate… Not too sure about this one, really. Marmalade and leather, salted anchovies, the driest chocolate, parley and cress soup… With water: Well rather no, because some much better ones are easily available. Yes, despite the truffles. Meadow flowers, of course. Typical s Springbank, minus the sherry.

    Now, what or who was Dell Fines? Some kind of greener cinnamon, perhaps. And what or who was Dell Fines? And mushrooms, moss, old wine cellar, old corks… With water: Vase water, duck pond… Mouth neat: Look where that's got us! Better stop right now. And that some un-doctored Zacapa that we could try had been pretty good.

    Nosing a large pack of coconut balls. Very simple, but good. Did I tell you I thought it was good? If you like coconut… SGP: Rhum Transat 15 yo Oak essences, really a lot of liquorice and Christmas gingerbread, caraway, espresso, macadamias, Linzertorte, pumpernickel… Finish: Fake stories, fake heritage, unlikely characters straight from Wikipedia… This just reeks of swindle and laziness.

    Presidentes, Dons, Emperors, Dictators… And what else?

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    • Now, you never know… Colour: This is liquid Malabar. Someone may have mistaken sherry for cherry in the lab. Yeah, Don Papa, no hope for mankind. Just hope this baby from Queensland has got nothing to do with Bundaberg. It goes a bit in all directions, but so far, so fine. Lucia, 83rd Anniversary, They keep celebrating that vintage.

      Now I had thought the first editions were really nice around WF So yeah, liquorice, plus a little honeydew and banana cream, then hazelnut cake. Lets try a few at random Fat, syrupy and hugely oily, despite an obvious slight loss of ABV. Graphite oil, various waxes and medical tinctures along with dried mushroom powder, vegetable stock and a kind of generic umami flavour.

      Quite beautifully savoury even though there is a lick of sweetness and apple peeling from the grain component, which feels oddly more vivid than some of the later s and 40s bottlings. Some mustard seed, more camphor and resinous notes and still more elegant herbal aspects with traces of bay leaf, rosemary and oregano. Surprisingly decent length despite the fact the spirit is obviously a tad tired. There is a saltiness in the finish with more herbs, camphor, dusty phenols and a serene olive oil note.

      These kinds of ancient liquid time capsules are tough things to score. Parts of hauntingly beautiful and deeply emotional, but at the same time it bears obvious wee flaws. Having said that, overall, I still find it an excellent and enlightening old blend. The kind of whisky that can quite easily boggle the mind when you think of the journey it must have been on to arrive in your glass.

      This is really an unusual old blend. Notes of aged Pinot Noir, various farmyard aspects and then some very delicate medicinal touches such as lanolin, carbolic and aspirin. Some pencil shavings, herbs and notes of muesli and molasses. Long, earthy, slightly salty, drying, nutty and herbaceous.

      More resounding sherry characteristics. The whole was so surprisingly fresh and vigorous. Another one that is very difficult to score. At least one thing is for sure: Many thanks Chris and Marcus! A dry woodiness in the background, as well as something slightly metallic. Bigger than its contemporary blends for sure, and much rawer than earlier NASs or 8yos. Almost oak-aged williams pear eau-de-vie. Okay, pushing it a bit… With water: Becomes a gristy baby! Tends to become very peppery.

      A little green pepper in the aftertaste, as well as a little honey. Peppered pears as well. September 7, New Longrow Red and better ones Yes this is the yearly whacky Longrow session when reds are involved. Malbecs are usually very tannic think Cahors , which is very worrisome to me. And here it goes… Nose: No red wine in my whisky, thank you. But red berries plus smoke and salt, no thanks. I know Madeira and Malbec start the same, but come on, this is way more elegant, Longrowy, and frankly interesting.

      Say mustard from Meaux. OMG this is thick! Orange liqueur mixed with crushed chalk. Oranges and mustard in the aftertaste, plus some salt, naturally. Take a dozen Alka-Seltzers, add to half a litre of proper sparking water. Add crushed chalk and a little clay. Add the juices of one lemon and one lime. Crush two kippers, add. Try to rub a wee bit of new tyre, add. Mind you, whiskyfun has to remain whiskyfun yeah right, and what for? Please visit her website and buy her music September 6, Young Caol Ila including our th Together with Lagavulin, Caol Ila is one of the peaters that can be just superb even when very young.

      Some soot and more ashes over the minutes… Finish: In fact, it resembles a young peater from the mainland. And leather, walnut husk, hot working tools electric drill … And after many minutes, raspberry jam and perhaps tamarind. As jam as well. To say that this Caol Ila is unusual is an understatement. Crazy sherry, not for the faint-hearted. Bitter chocolate, coffee, and marmalade. Ashes again in the aftertaste. I like it, but the sulphur is rather dominant. Some well-defined, simple, rather sweet peaty malt, with pineapples and pears, sweet syrup, ashes, and a peppery smoke.

      A saltiness as well, just what the doctor ordered. We do not always need utter complexity, do we? Pineapples and coconut and vanilla, if that rings a bell. Luckily, that goes well with young CI. On the other hand, you just cannot expect much complexity and maturity, can you? Lemon, green apples, yoghurt, cigarette ashes, crushed concrete. Why am I saying that? On the other hand, there was more earth, and rather more sappy herbs, pinesap, embrocations, cough syrup… This is a fine example.

      Fern and touches of clove-y liquorice. A muddier aftertaste Islay mud! Or more prosaically, polished rosewood. Then pecan pie, marmalade, soft cigars, fruitcake, and a large bag of dried figs. Love these figs, and the fact that no obvious oak gets in the way. Only polished rosewood, and perhaps a little cedar wood new humidor. Lovely nose, surprisingly fresh despite this very sherried style.

      I repeat, the oak is under control! Tends to become drier, which is totally normal. Bitter chocolate in the aftertaste. Good people who have only young whisky to sell pretend that whisky always deteriorates after, say 30 years in wood. But of course… SGP: Stewed peaches, heather honey, rosewood again, figs and dates, an avalanche of raisins, and some wonderful earthy tea, rather pu-erh style.

      We just cannot be against all that, brilliant nose. I like this one even better, the oak was even better processed, or mingled. Lovely style but frankly, had I tried this totally blind, I may have said Cognac. Who said old spirits converge? I shall mention peaches once more, and oranges. Oranges in the aftertaste, always one of the nicest signatures.

      A touch of wood smoke in the aftertaste. Maple syrup, toffee, a note of mushroom, a few bits of blond tobacco… Peaches? Rather dried apricots in the aftertaste, with chocolate of course. For that famous s Rolls-Royce, naturally. Just a feeling… Mouth: Mint, ripe apricots, mirabelles, roasted nuts, botrytis, old copper coins, wax polish, pine liqueur, apple peel, pine nuts, roasted sesame oil, pine smoke, linseed oil… One can really feel that some smoked malt has been used here, and the end result is just flabbergasting.

      Did I mention porcinis? The closest one was the , which makes a lot of sense. Totally love the way some fresher fruits are getting in the game after one minute, such as mirabelles and quinces. Always winning fruits at WF Towers. What would we do if no one had created figs? A green smokiness in the aftertaste, as well as some cinnamon and Chinese gunpowder tea.

      Please buy his music Do not forget that Lalique is located in northern Alsace! The whiskies inside are said to be 60 years old on average. Some charming OBE to be found, this one really noses as if it was mostly old bottles that have been re-decanterised! Also balsa wood, going towards shoe polish.