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His book ''Dracula Incarnate: Unearthing The Definitive Dracula''will be released later this year. Andy, 49, from Warrington, Chesire, said: Vampire claims have been made in a new book Image: Rex Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters.

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Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Subscribe to our Daily news newsletter Enter email Subscribe. More On Bram Stoker Vampires. Storms UK weather forecast live: Storm Bronagh brings flash floods as Met Office warns of 'danger to life' Storm Bronagh is expected to bring rainfall of between mm and could cause flooding in central parts of the UK and Ireland. Born vampires are the offspring of two undead parents, and typically live a human-passing life until they reach the age of sixteen: On the offspring's sixteenth birthday, they go through the transformation, and gain the traits of their parents and fellow vampirekind.

Half-fangs are breathers who have gone through the transformation via the bite of a vampire. They display the same traits and abilities of born vampires, although typically remain loyal to their sire. This loyalty often fades with time or outwards interference. In vampiric culture, half-fangs are typically thought lesser of because of their human roots.

Their prophecised leader is known as the Chosen One , Vladimir Dracula. A vampire's craving for blood can effect them immensely, intense emotions including most commonly rage, even sadness, and lack of sustenance can result in reduced ability to function. A vampire can survive off of human, animal or soya blood, although the latter is a recently developed substitute.

Defining Dracula: A Century Of Vampire Evolution

Typically sheep or cow's blood will be chosen if human is not available, although vampires have exhibited being able to function equally well when drinking soy. A born vampire will not showcase these traits until their coming of age. Previous to that, they maintain a human body temperature, circulatory and respiratory system. As is in mythology, they showcase a variety of weaknesses as well as strengths and particular abilities. Garlic will burn them upon contact, in vaporised, liquid or solid form, although cannot be fatal unless ingested. Sunlight and other direct UV light also burns them, and has the ability to kill if exposed for too long, especially in less powerful or newly turned individuals.

It is unknown if holy water or religious imagery effects vampires, although it has been shown that they may enter previously abandoned holy ground [1].

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They live immortal lifespans, despite these weaknesses, and it is fairly common for a vampire to be centuries old, although they still slowly age; a vampire who is six hundred years old may appear as a middle-aged breather would. They are naturally nocturnal beings, and will typically sleep by dawn. They may awaken during the day, as long as they avoid direct contact with sunlight. Coming of age vampires are known to fall asleep unwillingly during the day as their transformation date approaches, and Half-fangs may find it difficult to adjust to this new schedule.

Due to the lack of UV exposure and the vampire's natural deadened body and blood flow, they are unable to tan and commonly are very pallid, excluding darker skinned individuals.

Perhaps the most important and well known evolutionary tool is a vampires fangs: Commonly, a vampire may have a single pair of fangs within their upper jaw only, although a double set have been shown to exist, as well as smaller canines within the lower line of teeth, similar those of a dog-like species may have.

A vampires eyes are known to show a semi-controllable shift in colour. This is perhaps an evolutionary intimidation trait, or simply an emotional signal.

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When angry, or craving human blood, the iris may shift to a shade of red. An individuals entire eye iris and sclera both has also been known to shift to black, typically when angry [2] , but also in the case of hunger [3].

Romania, Dracula and Vampires. Fact, Fiction and Origins

The eye may also turn a shade of gold during hypnosis [4]. These changes, whilst connected to emotion and ability, appear to be controllable. Vampires may be human-passing, however their behaviour lacks basic humanity. How did bats become so associated with Count Dracula that the poor maligned creatures are forced to lurk in the recesses of twentieth-century popular culture?

Hopefully, the following paragraphs will answer these and other questions.

Defining Dracula: A Century Of Vampire Evolution : NPR

As all bat lovers know, there is a species known as the "vampire bat," the most common of which is "Desmodus rotundus. A vampire bat will bite its prey with razor-sharp teeth while the prey is sleeping. Rather than suck the blood, it laps it up, much as a cat laps milk.

As for vampires those blood-sucking monsters of fiction and film , these have "existed" since ancient times in the folklore and mythology of most cultures both in Europe and elsewhere. It appears that when the blood-lapping bats were first observed by Spanish explorers in Central and South America their natural habitats , they were given the label "vampire" because of the fact that, unlike all other species of bats, these live off the blood of their prey.