A Boom in the Room: an Anthology of Student Poetry (Student Poetry Anthologies Book 1)

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Top 10 poetry anthologies

Do you have a child who loves sports? Then they will love these riddle poems. Sports equipment come alive to provide your child with clues about who he is. Children 4 years and older will love the challenge of determining which character is being represented after the mystery character finishes talking. A master of puns and wordplay, this zany story by Jack Prelutsky is sure to bring smiles, and requests to read it again! Nonsense rhymes, paired with clever illustrations by James Stevenson are sure to delight, tickle, and sometimes even gross out little readers. Children ages Kindergarten to Grade 5 are sure to find this book right up their alley.

Anthologist Wendy Cooling has compiled this collection of poems from poems by poets around the world. Designed to encourage children to think critically about issues facing the environment, and our role as caretakers of the earth. Encouraging kids to address these big issues from an early age can help us to raise a generation that is ready to make a difference in how we deal with issues like trash disposal, deforestation, and creating a brighter tomorrow.

Folk art style illustrations will grab your child's attention and give a deeper meaning to the messages contained in the poetry.

A fresh, and silly twist to the classic story of Rapunzel, this version is sure to have fans of the story cackling with laughter. When the price finds Rapunzel and interprets her tears as distress, he knows he would do anything to save her. He repeatedly tries to have her throw something out of the tower that will help him rescue her, but she is too high up to understand him and keeps making silly mistakes.

Such as, when asked for her hair, she sends her underwear! Eventually, the mistakenly thrown object is Rapunzel's maid. This turns out to be a pleasant mistake, however, as the prince and the maid fall deeply in love and ride off into the sunset together.

From Catullus to Dylan Thomas: the top 10 elegies

Illustrations add to the silliness with over exaggerated expressions, sure to delight children kindergarten to grade 5. It is hard to go wrong with a book by Shel Silverstein, and his poem entitled "The Giving Tree" is no exception. A sometimes sad, always touching story of a tree who loved a boy. So much, that she gave the boy all she had, even when he was unable to offer anything in return. A tale of selfless love and giving, it is a parable of how important it is to love others with all we have, not taking into consideration their ability to return or acknowledge it.

This book is intended for children aged 1 to 8. How do dinosaurs say goodnight? Are they ornery and bad? Or do they quietly listen to their mommy and daddy. Take a peek into ten dinosaur families and their bedtime routines. Kids will recognize commonly used antics to postpone bedtimes and get a chuckle out of seeing huge dinosaurs trying to fit into small beds.

Proper dinosaur names are used, which helps children learn while being entertained. While bed time antics such as asking for "just one more book" are meant to be discouraged, your children preschool to 3rd grade are going to request this story over and over.

Suess decided to write The Cat In The Hat as a solution to the assertion that common literacy stories of the day were too boring, and did not encourage literacy.

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What if there was an early reader that children enjoyed, one that made them want to read more? Suess achieved this book with this story about two bored children, and the cat who disrupts their life, almost landing them in huge trouble with their mother!

Feel the frustration and panic of the children as the cat plays dangerous games with their household belongings, and then in an attempt to help makes things even worse by unleashing his wild friends. Never fear, however, just in the nick of time the cat is able to rectify his naughty behavior and get the house back in order before mother arrives back home from her errands. A classic book that is sure to continue to inspire the youngest of children through those in second grade to develop a love for reading. This classic collection of poems and illustrations by Shel Silverstein has been a family favorite for over 40 years, a trend that will likely continue for another Sometimes laugh out loud funny, sometimes contemplative, the outstanding rhythm of Shel's poetry makes this collection a treasure to read aloud.

Read about a sister, who would love nothing more than to auction off her sister. Discover why unicorns didn't make it onto Noah's Ark. Take a ride in a flying shoe with a trio of brothers. Most importantly, introduce your 1st through 3rd graders to a book that they will someday read to their children. Children 4 years of age and older are sure to turn to this fantastically illustrated collection of poems on rainy days and even sunny ones.

The illustrations are exceptionally well done, and help young readers understand the emotions being conveyed in the stories. The poems cover a broad range of emotions, some are funny, some make you think, and others teach life lessons. James McDonald is both author and artist, and with this work, he is sure to win life long lovers of his work. Another collection that has passed the test of generational reading, A. Children as young as 3 and as old as 8 will be delighted to be introduced to everyone's favorite bear and his friend Christopher Robin.

Reviewers of this book often state their surprise at how many of the poems contained in this work were already familiar to them; they had previously not realized how profound of an impact these poems have had on their life. Surely a collection that will not be hard to read again and again. This poem collection of poems by Mary Ann Hoberman covers a multitude of subjects, all sure to be loved by your kindergarten through 4th grader.

Subjects range from all kinds of animals, family life, and subjects that will make your child think. This book will satisfy poetry readers of all skill levels, from those who are just beginning to those who are well versed. Come along with Gerald, the giraffe.

The 20 Best Poetry Books for Kids - Early Childhood Education Zone

A giraffe who just wants to dance! Feeling discouraged when he is unable to dance like the other animals and ready to give up on his dreams, he makes an unlikely friend who teaches him to embrace his differences and find the tune that is his. A heartwarming tale that is encouraging positive self-esteem.

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  4. A great, rhyming story that encourages preschoolers to 3rd graders to never give up on their dreams. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a fast paced, rollicking poem that makes learning the alphabet fun! Follow the alphabet as the letters try to answer the question, will there be enough room at the top of the coconut tree? Each letter takes it's turn climbing the ever burdened coconut tree until eventually they have an answer.

    Yes, there is enough room, but the coconut tree cannot handle their weight and boom boom, they all fall out of the coconut tree. Children aged preschool and up will enjoy this bright and cheerful poem. If the illustrations alone aren't enough to win you over, the whimsical poem will endear this book to you for all time. Gorgeous illustrations follow the story of the news of a brand new baby travels across the world. Stars sing, and polar bears dance to express their joy because never before has a baby been born quite like this one.

    While it is the parents and the grandparents, who will most appreciate the sentiment, children from 1 to 4 years old will surely appreciate the beauty found in this book. A Bad Case of the Giggles: Buy A Bad Case of the Giggles. A Poke in the I. Poems from a School, edited by Kate Clanchy Clanchy teaches at a small Oxford comprehensive school where 30 languages are spoken: It works as a kind of journal: Poetry for a Change; A National Poetry Day Anthology, illustrated by Chie Hosaka The theme of change threads through the 43 poems in this charmingly illustrated little book.

    Each of its contributors presents one of their own poems, alongside one of their favourite classic poems. Irresistible, for all ages. Certain concrete poems are X-rated, but if acrobatic acrostics and saucy experiments with form tickle your fancy, this is just the book for a weekend of Latin love. Forward Book of Poetry , foreword by Bidisha Each year, the judges of the Forward prizes read virtually every new collection published in the UK and Ireland and choose their favourites for this book. The Poem Is You: Each poem is introduced by an essay sketching out how it works, why it matters, how it speaks to the wider worlds of art and culture.

    If only a publisher with antennae tuned to the nuances of the current UK poetry boom were brave enough to commission an equivalent.

    Over the years, the much imitated initiative has saved tens of thousands of frazzled travellers from seething fury. Topics Books Top 10s. Order by newest oldest recommendations.