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There were few exterior doors; entry was by way of ladders through openings in the roofs. The village began a a small cluster of rooms inhabited by about 50 persons for years. In the s the population doubled and then doubled again as refugee farmers, fleeing drought in outlying areas, settled here. As we explored the year old Sinagua ruins, we were taken back by the thought that these structures are some of the oldest preserved dwellings that we have in North America.

While certainly not as elaborate as their contemporary European counterparts, there seemed to be an attraction to the simplicity of these peoples lives. Furthermore, it was readily apparent, as it has been down through the ages, that drought can have a significant impact on a population. As I write this article, Arizona is currently just perhaps pulling out of a decade long drought.

However, with our modern dams and reservoir systems, we are able to collect rains and snow-melt and distribute life-giving waters through hundreds of miles of aqueduct systems built all over the southwest.

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At least this is my understanding. However, the National Park Service has preserved the building using a custom, hand-blended substance. The structure is regularly inspected and maintained as necessary.

Tuzigoot National Monument | Visit Arizona

This began in , when the ruins were prepared for public display, and a Pueblo Revival-style museum and visitor center was constructed. Roosevelt designated Tuzigoot Ruins as a U. National Monument on July 25, The rooms are all very similar, and there are only a few signs offering further explanations. There are numerous artifacts on display in the museum, and numerous displays.

These exhibits depict the how the Sinaguan Indians likely lived, what they used for hunting and daily life, among other things, and also include interactive computer programs and video. As to whether Tuzigoot is worth the time, it depends upon your interests.

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Personally, I found Sedona, Arizona to be an overrated tourist trap, albeit one with great natural beauty. Have you been to Tuzigoot National Monument?

What did you think of it? Does it interest you? Please share your questions and any questions you have in the comments! We respect your privacy. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group. Over the last year I had opportunity to explore various different national parks down in the US.

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Not a national park, but we did make a couple trips out to the Sedona area and saw many of the sites you mentioned. We stopped in at The Hike House, where a local guide recommended a few different less-busy trails. Once outside the town proper, I found it was some of the most photogenic landscape I had been in.

Amazing Cliff Dwelling of Tonto National Monument, Arizona

One of those places where I nearly had to work to take bad pictures. Oh yeah, in terms of natural beauty, Sedona was unquestionably excellent.