The Haircut: A Love Story

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Tinashe kissed his check and he waited til Tinashe got in the house once she was he drove off.

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I woke up to Tyga calling me plus it was 12 so i answered the phone. I woke took a shower and called Tinashe to see if she wanted to hang today.

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They said good byes and Tinashe got ready Log in Sign Up. Tinashe prove Tonight i have a date with Tyga so i just had to look perfect Tyga open her door for her she thanked him and they were off Fancy restaurant Tinashe prove Omg this place is beautiful Tyga: Read this story for FREE! So to save herself, she decides to get it all cut off. But she doesn't count on falling in love with the handsome young barber who refuses, at first, to do her bidding.

Nor does the barber count on becoming entranced by the strangest customer he's ever encountered. Even after the severely shorn former princess is beaten beyond recognition for her act of rebellion, the barber, a widower still grieving for his late wife, finds her irresistible. Ultimately, "The Haircut" is a story that weaves whimsy with romance, plus more serious themes, as it underscores the timelessness and hope of the season in which it's set. Kindle Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Haircut , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. Aug 15, Vicki Tyley rated it really liked it Shelves: I thoroughly enjoyed this whimsical story. Dec 28, Celia rated it it was amazing Shelves: A Great Book This book is a fairy tale. And what young at heart person would not LOVE a fairy tale? It's a boy meets girl story.

It's a sad story to start. It should not surprise you that in the end, everything Feb 08, L.

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Posted First on The Romance Reviews. Donna Callea has written an intriguing story. It is thoughtful and fun, but has a twist of evil and perversion, unexpected in the fairy tale like setting. The tale comes complete with a young princess and a New Year Angel. With such fable type characters, the evil seems darker in contrast. Does happily ever after truly exist in this tale, or as sometimes happens, can evil spread its oily presence, blotting out what is good and kind? In an earlier era, countries across the world were at war and many small Eastern European Principalities simply ceased to exist, swallowed up by neighboring countries.

Such was the case of the country where Princess Natasha Tasha was born. Losing her beloved parents at an early age, she was raised by her very cruel aunt and uncle, the Count and Countess.

The Haircut: A New Year's Tale

Her only friend was their son Gregori, a young cousin her age who often took the beatings with her. An older American finances them; his only requirement is they keep Tasha sheltered and never, ever cut her hair. He intends to marry her when she grows up. With the help of her cousin Gregori, on the eve of her wedding, they make plans to seek out a barber. Because Harold's whole fantasy revolves around her hair, they decide to cut it off. The chosen barber is young and in awe of Tasha. Initially refusing to cut her hair in the style she asks, he finally gives in to her begging.

She is determined and he is intrigued. When she had Gregori drop her at her aunt and uncle's home, they are livid, horrified at what this simple haircut would mean to their way of life. She was beaten brutally and left lying where she fell, unable to move and barely able to breathe. Gregori found her and determined they would run away, but the only place he could think of was the barber that had shown her such kindness.

Can he hide and protect Tasha from those that meant her harm?

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Tasha is a kind and thoughtful young woman, trying to live life as she was dealt with. She believes in Misha, the Angel of New Years. He brings happiness to those in times of need. In order to have enough happiness, he requires stories of "Thorns to Feathers", looking for the joy that comes through from distress. She is constantly looking for the kindness and joy in everything, knowing that it is the only way her life will become as it should.

This is when she first realizes that she is in love with Mike, her barber. Not just with Mike, but with his family as well, including his mother and his young daughter Molly. Mike is beyond horrified by what he observed when Gregori delivers her to his home. She has very little semblance to the young woman from a few hours previous, but her goodness shows through. He is drawn to her, and yet feels guilt, feeling disloyal to his deceased wife Annie.

As Tasha heals and the friction turns to heat, it is all he can do to keep to himself. He is concerned for her fate, what will happen when she is well?

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Only then can he perpetuate and spread that happiness throughout the world. It is a fun and whimsical story about the life of a young princess and the family that takes her in. Twisted throughout this story is a dark and dangerous thread of evil. This book was received as a free download from the author through The Romance Reviews.

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  5. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material. Dec 26, Luli rated it did not like it Shelves: Por no saber, no sabemos ni el nombre de la madre del prota todo el libro es la madre de Mikey…que raro!

    Tyga And Tinashe Love Story

    En fin, sin pies ni cabeza, la historia no tiene sentido y me ha costado la misma vida terminarla. Jul 24, Marilou George rated it really liked it. The Haircut is a captivating story that contains all the elements of a finely tuned fairy tale. This is a lovely story full of good and evil with twists and turns that will intrigue and capture your heart.

    Tasha enlists the help of her cousin and closest friend Gregori to find a barber to cut off all her hair in a last minute attempt to halt a pre-arranged wedding to a man who has a perverted attachment to her long beautiful hair. She has been under the care of the Count and Countess who have arr The Haircut is a captivating story that contains all the elements of a finely tuned fairy tale. She has been under the care of the Count and Countess who have arranged the marriage for their own monetary gain. They stumble upon Mike a barber who is resistant to do as she asks yet is persuaded by her persistence.

    Upon returning to her home she is brutally beaten for her actions and Gregori takes it upon himself to get them out of their situation and enlists the help of Mike. Tasha is a character that is vulnerable yet wise. Despite the unfair and cruel situation she has been placed in she maintains her sense of hope and her belief of the Angel of New Years. She is a character that will pull capture your heart. Mike is a barber who lost his wife during child-birth and has a daughter he is raising while living with his mother.

    He has been isolating himself from the outside world but all that changes when Tasha comes into his life.

    Tyga And Tinashe Love Story - new haircut - Wattpad

    The characters in this story are very well defined and are the very essence of this story. The author takes great care in defining the characters with depth and compassion. Each character adds a tremendous attention to detail as their stories are revealed and play an essential part in the story. I enjoyed this book very much and could feel the sense of hope and happiness that was conveyed. Feb 13, Adriana rated it liked it Shelves: This was a surprisingly good read. It is light romantic fare, and does not pretend to be anything more. You know from the outset how it will end. I can't say the same is true for the villains.

    They are pretty much cookie cutter variety characters.