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After peace was restored from , the Christian missions gradually revived but with much less backing. In he converted to Christianity but the tradition continued for many years in the north. The head of the CMS in London believed that the goal of the mission was to build a church that was self-governing, self-financing and self-reproducing. In the CMS decided to gradually phase out its New Zealand mission and funds were finally cut off in The Wesleyan mission became the responsibility of the Australasian Methodist Conference from Methodist missionaries also had responsibility for European settlers and this provoked conflicts of interest.

Catholic missionary work continued on a reduced scale. Sister Suzanne Aubert worked at Meeanee near Napier, and then in the villages along the Whanganui River, and a new order of nuns emerged around her. Story by Peter J. Missions and missionaries Page 6. They returned to the Bay of Islands, where they received religious instruction, until the following summer.

Octavius Hadfield , where Hadfield established a mission station. From December to January Williams returned over land through Whanganui, Taupo, Rotorua, and Tauranga, the first European who had undertaken that journey. Within months the company purported to purchase approximately 20 million acres 8 million hectares in Nelson , Wellington, Whanganui and Taranaki. Williams attempted to interfere with the land purchasing practices of the company. Reihana, a Christian who had spent time in the Bay of Islands, had bought for himself 60 acres 24 hectares of land in Te Aro, in what is now central Wellington.

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When Reihana and his wife decided to go and live in Taranaki, Williams persuaded Reihana to pass the land to him to hold in trust for Reihana. All approve of their land being purchased and held in trust for their benefit alone. The society were well aware that the New Zealand Company actively campaigned against those that opposed it plans.

Williams played an important role in the translation of the Treaty of Waitangi In August Captain William Hobson was given instructions by the Colonial Office to take the constitutional steps needed to establish a British colony in New Zealand. The Colonial Office did not provide Hobson with a draft treaty, so he was forced to write his own treaty with the help of his secretary, James Freeman, and British Resident James Busby. There is considerable debate about what would have been a more appropriate term.

Some scholars argue that mana prestige, authority would have more accurately conveyed the transfer of sovereignty; [89] although others argue that mana cannot be given away and is not the same thing as sovereignty. In the s Williams purchased 11, acres 5, hectares from Te Morenga of Pakaraka in the Tai-a-mai district, inland from the Bay of Islands, [93] [94] to provide employment and financial security for his six sons and five daughters as the Church Missionary Society had no arrangements for pensions or other maintenance of CMS missionaries and their families who lived in New Zealand.

FitzGerald, in the Land Office report of 14 July , recommended that Governor FitzRoy confirm the award in favour of Williams of 9, of the 11, acres as Williams "appears to have paid on behalf of himself and children enough to entitle them to 22, twenty-two thousand one hundred and thirty-one acres". Earl Durham" that were published in England. On this flagstaff the flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand had previously flown, now the Union Jack was hoisted; hence the flagstaff symbolised the grievances of Heke and his allies as to changes that had followed the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

He was visited by Williams and Robert Burrows, who hoped to persuade Heke to end the fighting. In following years Governor Grey listened to the voices speaking against the CMS missionaries and Grey accused Williams and the other CMS missionaries of being responsible for the Flagstaff War ; [] The newspaper New Zealander of 31 January inflamed the attack in an article referring to "Treasonable letters. Among the recent proclamations in the Government Gazette of the 24th instant, is one respecting some letters found in the pa at Ruapekapeka , and stating that his Excellency, although aware that they were of a treasonable nature, ordered them to be consigned to the flames, without either perusing or allowing a copy of them to be taken.

Cowards and knaves in the full sense of the terms, they have pursued their traitorous schemes, afraid to risk their own persons, yet artfully sacrificing others for their own aggrandizement, while, probably at the same time, they were most hypocritically professing most zealous loyalty. Official communications also blamed the missionaries for the Flagstaff War.

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  • '50 Shades of Grey' Is a Dry, Missionary Hump Starring the World's Least Lifelike Inflatable Man.
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In a letter of 25 June to William Ewart Gladstone , the Colonial Secretary in Sir Robert Peel 's government, Governor Grey referred to the land acquired by the CMS missionaries and commented that "Her Majesty's Government may also rest satisfied that these individuals cannot be put in possession of these tracts of land without a large expenditure of British blood and money.

In William Williams published a pamphlet that defended the role of the Church Missionary Society in the years leading up to the war in the north.

Story: Missions and missionaries

Williams and his wife moved to Pakaraka where his children were farming the land that was the source of his troubles. He continued to minister and preach in Holy Trinity Church in Pakaraka, which was built by his family. He lived by the church, in a house known as "The Retreat", which still stands. Williams welcomed his return, meeting Grey at Te Waimate mission in November Paul's Anglican Church, Paihia, on 11 January From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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I'm Coming Home (LDS Missionary Remix)

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Page 6. Decline of missionary influence

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