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This one is worth reading for the batcave alone. Stephanie breaks into Rangers apartment and hides out there to keep safe from the gang that has targeted her. It breaks down the mystery of Ranger in a lot of ways - and yet not. He becomes less phantom and more Man in this book - which is welcome. I think his becoming more real makes his a bigger threat to Morelli and Stephanie's relationship. Mar 12, Cyndi rated it it was amazing Shelves: These books get better and better. Who doesn't love Stephanie? I like how she doesn't really choose between Joe and Ranger.

She chooses herself instead and doesn't let them boss her around. They are just along for Her ride through life. These are good lessons for young girls. Be strong, fight hard, and do your best at whatever job you do Reread May —Still loving this book! Steph makes her way into the bat cave. Meanwhile street gangs are hun These books get better and better. Meanwhile street gangs are hunting for her. But the best part is who saves her life in the end.

Some people can do anything in heels. Oct 27, Tilly Slaton rated it it was amazing Shelves: Why, do you ask? Because hysterical laughter can and more than likely will trip you. Thank goodness for that little string that turns off the treadmill. Trip, slip, hit, roll! Reading this book was refreshing.

This book centered around Stephanie Plum duh, right? Humping dogs to evade scene to be posted individually as it deserves nothing less! And two extremely sexy men to fantasize over.

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Stephanie is a hilariously gorgeous woman with a sidekick that rocks. Two women fighting crime and eating donuts. What better way to live? Luck is the only thing that saves her ass. She is the most hilarious character ever invented. Be still my beating heart. Actually, Lula still looked like a hooker. I just raised an eyebrow. Morelli and I have a long history and possibility a long future. Mostly we take it day by day, neither of us feeling the need for documented commitment right now. Ranger, latino and deadly.

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He just flat-out does it for me. Ranger rarely showed emotion. He was more a man of action… throwing people against walls and out windows, never breaking a sweat, his face perfectly composed. And then bodies would fly through the air. I recommend this book to all mature adults and above. Super mild sexual content with some interesting scenes filled with violence. Line of the book: Nov 19, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: I love Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter. This one was no different. Really fun stuff, even amid the gunfire and craziness.

Dec 14, Betty Ann rated it liked it. I've enjoyed all 10 books of this series. First book started in mid's and I think this one is still in the 90's even though cell phones, GPS, and airport security sound more like the current century. Also, her hamster is still alive and started at 3 y. But they bother me! The biggest reason I'm done is because I don't feel that the main character, Stephanie, is growing at all. Plus she's already in her 30's, so it just feels like 10 books in- she should have matured some!

But it doesn't feel like she's grown at all, not even a tiny bit. It was fun while it lasted. Another reviewer mentioned that this series is starting to feel like a sitcom that's jumped the shark. This would be a fun sitcom to watch. I imagine James Franco as Morelli I think he could pull it off. Can't imagine someone for Ranger or Stephanie yet though. OK- broke down and did end up reading 11! It was good, but the same: And now there's a movie out for 'One for the Money! But maybe they'll have great chemistry. Feb 16, K.

But also super annoying. This book essentially brings that to a head for the first time. I mean, sure, she ends up stuck in the house and bored out of her brain because a psychopath wants to kill her. In short, Steph's logic is not like our earth logic. If any sane person had a psychopath wanting to kill them, they'd be all "Yeah, I'm totally going to stay in the house forever and ever, thank you very much" and not be all "Ugh, this is the worst I need to go to the mall now". You're willing to risk death for the sake of new shoes?! Essentially, all this had going for it was a Bob the dog, and b the return of Sally Sweet.

Nov 26, Tara rated it it was ok Shelves: I know people love these books, but I just don't get it apparently.

Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum, book 10) by Janet Evanovich

I keep listening to these because I got them all from the library and it's the only thing I have while I'm cleaning and working on Christmas presents, but I have to say that with every book, I get more annoyed with Stephanie Plum. In any other book people would consider her TSTL. Someone is trying to kill her, someone who has already killed 3 people including a police officer, so she takes a stun gun to her body guard because she I know people love these books, but I just don't get it apparently.

Someone is trying to kill her, someone who has already killed 3 people including a police officer, so she takes a stun gun to her body guard because she's bored and wants to go to the mall? There is a gang who is unhappy with her because she can identify one of their members as someone involved in an armed robbery, so she drives into gang territory to see if she can spot him?

See what I mean? And the way she acts about Ranger I don't deny he sounds hot. And if she wants to have a hot, sweaty time with him, go for it. But he's just a guy. And if you want him, you should really egt rid of your boyfriend. I mean the fact is that while the one time in series that her and Ranger actually had sex, she was broken up with Joe, fine. Of course if Joe had had sex with someone else, she'd pitch a fit and end it for good, but the fact is even when she's dating Joe, she's kissing Ranger.

Kissing and lusting and flirting and being in general kind of skanky and totally hypocritical. Make a choice already. I would really love if Joe left her once and for all. He's said a thousands times she's not worth the headache and I think he's right. My personal opinions of the characters aside, the stories all fit into a formula that is becoming a little repetitive.

Ten Big Ones

Although I have to say, I love Sally Sweet. So that was a bonus for this book. I'm continuing this series, but I don't have high hopes. View all 5 comments. Jul 17, Leah rated it liked it Shelves: I love Stephanie Plum and I love Janet Evanovich's writing, but after reading nine and ten after each other, I got a bit annoyed. Now, I'm not a big fan of love triangles usually, because if you root for the wrong guy, you end up depressed. Just give us one love interest, and let us root for him all the time! Let's be honest, Ranger is never going to win the love triangle, and it a I love Stephanie Plum and I love Janet Evanovich's writing, but after reading nine and ten after each other, I got a bit annoyed.

Let's be honest, Ranger is never going to win the love triangle, and it annoys me that Stephanie leads him on. I'm also surprised that after 10 books, Stephanie does not know better when it comes to people trying to kill her. Just stay in the house, girl. Or you'll likely die or be kidnapped or blow up a car. It surprises me that she's not a better bounty hunter, because even after so long, you would still be a LITTLE better.

It would be nice if Steph could get herself out of a pickle once in a while, without a man. Apart from all of that, the story IS a good one. Stephanie's offended a gang, as only Stephanie can do, and she has to keep herself alive, which is easier said than done for Stephanie Plum. It was another fun read, I love seeing Lula and Grandma Mazur going on ride-alongs, it's as funny as ever, I just want more for Steph in the love department. I know it's hard for her to commit, but seeing her play both Ranger and Morelli makes me sad.

She deserves to not have either of them, because it might teach her a lesson. Jun 17, Dale rated it really liked it. You'd think after 9 other books in this series, the charades would get old. If anything they are getting funnier. If you drive a clunker, just let Stephanie borrow it and I promise your insurance company will be sending you a check soon. If half of the things that happen to Stephanie would occur to another character in another book, it would get an eye roll from every reader.

When they happen to Stephanie there is no doubt of its plausibility. It's also another great web that Evanovich has tangl You'd think after 9 other books in this series, the charades would get old. It's also another great web that Evanovich has tangled the "Love Trio" in.

This is another great book in the series. If anyone is not reading these, you need to seriously start. Maybe set aside the peculiars and dystopians for a bit and start to chuckle. It's the new year, so I figured it's time for a challenge. Why not a marathon? New year, time to get healthy, but much like Stephanie Plum, my running skills need some work.

Much like Stephanie, I'd probably get side-stitches a quarter mile in. And that's being generous. So I figured I'd take on a different sort of marathon: This easily solved two of my resolutions -- a marathon, and finally finishing series that I've started. I kno It's the new year, so I figured it's time for a challenge. I know, I know. I've taken some liberties with marathon in this regard, but I have to stick with what I'm good at.

And running ain't it. Every time I start a Stephanie Plum novel, I know I'm guaranteed a laugh, and this one was no exception. From the eccentric and colorful cast to Stephanie's endless apprehension bungles, it seems like I'm laughing out loud on every other page.

Evanovich's novels are like brain candy and essentially, that's what keeps me running back for more. I adore all of the characters and what I love is that once a character is introduced, while they may disappear for several books, inevitably they return. In this case, one of my favorites has finally resurfaced.

Sally Sweet is back in all of his fudgin' glory, rhinestone dangly earrings and all. In this installment, Stephanie is working one of the most serious cases to date. While previous FTA's have always been varied -- from the mild offender to the murderers and rapists, none have been as formidable as what she's facing now.

Trenton and the 'Burg have recently become a hotspot for gang activity and Steph is thrown right in the thick of it when she inadvertently steps into gang territory trying to make an apprehension. As if that weren't bad enough, the gang has placed her on a hit list and everywhere she goes puts someone she loves in danger. What's a girl to do? Business as usual, that's the Plum way. The only thing complicated about Plum novels, and even that's stretching it, is Stephanie's love life. I'm indifferent when it comes to love triangles, I neither like not loathe them.

They're just kind of there. The exception to this rule is the relationship between Stephanie, Ranger, and Morelli. I flipping love this triangle and seriously hope she never decides on one. Each man has their good qualities, each man is a good match for Stephanie and while I do favor one over the other, I certainly don't want one to "win". That would most definitely take some of the fun out of these novels, and Stephanie "settling down" doesn't really sound all that appealing.

Bottom line -- Evanovich has a formula to her novels: Stephanie is bound to bungle much of her job, she's bound to be reckless, she's bound to make stupid decisions. That's just who she is. And while many of the same elements are found in each and every book, Evanovich manages to infuse each new story with more humor, more oddball characters, and never once does her series feel formulaic, despite having a formula.

Some characters experience growth, such as the case with Lula, but most of them stay the same. Just like Stephanie depends on the 'Burg and the Buick to never fail her, I depend on Evanovich to never fail me in laughs, quirky characters, and fast-paced and goofy mysteries. Mar 30, Trudy rated it really liked it. For those that haven't gotten my 50 positive reviews for these books at the same time: Laugh out loud funny, a real treat. Got into them last year as I was moving into my house. Between painting EVERY wall in the place and staying up late reading these books, I was sore all over and tired, but I had a great time doing it.

This book finds Stephanie losing yet another car to a fire bombing incident She is then the target for a local gang and must find a place to hide until sh For those that haven't gotten my 50 positive reviews for these books at the same time: She is then the target for a local gang and must find a place to hide until she sorts it all out Stephanie tracks it down and breaks in while Ranger is out of town and we get to hang out in his space while he is away Did I mention, Lulu and Stephanie think it would be a good idea to capture a guy, hold him prisoner, and torture him for information I had more donuts to eat.

Sep 04, Miss Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the tenth installment obviously of Stephanie Plum's misadventures. In this one, she tangles with some dangerous street gangs and her life is in serious danger. Although, I like this series, I'm becoming increasingly irritated with Stephanie. Well first I will have to say I'm on Team Morelli and I want her to grow up and stop acting like a child. Joe wants her to settle down with him and for her to get a less dangerous job--or none at all. He threw out the suggestion of 'housewife' to h This is the tenth installment obviously of Stephanie Plum's misadventures.

He threw out the suggestion of 'housewife' to her. I think they could compromise, but both are too stubborn in their ways. Then there is Ranger. I like Ranger a lot, and I agree he is way sexy. I just don't want him with Stephanie. What is she doing saying she's pretty sure she loves Joe, yet she kisses Ranger every other week? The main story lines are usually wrapped up pretty quickly in the Plus series. However, with this one, I think how she is saved at the end is a bit of a stretch, even for Plum.

Nov 07, Caro rated it it was amazing Shelves: I liked this one too. Not as much laughing, but more suspense. I was glad for a reappearance of Sally. I liked the characters and some of the FTAs. The ending was great, perfect and a complete surprise.

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I liked the hideout and it's feelings. Ranger is looking better and better. Joe is looking worse and worse. I hope Steph gets it figured out. May 20, Annette rated it really liked it. Always worth a good laugh.

Ten Big Ones Audiobook by Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum Series 10

Steamy in parts too. Jun 08, Samantha rated it really liked it. This had to be my favorite one so far. I've been told by quite a few people they do not like this series and do not understand why I read it. Well, let me tell ya this series makes me actually laugh out loud. They are a joy to read, because of the stupid luck Stephanie has. The trouble, her band of back up, and the triangle between Ranger, Steph, and Joe.

I mean really in her position I would probably do the same things. Stephanie manages to get herself in deep this time with the gangs of Trento This had to be my favorite one so far. Stephanie manages to get herself in deep this time with the gangs of Trenton. Her sister is getting married, Sally Sweet makes a return appearance which excites me because I really like his character , Steph yet again loses another car and Ranger comes to the rescue.

This time I was surprised she manages to lose and have all three cars destroyed or in need of repair, but manages to keep all three of Ranger's vehicles clean. Ten big ones, Stephanie, Lula, and Connie band together to get answers from a gang member they bonded out of jail. To the Nines I really enjoyed the three working together in Vegas, but in Ten big ones it was hilarious their inability to interrogate the gang member. The love triangle going on between Ranger, Stephanie, and Joe sometimes bugs me a little bit, because Joe wants her to quit her job and do as he says.

However we all know that if she did that would Joe really be happy? Less stressed yes, but why else has Stephanie always kept his attention. If she changed and got out of Bounty Hunting and stayed out of trouble. It really wouldn't be Stephanie anymore. She decides to hide in Rangers apartment. I thought we were getting closer to the BatCave. Sadly we haven't yet, but I feel Stephanie will finally find it at some point. Ranger doesn't want Stephanie hurt either but he approaches it in a different way. He knows she will go against any demand that is made of her she doesn't like so he is smart enough to send someone to protect her if he can't.

This is what Joe needs to learn. Yes he's Italian and a cop, but still. He's known Stephanie for how long???? Just ask her instead of demanding. She usually knows the danger she's in and is admitting it until Joe makes a demand that sends her usually into more trouble. I cannot wait to pick up the next book and read the next adventure.

Sep 25, Regina De Los Reyes rated it it was amazing. Stephanie is back again, and surprise, surprise, in danger. This time the book was a little more intense for me. There has always been mob ties etc in each of these stories, but it seemed to go with the area, and the story. The mob although a threat, seemed safer because the Mob is an organized entity of crime, they don't randomly kill people, it's more methodical..

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  • They are unorganized and they will kill people randomly. This story, however, has a slightly edgier feel to it as Evanovich introduces readers and Plum to the fact that not even the working-class suburb of Trenton is immune from progress in the form of gangs and their widespread organized tentacles of crime. Evanovich cleverly plots the story so as to keep the undercurrent of suspense and terror going through the length of the novel most effectively.

    Overall, Ten Big Ones is a wild, wacky and must-read combination of a lot of eating, a lot of bumbling, and a lot of laughing — in short, escapism of the first order. Ten Big Ones Janet Evanovich book reviews: Martin's Paperback pages June