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I was absolutely devastated when the hero, a pilot who joins the RFC as it then was is killed. It's been criticised for being self-pitying, but come on! Vera loses her brother, her fiance and two close friends. I loved reading about her nursing and about how she returned to a world which seemed indifferent. The letters, letters from a lost generation made me cry on a plane. More recently, Linda Newbery's The Shell House ; Pat Barker's Regeneration trilogy , and of course Michael Morpurgo's Private Peaceful , which I have been lucky to have shared with several hundred children, and it gets them every time.

Village Green to No-Man's-Land. Beautifully illustrated and packed with detail, it tells the story of four young lads from Suffolk, my home county, who join up to 'do their bit' and find themselves fighting on the Western Front as draws to a close. Rich in imagery in both words and pictures, this evocative little book contrasts the Christmas message with the horrors of war in a way that is as thought-provoking as it is beautiful.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

I like this book because it is a well-researched simple story about one young man's experience of WW1. It is part of the excellent My Story series, that uses real events to create engaging narrative historical fiction for children. Shortly after arriving at a boarding school in the s, Charlotte finds herself transported back to the same school in , to live another girl's life.

Although a historical novel, this never feels like one - the historical details, such as the father fighting in France or the German girl who is bullied for her heritage, feel like a natural part of a school experience. Charlotte lives through the Armistice and the Spanish Flu Pandemic, giving a rare civilian's perspective of a moment in history. Matt Whyman The Foreshadowing by Marcus Sedgwick is a beautifully rendered novel about a girl plagued by premonitions of the First World War horrors in store. It's a fresh and original exploration of historical events that is sure to appeal to the modern reader.

The author was an underage volunteer who mercifully survived, thanks to a leg wound that invalided him out in December It is the best account of life in the trenches I have ever read — indeed, I described some of his experiences in my own novel, The Book of the Banshee. Also by Linda Newbery is Tilly's Promise , just out. Mary Hooper There are very few books for young people — especially young adults — set in WW1, so I am recommending an actual diary which I used extensively when I was researching. It's actually taken from a log she kept and gives day by day accounts of four years of her life as a nursing sister in France and Belgium.

As it says on the cover, she "with limited resources and a shortage of trained staff, treated the survivors, comforted the dying and dealt compassionately with their relatives". Berlie Doherty Theresa Breslin's Remembrance because she tells in a direct and compelling way the involvement and experiences of her young protagonists, unsparing and unsentimental. Rowena House , author and contributor to War Girls , a collection of short stories about women in the first world war from children's authors including four Carnegie winners.

Diary of an Unknown Soldier is a real-life account of the opening weeks of the war, turned into a powerful graphic book by French illustrator Barroux. I like it because the story was lost, then found.

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Reading it is rather like over-hearing a conversation: Like all Michael's books the writing is lyrical, even to the choice of names; 'Narracott' rolls around the mouth when read aloud. It is a personal favourite of mine and, professionally, as a former community and then Youth Services librarian, I admire the range of its appeal. This deeply moving story, told with deceptive simplicity, resonates with pity and passion and is enjoyed by readers from age 7 to 17 and beyond.

It's the most dreadful short story, pure propaganda, written during the days when people in this country still believed in blood and glory.

The Doctor's age | Tardis | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In it, the author imagines that St George appears in the trenches with a host of Bowmen to massacre the evil Germans, thus saving the nation from a terrible defeat. What's so fascinating about it is that people actually believed it. The Angels of Mons , as the ghostly archers came to be called, were soon taken as fact. Clergymen up and down the country used them in their sermons to show that God was on the UK side. Machen was appalled and tried to quash the idea, but it was already too late and he was even accused of treason for suggesting it was an invention. Trish Rilla of Ingleside.

Set in Prince Edward Island, it chronicles the war through the eyes of Rilla, one of the daughters of the village doctor. Rilla fosters a war baby, helps a bride marry her beau just before going off to the front, deals with her brothers going off to fight and says goodbye to her own sweetheart. The book is rich in humour, often provided by Susan, the family's grim housekeeper. By turns sentimental, funny and heartbreaking, it provides an excellent glimpse of a time when everyone, even in far away PEI, was greatly affected by the war.

It's perfect for secondary school-aged children. It fascinated me at school and, thirty years on, still does. It builds slowly in the style of The House that Jack built and is accessible for very young children as well as older pupils. It is beautifully illustrated and simply presented for impact. Brendan Rifleman Macgill's War: The Room with No Doors. On arriving in the Forge , the Seventh Doctor claimed that "a century or three" had passed in his personal timeline since his previous incarnation visited it. By his own estimate afterward he would have been when he regenerated, though he admitted he may have lost count at some point.

While battling the Ice Warriors, the Eighth Doctor reckoned he was years old. The Dying Days Three years after his regeneration, the Doctor calculated his total age to be He was unsure and might have lost count, and so preferred to simply begin counting at his most recent regeneration, giving his age as "three" when asked. Autumn Mist having spent three years imprisoned. The Ancestor Cell and the year , making him at least by the end of this crisis. While travelling with Charley Pollard , the Doctor said he was "nine hundred and fifty something years old".

Neverland Not long after, while travelling in the Divergent Universe , he was noted to have had "over a thousand years worth of collected experience" by a cave creature in the form of Major Koth. He later mentioned that he rounded and adjusted his age based on different year lengths in different parts of the universe, claiming that in one obscure galaxy he would be two years old. A Heart on Both Sides. The Last Great Time War, in which the War Doctor fought, lasted no less than years of linear time, although at the time of his experiences in the Tantalus Spiral , which led him to decide the war could go on "no more", this incarnation's age was a hundred years or more.

Shortly before the end of his life, the War Doctor said he was years younger than the Eleventh Doctor when he gave his age as "twelve hundred or something", making him somewhere between and years old. The Day of the Doctor. The Ninth Doctor spent weeks having adventures between first encountering Rose in Henrik's, and turning up at the meal where he encountered Auton Mickey.

What are the best first world war books for children?

The Ninth Doctor claimed " years of time and space". Immediately after he made this comment, he told Rose Tyler it was "[his] age. The Other Side and looked visibly older to Rose after he returned from his journey to the Causubus ship. Rose and the Snow Window He later considered himself to have had " years of phone box travel". The Tenth Doctor said he was years old while attempting to rescue the Titanic. Voyage of the Damned Prior to the Titanic incident, he claimed to have spent at least 33 months searching for Martha Jones in deep space TV: The Stone Rose , TV: Last of the Time Lords.

The Seven Ages of Man by Shakespeare: Hindi Translation and Summary - हिंदी रूपान्तर और भावार्थ

He again claimed during an adventure with Donna Noble. The Nemonite Invasion In a later adventure in Nevada , he said again, suggesting he was approximating. Dreamland While confronting a rabbit in Elizabethan England he briefly believed to be a Zygon in disguise, he said he was years old.

The Day of the Doctor Just prior to regenerating, he gave his age as , suggesting that several years had passed for the Doctor after his travels with Donna Noble. The End of Time. However, during an adventure with Donna Noble on the planet Calibris , the Doctor shot himself with several time reaver guns. While ten minutes passed for those around him, he spent 7 centuries frozen in time. Also, when the Doctor was imprisoned on Volag-Noc, his brain was scanned for criminal activity, revealing that some of his memories dated back over years.

The Doctor's age

Not long after Amy Pond first encountered the Eleventh Doctor , he told her that he was Flesh and Stone During his travels with Alice Obiefune , the Doctor claimed to have lived "odd-years. When his future self invited him to Utah , the younger Doctor gave his age as The Impossible Astronaut The Doctor later commented that he was around George's age of eight "about a thousand years ago". The Impossible Astronaut Indeed, the Doctor at this point in his life had just finished his farewell tour , which appeared to have lasted about years. The Wedding of River Song. A Town Called Mercy When asked if he knew any tricks, the Doctor stated that he'd been escaping for "about a thousand years, give or take a century or so.

Magic of the Angels. When he met Clara Oswald , he rounded his age down to Sky Jacks When asked by the War Doctor , he said he didn't know and had lost track, settling on "and-something". He went on to say that he was so old he couldn't remember if he was lying about his age.


During the Siege of Trenzalore , the Doctor told Theol that he was "nearly" , but he could be a few hundred years off either way. An Apple a Day By the time Clara saw him next, he had spent years defending the world of Trenzalore , making him at least years old.. The Time of the Doctor By the time the Mara began attacking the residents of Trenzalore, the Doctor had been there for years, making him The Dreaming In total, the Doctor spent years on Trenzalore, making him roughly years old at the end of his first complete cycle of regenerations.

The Eleventh Doctor's Last Stand. Shortly after his regeneration, the Twelfth Doctor claimed to have lived for over years. The Girl Who Died The Doctor hid for years in a stasis chamber in order to maintain his personal timeline. Under the Lake , Before the Flood. As a result of a Time Lord plot, the Doctor spent around 4.

Hell Bent trapped in a confession dial , and, although it was divided amongst countless copies of the Doctor, he implied that he retained those memories upon escaping. Heaven Sent The Doctor would admit to Osgood that he had lost track of his age. Robo Rampage Whilst travelling alone, Missy told the Doctor he was "getting old", having lived for centuries.

The Husbands of River Song. After this he transported her to the Vault beneath St Luke's University. Extremis In late , he had apparently been lecturing at the university for over fifty years, although some rumours said he had been there for over seventy. Before his first adventure together with Bill Potts , the Doctor told Nardole that he was over years old.

Smile A few hours after this, he echoed the same thing to Bill herself. Thin Ice On meeting the Monks in a simulation , the Doctor gave his age as "two thousand years at the last count". Shortly before regenerating, the Twelfth Doctor, in an encounter with his first incarnation just prior to his own regeneration, commented that years of " rock'n'roll " had passed in the interim.