Nebula Rift Vol. 01 No. 05

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  3. Nebula Rift Magazine Series by Jack Bates
  4. Nebula Rift Magazine Series

When she's not in her voiceover booth, you can find her hiding out in a coffee shop in Kansas City with her husband and daughters.

Courtney Chu is a 12 year old actress and singer, who loves God, animals, scooters, books and, of course acting! She is thrilled to be teaming with Modern Audio Drama again!

Nebula Rift –

Other works include short films and numerous voice-overs for feature film, tv and radio including Miss Hokusai, Superwings and Magic Adventures. She also enjoys the thrill of the live performance on stage, with her favorite roles being Jane Banks in Mary Poppins and Ngana in South Pacific. She has released two singles and is a proud member of Broadway Kids Against Bullying, raising money for the National non-profit organization, No Bully, and was was a soloist on the steps of the NYC Public Library's PEN America event, a rally to celebrate freedom of speech, press and expression.

She enjoys modeling and has done numerous print and internet work. From musician to broadcasting to theatre, Joe is an accomplished stage and audio drama actor who even has some indie film experience. Mild mannered scientist by day, gamer by night, Mark has just recently attempted to break into the voice over industry.

He has always had a great passion for theater and singing, and its something he is hoping be able to follow his true passion in. A talent for acting given to him by his late father, he always dedicates everything he does to him.

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A bargain can bind a soul. Your heart still recognizes the power and mystery you can only find in a fairy tale. A collection of stories about why being just matters.

Tales from historical fiction to fantasy to alternate realities. Ride along with an elf cowboy, investigate a disappearance in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, stalk the Badlands with an alpha wolf, head out on a coffee run, out-shoot an Outlaw, prepare for a duel with a side of witchcraft. More Tales of the Zombie.

Nebula Rift Magazine Series by Jack Bates

Venture way, way out west in this collection of time-traveling, demon-possessing, horse-thieving, people-eating tales of the American frontier! Featuring SF and horror fiction. Giant apes, detective chimps, astronauts, and missing links collide. From a winged monkey who sets off to find adventure and follow his true nature, to a tale of apes who run the world. A modern amalgam of the classic newsstand of the golden age of pulp and popular fiction. Big Pulp is a mix of fantasy and science fiction. Kela, in which a string of grisly murders and missing persons cases puts a young police officer at risk of becoming food for worms.

Nebula Rift Magazine Series

Welcome to the world of the succubus. She visits your dreams, or she visits your bed. She is sex incarnate: Willing to seduce you, or to destroy you—whatever feeds her needs of the moment.

This is not always a good thing. Fairy Tales are in our DNA. We think we know them.

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Read along to explore the familiar, the unique, and the undiscovered — reimagination of the Fairy Tale. Crossed Genres Magazine returns with the second collection of the first year! In this collection are issues 7 through Zombie crime fighters, politicians, soldiers, rescuers—but a Zombie prom date or bowler?