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Our analysis only looked at the cost of medical care and work loss for people who died in motor vehicle crashes. We did not look at total costs of fatal crashes, which could involve medical care for people who survived a crash in which someone else was killed. We also did not look at property damage and vehicle damage costs or the cost related to insurance.

Work loss costs are based on estimates of how much a person who died in a crash would have earned over the course of their life, had they not died. Motor vehicle crash deaths disproportionately affect younger people, who have the potential to contribute to the workforce for many years. Therefore, when a younger person dies, the result is a higher work loss cost.


The best way to reduce costs due to crash-related deaths is to prevent crashes. Effective strategies for preventing crashes include graduated drivers licensing laws, sobriety checkpoints, and ignition interlocks for those convicted of driving while intoxicated.

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Another way to reduce costs is to prevent injuries when crashes happen. Proven ways to prevent injuries during a crash include increasing car seat and booster seat use, and increasing seat belt use through primary seat belt laws that cover all seating positions. Why did CDC choose to only look at state-based costs related to deaths and not non-fatal crash injuries? Non-fatal crash costs are not available on a state-by-state basis. Call your insurance agent today to make sure you have adequate UM coverage. If you are a homeowner, you surely must have homeowners insurance.

How many of us have even looked at our policy to see what coverage it provides?

Indiana girls who were injured in parasail crash get large settlement

You may be surprised to learn there is probably a lot more protection than just the repair or replacement coverage for you home if you suffer a loss in a fire, hurricane, or other disaster. You have liability coverage to protect you if someone suffers an injury while on your premises that will pay their damages and legal expenses, if you are sued. There is also coverage for a visitor's medical expenses, if he or she is injured on your property. Suppose you are in the supermarket and accidentally injure someone by bumping into them with a grocery cart?

Your homeowners liability coverage will apply there too. In fact it will cover most other non-motor vehicle related liability situations. What if your dog gets out and bites a neighbor's child? Homeowners insurance will probably take care of it. Even if you are a renter, it is a good idea to get a "Renter's" policy to cover your valuables and protect you from personal liability. You have paid your health insurance premiums for over a year.

Steps to Take Following a Car Accident in Indianapolis | Insurance Claims | Sevenish Law

Then one day you become ill and have to go to the hospital. You present your health insurance card at admissions, and the clerk calls the number to confirm your coverage. You are admitted and are given a battery of medical tests. The doctor decides that you have appendicitis and operates. In a couple days you go home to recuperate. Thank goodness you had the good sense to buy the insurance. Weeks go by and then the bills and letters start to come.

You call your insurance company and are told they are still looking into your claim. Weeks later, you get a letter from them telling you that your claim has been denied because you did not provide full medical disclosure on your applicable for the health insurance. What will you do now? Give me a call.

Indiana Car Accident Lawyers

You have been a victim of a common insurance practice known as "Post-Claim Underwriting. Although this practice is not illegal, many companies use it as an excuse to wrongfully deny legitimate claims. When a claim comes in, they order all the insured's medical records for many years back and pour over it and match it against the medical history the insured put in the application. If they find that the insured left anything out, they may use this omission as an excuse to deny the claim on the grounds of "material misrepresentation.

Don't rely on your agent filling in the blanks to provide all the necessary information.

Gordon Smiley Fatal Crash in Detail *WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES*

Read the application carefully before you sign it. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, all may not be lost. If your insurance company is wrong, the law provides a remedy. We will look into it for you and advise you what you can do. Just as we do in personal injury cases, we offer free consultation in cases involving denial of insurance claims.

Let us try to help. People who have been wronged must decide whether to make a claim.

Car Crash Injuries

Backed by our commitment to excellence, we have earned national recognition and impressive accolades. As a testament to our exceptional legal services, professional achievements, and client satisfaction, our lead Indianapolis personal injury lawyers have earned the following:. We have successfully handled many cases in all levels of state and local government. We have a reputation as one of the preeminent and oldest law firms in Indiana and we can put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for your personal injury claims.

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