How to Discover What Really Matters?

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  2. How To Focus On What Really Matters—And Stop Wasting Time - Geoff Blades
  3. The dying know which five things really matter in life

But then again, too few to mention. Not everyone looks back on life in the same way as Edith Piaf or Frank Sinatra. Bronnie Ware knows more than most about the thoughts, fears and doubts of the dying. The Australian nurse spent a long time working in palliative care, so she was often with patients during the last three to twelve weeks of life. She knows what preoccupies the dying: Bronnie Ware also often asked dying patients about any regrets they may have had or how they could have done things better. Interestingly, the answers tended to centre on the same topics.

Bronnie Ware's work in palliative care has had a lasting effect on her own life. If the answer is yes I have to find another way. This point also comes out in her conversations with the dying: People can decide for themselves and it is up to us how we live our life. Next Event Back Agenda on our results. Current Ratings of the Swiss Life Group. Back Current ratings of the Swiss Life Group. Experienced professionals Back Experienced professionals. Career starters Back Direct access Graduate programmes Traineeship.

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What Really Matters

The ten longest-living creatures in the world Back. Europe looks old Back. A poser, even for an Einstein Back.

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  4. The dying know which five things really matter in life – Swiss Life Group?

Poorer than their parents Back. They might be overweight, have high blood pressure, or simply just bad habits, and things need to change now. If you are in a season of health, you must make health your focus. When you get up early in the morning, you could spend that time exercising. You could make your meals for the day, or lunches for the week. You could read about nutrition and plan your weekly shopping list. You could also use the time to identify the biggest obstacles, temptations, and distractions in your way, and then create two solutions for overcoming each.

Let's look at the Season of Family. Your kids are young and still at home. They require constant attention and care. Even your relationship with your spouse is still in its relative infancy.

If you think you're going to be the world's number-one parent, a high-level athlete, and start a 7-figure business from scratch all at the same time and in 60 days or less, you're setting the bar too high, too soon. In fact, "family first" must be your overriding philosophy in life. In this day and age our definitions of family may differ greatly, but it is family that matters.

At the end of your life, your legacy and fulfillment will be determined by the people you loved, the experiences you had, and the family and friends you did those things with. So you will put your family first. Sneak out of bed 15 minutes before everyone else. Go to your kitchen table and work on your number one priority in life: But that's not the only example. Some Perfect Day Formula readers are focused on building -- or re-building -- the first stage of a family, and out there looking for their life partner.

And so if you are in that version of the Season of Family, then you'll get up early, sit down, and think about how to find that person, where to go, what relationship sites to join, what exactly you're looking for in the partner, and even the friends or family members that might act as your matchmaker.

How To Focus On What Really Matters—And Stop Wasting Time - Geoff Blades

Each day you'll make your plan and move ahead, getting closer and closer to creating the family of your dreams. The third season is the Season of Wealth-Building. Perhaps you are a young man or woman, engaged to the person of your dreams. With your vision in hand, you can look ahead five years into your future and know where you'll live, how you, your spouse, and children will spend your Sundays together, and how you'll contribute to your community.

You build the skills and make the connections needed to advance at work, grow your business, sell more goods and services, and add value to the world. You get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning and you sit down and chart your course. You are able to make wise decisions with your money.

The dying know which five things really matter in life

You identify how to cut expenses. You focus on what matters and convince yourself to quit trying to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to spending. The Fourth season is the Season of Personal Enrichment. You might think this is selfishness. Yes, personal enrichment is what you'll experience, but it's only through giving and generosity that you'll achieve success. Let me tell you about my mother, and if you can relate, you'll choose this as the focus and priority for your life.

My mother is set financially thanks to she and my father's hard work and saving. Her kids are grown and on their own. She's in good health and has good habits.