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A man is known by the company that keeps him. A man is like a train, he's at best when he's on the level. A man is never too busy to talk about how busy he is. A man is newly married who tells his wife everything. A man is not deceived by others, he deceives himself. A man is only as good as the worst on his team. Un hombre es solo tan bueno como el peor de su equipo. A man is really a success when flattery gives him a headache instead of a big head.

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone. A man is shy in another man's corner. Un hombre en la esquina de otro hombre es desconfiado. A man is sometimes judged by the clothes he wears, but more often by the clothes his wife wears. A man is the first to notice that his friends are growing bald, and the last to notice that he is.

A man is usually bald four or five years before he knows it. A man knows his companions in a long journey and a small inn. A man learns little from victory but much from defeat. Un hombre aprende poco de la Victoria pero mucho de la derrota. A man may be an artist though he lacks the necessary tools. Un hombre puede ser un artista aunque carezca de las herramientas necesarias.

A man may be down but not out. Un hombre puede estar vencido pero no eliminado. A man may buy gold too dear. Un hombre puede comprar oro a un precio demasiado caro. A man may cause even his own dog to bite him. Un hombre puede causar que su propio perro lo muerda. A man may dig a grave with his teeth. Un hombre puede cavar una tumba con sus dientes. A man may have a thousand eyes yet if his mind is blank, he cannot see a thing. A man may smile and smile and still be a villain. A man must make his opportunity as often as he finds it.

Un hombre debe aprovechar su oportunidad tan pronto como la encuentra. A man must not swallow more than he can digest. A man must take the fat with the lean. Un hombre debe aceptar la grasa con lo magro. A man never appreciates ashes until he slips on the ice. Un hombre nunca aprecia las cenizas hasta que se resbala en el hielo. A man never got lost on a straight road. A man never knows how to say good-bye, a woman never knows when. A man never knows much until he is old, and then he is too discreet to tell it. Un hombre nunca sabe mucho hasta que envejece, y luego se vuelve demasiado discreto para contarlo.

A man never knows what he cannot do until he tries to undo what he did. Un hombre nunca sabe lo que no puede hacer hasta que trata de deshacer lo que hizo. A man never realizes how foolish and unfit he is until he runs for office and listens to his opponent's speeches. A man never realizes how unimportant he is until he attends his own wedding. Un hombre nunca se da cuenta de lo irrelevante es hasta que se presenta a su propia boda.

A man of gladness seldom falls into madness. Un hombre alegre pocas veces cae en la locura. A man of many trades begs his bread on Sunday. Un hombre con muchos oficios ruega por su pan los domingos. A man on a galloping horse will never sit on it. A man once bitten by a snake will jump at the sight of a rope in his path.

A man possessing initiative is a creator. Un hombre con iniciativa es un creador. A man who is not satisfied with a little, will be satisfied with nothing. A man who won't lie to a woman has very little consideration for her feelings. El hombre que no le miente a la mujer es muy poco considerado con los sentimientos de ella.

A man with a large family may not deserve a lot of credit but he certainly needs it. A man with enterprise accomplishes more than others because he goes ahead and does it before he is ready. A man's age commands respect, a woman's demands tact. La edad de un hombre ordena respeto, la de una mujer demanda tacto. A man's best reputation for his future is his record of the past.

A woman never chases a man--unless he's getting away. All that some women know about cooking is how to bring a man to a boil. Among the things a man prays for when he goes to church is a place to park. Entre las cosas por las que un hombre reza cuando va a la iglesia es un lugar para aparcar. An autobiography is the story of how a man thinks he lived.

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Another man who does a lot of traveling without his wife is the astronaut. Otro hombre que viaja mucho sin su esposa es el astronauta. Another man who is always forging his way ahead is the counterfeiter. Another man who is apt to be fired is the minor employee who acts like a big shot. Any man can prove he has good judgment by saying you have. Cualquier hombre puede probar que tiene buen juicio diciendo que usted tiene. Any man who argues with his barber should have his head examined. Any woman can lure a man with a bikini; the trick is to be able to attract a man with your clothes on.

At a wedding a man loses his bachelor's degree and a woman wins her master's. Automation was invented by man to make work so easy that woman can eventually do it all. Beauty is the capital of a girl, and capital is the beauty of a man. La belleza es el capital de una chica, y el capital es la belleza de un hombre. Before marriage a man declares he will be master in his own house or know the reason why; after marriage he knows the reason why. Before marriage, a woman thinks of a man; after marriage, she thinks for him. Antes del matrimonio, una mujer piensa en un hombre; luego del matrimonio, ella piensa por el.

Being a well-dressed man is a career, and he who goes in for it has no time for anything else. Heywood Broun Better a man be feared than despised. Mejor para un hombre ser temido que despreciado. Brains are what make a man think he's cleverer than he is. Breathes there a man with soul so dead who doesn't at least remove the apron before answering the doorbell? Breathes there a man with soul so dead who never to his wife hath said: Existen hombres con el alma tan muerta que nunca le han dicho a su esposa: Don't judge a man by what he stands for, but by what he stands up for.

During middle age, a man gets less for his money every time he goes to the barber. Durante la mediana edad, un hombre recibe menos por su dinero cuando va a donde el barbero. Even if a man could understand women, he still wouldn't believe it. Every man complains of his memory, but no man complains of his judgment. Every man must work to become successful; you can't get rich on just one bankruptcy. Every man needs a woman to take care of him so she can make him strong enough for her to lean on.

Every man ought to have three women: Cada hombre debe tener tres mujeres: Every man should do as he likes, and if he doesn't, he should be made to. Every man should spend a pleasant Christmas; usually that's about all he has left to spend. Failing to be there when a man wants her is a woman's greatest sin, except to be there when he doesn't want her. Feminine intuition is what enables a woman to guess wrong more often than a man. For a man to remain a bachelor calls for a cool head--or cold feet. Going out with a man is sometimes like playing checkers: Salir con un hombre en ocasiones se asemeja a un juego de damas: If a man is willing to admit he's a fool, the chances are he isn't.

If you want to know where a man really stands, see him when he's beside himself. No wonder a girl can't catch ball like a man: No es de sorprenderse que una chica no pueda atrapar una bola como un hombre: Nothing improves a woman's appearance faster than a man's. One man who works with you is worth a dozen men who work for you. Un hombre que trabaja contigo, es mejor que una docena que trabajen para ti. One of the hardest jobs a man has nowadays is trying to keep the government from taking care of him.

Only one man has the right to boast, and that's the man who never does. Solo un hombre tiene derecho a alardear y es el que nunca lo hace. Sending a man to the moon is not unusual--you'll find men who have been living in the clouds for years. Some women don't care how much money a man has as long as his credit is good. Some women won't marry a man unless he can earn enough for bread and butler. Algunas mujeres no se casan con a menos que el hombre gane lo suficiente como para contratar a un mayordomo. Sometimes a man spends so much on his girl friend, he finally marries her for his money.

A veces un hombre gasta tanto dinero en su novia, que finalmente se casa con ella por su propio dinero. That a man may know how to argue is no proof he knows what he is arguing about. The average reporter is as accurate as the average man he interviews. El reportero promedio es tan exacto como el hombre promedio al que entrevista. The best recourse for a man who doesn't want to be idle is to fall in love. Enamorarse es el mejor recurso para que un hombre no quiere perder el tiempo. The better a woman looks, the longer a man does. The busiest man you meet is generally the one who is trying to make a living without working for it.

The censor is another man who no's a good thing when he sees it. El censor es el hombre que conoce una cosa buena cuando la ve. The chronic complainer is a man whose like is seldom seen. The computer saves man a lot of guesswork, but so does the bikini. The contented man is never poor; the discontented man, never rich.

El hombre satisfecho nunca es pobre; el hombre descontento, nunca es rico. The corkscrew opens the bottle, and the bottle opens the man. El sacacorchos abre la botella, y la botella abre al hombre. The counterfeiter is the only man whose problem is not how to make money but how to spend it. The dangerous age in man is when he has ceased being dangerous to anything but his own reputation. The daydreamer is the only man who does most of his dreaming while he is awake.

The disadvantage of being a man others can depend on, is that others too often do. The easiest way for a man to lose control of his car is to allow his son to get a driver's license. The first thing a man takes in life is his milk, and the last thing is his bier. The four ages of man: Las cuatro edades del hombre son: The girl who is too tired to run an errand for mother can wear out the huskiest man on the dance floor. The happy man counts his blessings; the unhappy one counts his cash. El hombre feliz cuenta sus bendiciones, el infeliz su efectivo. The heart strings of some women always follow a man's purse strings.

The honeymoon is over when a man starts turning out the lights La luna de miel se acaba cuando un hombre empieza a apagar las luces The lazier a man is, the more he is going to do tomorrow.

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The lazy man claims he is too heavy for light work and too light for heavy work. The lazy man who hates to get up to go to work has one consolation: El hombre perezoso que odia levantarse para ir a trabajar tiene un consuelo: The less a man says, the more he doesn't have to apologize. Cuanto menos habla un hombre, menos debe disculparse. The less luck a man has, the more he believes in it. The less sound a man's argument, the louder he talks. The liberal is a man who wants to tax the conservative's money.

El liberal es un hombre que quiere gravar el dinero del conservador. The man who knows it all has lots to learn. El hombre que sabe todos tiene mucho que aprender. The man who says you cannot take it with you, may be trying to take it from you. The miser is another man who can't seem to distinguish between his need and his greed. El avaro es otro hombre que no puede parecer distinguir entre su necesidad y su avaricia. The more a man talks about what he is going to do, the less he talks about what he has done. The only charity some men support are their sons in college.

The only man who is more anxious to get into debt than out of it is a deadbeat. The only man who never turns to his wife when he's in trouble is probably a bachelor. The only time a man is contented with his lot is when he's buried in it. The path of least resistance is what makes rivers crookedand men. The reason man is the more general term is that man embraces woman. The survival of the fittest is going to make some man very lonesome some day.

There are two periods in life when a man thinks very seriously about marriage: Antes de la boda, y antes del divorcio. There are two ways a man can make sure of getting his wife to listen: Existen dos formas por las que un hombre puede asegurarse de que su esposa le escuche: There's only one man who is never criticized when he lies down on the job--a blood donor. Solo existe una persona a la que nunca se critica por recostarse en el trabajo--el donante de sangre. There's only one thing that irritates a woman more than a man who doesn't understand her, and that's a man who does.

There's only one thing that makes a man give a mink coat to a woman, and that's a woman. Tight clothes can stop a man's circulation, but with a girl, the tighter the clothes, the more she circulates. What a man knows is always less than what he doesn't know, unless he's a know-it-all.

Lo que un hombre sabe es siempre menos que lo que no sabe, a menos que sea un sabelotodo. What you say to a man goes in one ear and out the other; what you say to a woman goes in one ear and out over the phone. When a man analyzes the quality of beauty in a girl, it's a sign he's much younger than he looks. When a man brags that he wears the pants at home, you can be sure his wife tells him which pair to put on. When a man breaks a date, he has to; when a girl does, she has two. Cuando un hombre rompe una cita, es porque debe hacerlo; cuando una chica lo hace, es porque tiene dos.

When a man can read a girl like a book, he's usually poring over her lines. When a man cannot get credit it's because he is not known, o because he is. When a man compliments his wife, she should be flattered; when a woman compliments her husband, he should prepare for trouble.

When a man decides to marry, it is often the last decision he is allowed to make. When a man doesn't go straight home, his wife's remarks do. Cuando un hombre no va derechito a casa, los comentarios de su esposa lo hacen. When a man gets too big for his breeches, his head gets too big for his hat too. Cuando alguien se hace demasiado grande para sus pantalones, su cabeza se hace demasiado grande para su sombrero. When a man gives up smoking, he always substitutes something for the cigarettesusually an irritable disposition.

Cuando un hombre deja de fumar, siempre substituye los cigarrillos por algousualmente un temperamento irritable. When a man goes into conference with his secretary, they probably put their heads together. When a man has a vacant look, it's usually because a girl is occupying his mind. When a man has buttons missing from his clothes, he should get married or divorced. When a man has only himself to blame, he is probably a bachelor.

When a man is being sued for alimony, he suddenly discovers how rich he is. When a man is burning with love, he usually makes a fuel of himself. When a man is climbing the ladder of success, it is probably steadied by a woman who believes in him. When a man is in love for the first time he thinks he invented it. When a man is on his knees proposing to a girl, he may as well say his prayers. When a man lives it up at night he usually has to live it down the morning. When a man picks a soft job, he usually expects to lie down on it later. When a man says he hasn't made up his mind, he means he hasn't had a chance to ask his wife.

Cuando un hombre dice no haberse decidido, quiere decir que no ha tenido la oportunidad de preguntarle a su esposa. When a man says he is putting all his cards on the table, count them. When a man says, 'Get thee behind me, Satan,' he's probably ashamed to have even the devil see what he's up to. When a man sets out to air his knowledge, he is always able to supply the wind. Cuando un hombre saca al aire su conocimiento, siempre puede suministrar el viento.

When a man starts to lose his memory, the best thing he can do is to forget about it. Cuando un hombre comienza a perder la memoria, lo mejor que puede hacer es olvidarse de ello. When a man stops looking at a pretty girl, it's either because his wife has appeared, or the girl has disappeared. Cuando un hombre aparta la vista de una chica bonita, es porque su esposa ha aparecido, o la chica ha desaparecido.

When a man takes his wife's advice, he probably wants to prove how wrong she is. When a man talks as much as a woman we call him a bore. Cuando un hombre habla tanto como una mujer le llamamos aburrido. When a man tells you your kisses are intoxicating, watch out: Cuando un hombre te dice que tus besos son intoxicantes, ten cuidado: When a woman is good to a man, it's because she loves him, or because she wants something, or just because. Cuando una mujer es buena con un hombre, es porque ella lo ama, o porque quiere algo, o solamente porque.

When an ambitious man finds a four-leaf clover, it usually means that he will have good luck. When an awkward man lends a hand, he is apt to put his foot in it. When everybody talks about a man, it's a eulogy; when everybody talks about a woman, it's an elegy. Where does a man go when he wants to get away from himself?

Why a man would want a wife is a mystery to bachelors; why a man would want two wives is a bigamystery. Para los solteros, el que un hombre quiera una esposa es un misterio; y el que un hombre quiera dos esposas, uno mucho mayor. Woman accepts man for the sake of marriage, and man accepts marriage for the sake of woman.

Women like a strong silent man because they think he is listening. You can trust a man who puts his cards on the table, especially if they are credit cards. You judge a man by the way he lives, a martyr by the way he dies. A happy man marries the girl he loves, but a happier man loves the girl he marries. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

adrede | Spanish to English Translation - Oxford Dictionaries

Butler A man has generally the good or ill qualities which he attributes to mankind. Shenstone Un hombre generalmente las cualidades buenas o malas que se le atribuyen a la humanidad. Shenstone A man has the right to toot his own horn to his heart's content, so long as he stays in his own home, keeps the windows closed and does not make himself obnoxious to his neighbors.

Tiorio A man has to live with himself, and he should see to it that he always has good company. Charles Evans Hughes A man has virtues enough if he deserves pardon for his faults on account of them. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg A man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots, whose flower and fruitage is the world.

Douglas Jerrold A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do. Bob Dylan A man is getting old when the gleam in his eye is merely the sun reflected in his glasses. A man is happy so long as he chooses to be happy and nothing can stop him.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Un hombre es feliz mientras elija ser feliz y nada lo pueda detener. Alexander Solzhenitsyn A man is himself-plus the books he reads. Anonymous A man is judged by the company he keeps, a woman by how late she keeps company. A man is known by the books he reads. Ralph Waldo Emerson Un hombre es conocido por los libros que lee. Ralph Waldo Emerson A man is known by the company he avoids. Anonymous A man is known by the silence he keeps. Oliver Herford Un hombre se conoce por el silencio que guarda.

Oliver Herford A man is like a fraction whose numerator is what he is and whose denominator is what he thinks of himself. The larger the denominator the smaller the fraction. Count Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy A man is never astonished that he doesn't know what another does, but he is surprised at the gross ignorance of the other in not knowing what he does. Haliburton A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar. Mark Twain A man is never really down and out until his name is crossed off the sucker lists. A man is not good or bad for one action. Thomas Fuller A man is not old as long as he is seeking something.

Jean Rostand A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. John Barrymore A man is related to all nature. Ralph Waldo Emerson A man is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has. Anonymous A man is sane morally at 30, rich mentally at 40, wise spiritually at or never. William Osler Un hombre es moralmente sensato a los 30, mentalmente rico a los 40, espiritualmente sabio a los o nunca.

William Osler A man is the origin of his action. Aristotle Un hombre es el origen de sus acciones. Aristotle A man is usually more careful of his money than he is of his principles. Ed Howe A man is very apt to complain of the ingratitude of those who have risen far above him. Samuel Johnson A man isn't poor if he can still laugh.

Raymond Hitchcock A man like me should carry his burdens alone. If he doesn't people get hurt. Dennis O'Neil Un hombre como yo lleva sus cargas solo. Si no lo hace, la gente sale herida. Dennis O'Neil A man likes his wife to be just clever enough to appreciate his cleverness, and just stupid enough to admire it. Israel Zangwill A un hombre le gusta que su mujer sea apenas lo suficientemente inteligente como para apreciar su ingenio, y apenas lo suficientemente tonta como para admirarlo.

Israel Zangwill A man likes to feel he is loved, a woman likes to be told. A un hombre le gusta sentir que es amado, a una mujer le gusta que se lo digan. A man lives by believing something; not by debating and arguing about many things. Thomas Carlyle Un hombre vive al creer en algo; no por pelear o discutir sobre muchas cosas. Thomas Carlyle A man makes his reputation not by what he writes but by what others write about him.

A man may be born, but in order to be born he must first die, and in order to die he must first awake. George Gurdjieff Un hombre puede nacer, pero para nacer primero debe morir, y para poder morir debe primero despertarse. George Gurdjieff A man may be humble through vain glory. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne Un hombre puede ser humilde por medio de la gloria vana.

Michel Eyquem de Montaigne A man may be in as just possession of truth as of a city, and yet be forced to surrender. Sir Thomas Browne A man may be so much of everything that he is nothing of anything. Samuel Johnson Un hombre puede ser mucho de todo y no ser nada de nada.

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  • Samuel Johnson A man may build himself a throne of bayonets, but he cannot sit on it. William Ralph Inge A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Un hombre puede morir, las naciones levantarse y caer, pero una idea perdura.

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    John Fitzgerald Kennedy A man may write at any time if he will set himself doggedly to it. Samuel Johnson A man may write at any time, if he will set himself doggedly to it. Samuel Johnson A man may, if he knows not how to save as he gets, keep his nose to the grindstone.

    Benjamin Franklin Un hombre que no sabe como ahorrar lo que obtiene, mantiene su nariz en la piedra de moler. Benjamin Franklin A man might write such stuff for ever, if he would abandon his mind to it. Samuel Johnson A man must be a little mad if he does not want to be even more stupid. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.

    Maxwell Un hombre debe ser lo suficientemente grande para admitir sus errores, lo suficientemente inteligente para aprovecharse de ellos, y lo suficientemente fuerte como para corregirlos. Maxwell A man must be both stupid and uncharitable who believes there is no virtue or truth but on his own side.

    Joseph Addison A man must first govern himself ere he be fit to govern a family, and his family ere he fit to bear the government in the commonwealth. Sir Walter Raliegh A man must have a certain amount of intelligent ignorance to get anywhere. Charles Franklin Kettering Un hombre debe tener cierta cantidad de inteligencia ignorante para llegar a cualquier lado.

    Charles Franklin Kettering A man must marry only a very pretty woman in case he should ever want some other man to take her off his hands. Sacha Guitry A man must rise by his own efforts and walk by faith. Ashton Un hombre debe levantarse por sus propios esfuerzos y caminar por fe. Ashton A man must serve his time at every trade save censurecritics all are ready made. Lord Byron A man never discloses his own character so clearly as when he describes another's. Jean Paul Richter A man never grows up until his mother stops worrying about him. A man never knows how hard it is to drive a bargain until he buys a used car.

    A man never shows his own character so plainly as by his manner of portraying another's. Jean Paul Richter A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child. Knights of Pythagoras A man never tells you anything until you contradict him. George Bernard Shaw Un hombre nunca te dice nada hasta que le contradices. George Bernard Shaw A man ninety years old was asked to what he attributed his longevity. Dorothea Kent A man not perfect, but of heart so high, of such heroic rage, That even his hopes became a part of earth's eternal heritage.

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    • Richard Watson Gilder A man of intellect without energy added to it is a failure. Nicholas Sebastian-Roch Chamfort A man of meditation is happy, not for an hour or a day, but quite round the circle of all his years. Isaac Taylor A man of peace does more good than a very learned man. Thomas a Kempis A man of pleasure is a man of pains. Edward Young Un hombre de placer es un hombre de dolores. Edward Young A man of such obvious and exemplary charm must be a liar.

      Anita Brookner Un hombre de encantos tan obvios y ejemplares debe ser un farsante. Anita Brookner A man of understanding has lost nothing, if he has himself. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne Un hombre de entendimiento no ha perdido nada se tiene a si mismo. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne A man of wit could often be embarrassed without the company of fools.

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      Nursery Rhyme A man on a date wonders if he'll get lucky. The woman already knows. La mujer ya lo sabe. Monica Piper A man ought to read just as inclination leads him; for what he reads as a task will do him little good. Samuel Johnson A man ought warily to begin charges which once begun will continue. Francis Bacon A man picks a wife about the same way an apple picks a farmer.

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