Carpathian: An Event Group Thriller (Event Group Thrillers)

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The Event Group tackles their most challenging mission yet in this no-holds-barred thrill ride from the New York Times bestselling author of Ripper and Legacy. Golemon takes the Event Groupthe nation's most secret agencyto the brink in a heart-stopping race against time. Rumors of the seemingly magical victory that allowed the Exodus of Israelites from Egypt have resonated through the archaeological world for decades.

Now evidence has been discovered that points to a new explanation of how the ancient Hebrews destroyed the unstoppable army of Pharaoh with a tribe of warriors who disappeared a generation later, after the destruction of the City of Jericho, taking with them the most valued treasures of a people without a homeland. Today a treasure of a different kind is unearthed at the lost ruins of Jericho, one that will change the history of God's Chosen People for all time—the petrified remains of an animal that could not exist.

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Enter the Event Group. Jack Collins, the Group's brilliant men and women gather to discover the truth behind not only the Exodus, but also the magnificent animals that led the defeat of Pharaoh's army. On a whirlwind race to save the most valuable treasure and artifacts in the history of the world from those who would destroy them, the Event Group will come face-to-face with every myth, legend, and historical truth that has ever unfolded in the mythic and larger-than-life Carpathiansor as the area was once known, Transylvania, the land of Vlad the Impaler.

The newest pulse-pounding installment in the New York Times bestselling Event Group Series, Carpathian pushes the limits of suspense, where every chapter contains new twists and revelations in this exciting, page-turning read.

David L. Golemon

The Crypts of Eden. Book of the Dead: A Matt Kearns Novel 2. A Matt Kearns Novel 3. Project Nemesis A Kaiju Thriller. Ark- A Dane Maddock Adventure. Pandora's Ark Revised Edition. Atlantis A SecondWorld Thriller. Mystic- An Adventure from the Myrmidon Files. A Matt Kearns Novel 1.

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The Thrones of Eden. King - The Brainstorm Trilogy. The Last Hunter - Collected Edition. The Iscariot Agenda Revised Edition. Treasure of the Dead. City Beneath the Sea. Changeling- A Jade Ihara Adventure. Primitive- A Bones Bonebrake Adventure. Xibalba- A Dane Maddock Adventure. The Temple Mount Code. A Wyman Ford Novel 4. Loch- A Dane Maddock Adventure. The Bridge of Bones. Empire of the Dragon. In the Still of the Night. Sadly, to a degree his enthusiasm for the U.

None of his military characters are flawed in any way.

The Pulp Super-Fan | David Golemon’s Event Group thillers

Another issue is that while he has the military and action stuff down pat, he is not so good on the science stuff. The Event Group series focuses on a fictitious and very secretive government agency, Department of the National Archives, which was first established by Abraham Lincoln. These Events are points in time in which history could have taken a different path.

So the intent is by understanding these Events, future points could be better understood. Of course, as a techno-thriller series, sometimes these Events have a weird science basis. The main military leader of the Event Group is Col. He is assisted by Navy Capt. Niles Compton is the Director of the Event Group. A recurring foe of the Group is Col.

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

Henri Farbeaux , a former French operative, but now basically a mercenary. The books in the series are set chronologically. While each story stands on its own, the background of the characters and some plot lines run from story to story. We meet the organization and learn of its history. So the Group has to both stop the incursion and keep it quite from the world at large. A group of students stumbles upon this threat, and needs to be gotten out safely.

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Here, Atlantis was an ancient and powerful civilization that was wiped out. Nemo , as we learn the truth behind the story. Some very interesting ideas in this book.

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