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  1. Beetroot recipes | BBC Good Food
  2. 11 Most Cooked Beetroot Recipes | Popular Beetroot Recipes
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  4. 30 Beet Dishes That'll Convince You To Try A New Recipe

Serve with a wedge of cheese and a whole-grain roll on the side for a satisfying dinner--or with just about anything that comes off the grill. Pairing beets with fresh, ripe fruit is a wonderful alternative to the typical beet and goat cheese salad recipe. Be sure to use whole-milk yogurt for the dressing--lower-fat versions yield watery results. The gorgeous colors of yellow and Chioggia beets shine in this recipe thanks to a white vinegar in the glaze. If you're using red beets, regular balsamic vinegar is also a good option.

Beetroot recipes | BBC Good Food

Serve with grilled steak or roasted salmon fillets. Tangy pickled beets are a summertime favorite. Try them as a garnish for a Greek salad or as part of a relish tray at your next summer barbecue. Golden beets look especially pretty when tossed with the fresh herb and lemon seasoning mix, but any type of beets will work in this recipe.

11 Most Cooked Beetroot Recipes | Popular Beetroot Recipes

If you're a lemon lover, be sure to add the squeeze of fresh lemon juice after the beets are roasted. Here multicolored beets are presented carpaccio-style paper-thin slices with a sprinkling of crumbled blue cheese. Seek them out at farmers' markets or supermarkets that stock local, in-season produce. Turn this beet salad into an entree by adding seared scallops or white fish, such as halibut or cod.

Not sure what to cook?

This easy recipe will work with steamed carrots, turnips or rutabaga too. The simple Dijon vinaigrette really makes the earthy beet flavor sing. Don't toss those beet greens!

5 Winter Dishes to Warm Your Cockles - Gordon Ramsay

In this healthy recipe, orange-glazed beets and garlicky beet greens are served alongside a cheesy spoonbread. If you've never tried a spoonbread--a custard-like cornbread--you're in for a treat. This recipe has been passed down from my great-grandmother to my Nana to my Mom and now to me.

30 Beet Dishes That'll Convince You To Try A New Recipe

Boiled beets and potatoes are grated and fried in butter for a classic New England treat. Very simple to make and very much a comfort food in our house! Cross cut beef shank forms the broth for this hot borscht with cabbage, carrots and celery. Beets with Onion and Cumin. Beets simmered with garlic, onion and cumin seed. Roasted Beets with Feta. This colorful and elegant side dish is so easy to make. I love making this with beets and shallots straight from our local farmers' market. Green onions or chives may be substituted for the shallot if you prefer.

Canned beets are pureed with lemon juice, sour cream and onion in this refreshing soup to serve on a hot summer day. Vinegar is a great complement to beets. In this recipe beets are simmered with vinegar, sugar, cornstarch and salt.

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Roasted Beets and Sauteed Beet Greens. This is a great way to use every part of the fresh beets you buy. You can get two delicious side dishes out of this one vegetable. Roasted Beets 'n' Sweets. Beets baked with sweet potatoes and onion make for a colorful, delicious fall or winter side dish.

Beetroot is Bundled with health benefits | Benefits of Eating Beetroot

Beet Salad with Goat Cheese. This is a delicious and easy salad which takes little time and is a great meatless main course. It uses beets, goat cheese, candied walnuts and baby greens. Ukrainian Red Borscht Soup. My friend's mother from Ukraine taught me this recipe for the classic beet soup.

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  7. It's as authentic as it gets. It can be made vegetarian by omitting the sausage--and vegan by omitting the sour cream as well. Red cabbage and beets are slowly stewed with sauteed onions, caraway seeds, potatoes, carrots, celery, and dill weed. Cider vinegar, honey, and tomato puree provide additional depth of flavor to this recipe originally handed down from an elderly Turkish woman.

    This recipe was given to me many years ago by an elderly farmers wife and has been one of my 'must do' yearly canning recipes. If you have a large amount of beets, just keep repeating brine until your beets are all gone!


    Quinoa, Beet, and Arugula Salad. Tangy crumbled goat cheese adds a creamy texture to this salad that's hearty enough to be a vegetarian meal on its own but also pairs perfectly with any main dish. Pennsylvania Dutch Pickled Beets and Eggs. Allow two days for the hard boiled eggs, chopped onion and canned beets to marinate in a cooked brine of vinegar, sugar, bay leaf and cloves. Quick Pickled Eggs and Beets. Easy and simple way to make pickled beets and eggs. You can double the recipe for larger gatherings.

    This is my late grandmother's recipe and everyone loves it.