A Silent Adventure

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Both titles involve crime, some form of pursuit, and the ultimate capture of the thieves in question by the forces of law. The sensational appeal of crime and pursuit remain evident throughout the silent era. These basic elements of chase and pursuit were also given comic inflection in Mack Sennett's highly successful slapstick Keystone productions, most notably through the antics of the "Keystone Kops.

As the silent cinema reached maturity in the United States, the most remarkable action star of the period was undoubtedly Douglas Fairbanks — , who defined both the historical adventure and the action spectacle for the silent era. From his unexpected success with The Mark of Zorro , a departure from the star's established association with comedy, Fairbanks appeared in a series of costly spectacles that showcased his athleticism and physical exuberance, notably Robin Hood and The Thief of Bagdad The latter, directed by Raoul Walsh, is an epic fairytale film featuring extravagant sets and breathtaking choreography.

A silent adventure

The film follows Fairbanks's Ahmed from life as a thief on the streets of Bagdad through various adventures that end in his redemption through love and heroism. Rudolph Valentino — , Fairbanks's contemporary, was also associated with exoticized adventure in such films as The Sheik and his last film, Son of the Sheik , his star persona foregrounding eroticism rather than the athleticism that was Fairbanks's trademark.

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A Silent Disco Adventure on an Edinburgh Tram for World Fringe Day

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the book. For the documentary, see The Silent World.

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