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Let me be clear about this: I think the world of Gulfstream Aerospace. There is no prettier wing in existence than what you see on a GV or G and the best cockpit I've ever touched is in my trusty G There was once a huge controversy over what exactly constitutes a journey logbook.

Pilot logbook

Everybody agreed you had to have one, but what is it? The original requirement was set out in without a precise definition. ICAO Annex 6 changed all that a few years ago, but we are still left with a decision on where the book should be kept. The only document we have that comes even close to satisfying all the requirements are the Flight and Maintenance Log that we complete for every flight.

You will have to examine your version to see if it also satisfies the ICAO. The aeroplane journey log book should contain the following items and the corresponding roman numerals:. I think if you have electronic access to them you should be okay. We scan every flight log and have it electronically available at our home base on a full time, secured, network drive.

We can download any log from anywhere with an Internet connection. We only carry enough past flight logs on the aircraft to prove a maintenance airworthiness release, a valid VOR check, and an RVSM check. Will this pass muster? I have been SAFA ramp checked and the subject never came up.

Flying - EASA Journey Log requirements

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Integrity versus Loyalty There is only so much you can do. Perfect is the enemy of good. Trust but verify Sometimes thoughts are best unspoken The angle of the view Maintenance is entered into the journey log, usually in the form of a printed sticker with either a description or a reference to a work order. In my case every document is with me, the shop has nothing I wouldn't have and no originals at all. This goes for Form 1, work reports from 3rd parties, etc.

It's a legal obligation and students get trained from their first lesson to do this diligently. You can break the law but the incentive is not very high.

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You can cross check entries with the airport journals. I rent out a C and rely on my customers maintaining a correct journey log for invoicing no Hobbs etc. I do phone up airfields and verify the numbers are right for periodic checks. The airfield journey log was introduced by the Nazi government which wanted to have insight into the movement of its citizens and saw private aviation as a threat. One of the not so few things that remain in place until today.

The others have a "visitor book" but if you don't write your flight in there nobody is likely to notice.

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Also isn't there a reg stating that maintenance records should never be carried aboard an aircraft? I even recall seeing fancy "JAA approved" fireproof containers for doing so. If your journey log contains the primary "pointers" to maintenance work, and without that it is not possible to locate the ultimate records, you are creating exactly that situation. But then EASA Part M makes the owner responsible for maintenance, whereas in reality the vast majority of owners do not get involved at all You still have the maintenance logs in a separate folder at home, they contain everything.

However, at least in Germany every maintenance operation requires an entry in the aircraft journal. Nowadays with computer generated forms, it's usually just a sticker saying that maintenance was performed according to work order and the aircraft was released to service that's the name of the sticker, "release to service". In real life, those stickers have a fixed size and when something simple was done e. What is a bit time consuming is having to fill out a personal journey log and the aircraft's journey log and in addition to that enter it into a software application for additional functionality currency, statistics, etc.

Journey Logbook

Active Threads Latest Posts. I have just read elsewhere that this is mandatory for France. Does anybody know anything about this? Such a logbook has been required by German law ever since. Article 29 Documents carried in aircraft Every aircraft of a contracting State, engaged in international navigation, shall carry the following documents in conformity with the conditions prescribed in this Convention: Why would that be?

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And how can you know the journey log is complete? There is no way to detect a missing entry.

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