Toxic Secrets (Secrets #1)

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  1. Toxic Secrets (Secrets, #1) by Jill Patten
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It is there he meets the pure and soulful Courtney, whom awakens the guilt that dejectedly haunts him. Distance and circumstances may separate them, but they are unable to ignore the chemistry that draws them together. Can their relationship survive, or will it be shattered by clingy exes, mysterious phantoms from the past and unforeseen misfortunes?

Kindle Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Toxic Secrets , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Aug 22, Adriane Leigh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beta read this and boy did it take me for a ride! A journey I was not expecting! I needed a minute to recover after I finished, and I nearly wanted to slit my wrists for how it ended! Jill made me love Jaxon! She made me fall in love with him! Can't wait for the next book. Had to edit this to say: View all 3 comments. Mar 05, Envywho rated it it was ok.

I found the story dragged on and Courtney's character was too weak for me. Oct 18, Zakirrah BookBlogger rated it liked it Shelves: After finding out a little bit about Jaxon who is visiting his cousin Reed who is like a big brother to Courtney. Reed is Kendra Courtney's best friend boyfriend. Kendra persuades Courtney to go on a blind date with Jaxon to help her move on from her abusive ex-boyfriend Philip the twat I definitely preferred the hard, sexy chest.

I felt his body tense up. Oh hell, did I just say that out loud? Judging by the sudden shift in the atmosphere I knew I had. Jaxon is older Jaxon is older than Courtney and doesn't think anything will happen during this blind date. But yeah only if it focused on these two eh? For Courtney its not that easy and she can't seem to move past her feeling for her ex-bf who treated her like crap. Kendra the sensible female knows what she is talking about and Courtney really needed to listen to her and stop hiding stuff.

I swear I was like why? Kendra lives life to the fullest and is quite wild I liked her character more that Courtney's. Jaxon was a bloody mystery I really wanted to know more about him and understand what is going on but I felt like the book focuses more on Phillip and Courtney. Maybe the next book will hold the answers and all the secrets will be revealed. The twists were like omg nooo! Maybe if I blink hard enough that will all be a lie and this wont have happened in the book!! I really don't know what to rate this I left it for a day and came back to do the review yet the decision isn't any easier.

There were so many things that annoyed me and then there was also the things I quite enjoyed. I wanted to shake her and scream wake the hell up woman!! I know people react differently to abuse but after being abusive relationship with a vindictive cruel manipulative guy who turned the school against you, you would think ahh blank the fucker may he burn in hell. Would you fall for his tricks again? Errr I think not if you follow these simple steps. Number 1- stay the fuck away from him, ignore that piece of shit. Number 2- Punch him in the balls if he tries to hurt you.

Number 3- repeat number 2 anyways because its fun to see him suffer. Phillip pissed me off so many times I swear I nearly crawled into the book and broke his neck several times. God what a bloody ending.. I can't believe that happens like oh man icing on the cake eh? If I couldn't beat fate, I might as well join the destructive life she had laid out before me.

Nov 01, Reanell Tisdale rated it it was amazing. Full review to come as part of the blog tour Just wanted to say Signing up for blog tours and reading a book and absolutely falling in love with the character! Can somebody make that happen? What's not to love? Icy blue eyes, dimples, and did Full review to come as part of the blog tour Just wanted to say I freaking love when a male has nipple piercings.

I think Courtney's reaction is one that I would have too. I didn't know what to expect from one minute to the next. Jill has an uncanny ability on writing out angst filled scenes and then totally surprising you with what ends up happening. Phillip is the ex-boyfriend, and I hated him with a fierce passion. What this prick puts her through made me want to throw my iPad across the room. This book has something I haven't read before, Courtney is 17 and Jaxon is I know what your thinking, and no it's not like that. They don't do the dirty, so he isn't a creeper. He actually respects Courtney and doesn't want to ruin any chance of being with her so he doesn't allow their relationship to go to that level.

Jaxon's only flaw is, he won't talk about his past. And when Courtney asks him anything about it, he becomes an ass. We only get bits and pieces of his past so I'm still unsure what exactly happened to him, but I can tell it's bad. I can't give to much info from this point because it will give away the story, but let me just say, "Holy mother of all cliffhangers. I want to start stalking Jill and make her finish the next book so I can get my greedy little hands on it!!

Don't let the fact that this book ends in a cliffhanger stop you from reading it, because you will miss out on an awesome book. Sep 03, Beth rated it it was amazing. Congratulations to the lovely Jill Patten on the release of her debut novel Toxic Secrets.

My God, I seriously don't even know where to begin with this one. This book is a complete tangle of secrets and surprises. My emotions were thrown all over the place with the hard hitting angst filled between these pages.

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First of all we meet Courtney. She is the cute little thing with the douche bag boyfriend called Phillip. What do you do when your whole life plan suddenly crumbles into millions of pieces? You try to rebuild which is exactly what Courtney attempts with the help of her best friend, Kendra, and her boyfriend, Reed. Just when Courtney feels as though she is finally getting somewhere. The douche bag is back!

Holy hotness overload here people! The man has nipple piercings! But anyway, Jaxon is here to try and save the day. How well of a job he did, I will leave up to you because I think we will all have different opinions. Either way, I am totally rooting for The Jax Man.

Toxic Secrets

Now, I can safely say that there is a book two on the horizon. One book on these characters is not enough. I can't wait to see what happens next. Sep 18, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: ARC provided by the author for an honest review! Courtney is a teenager in her senior year who has finally ditch the verbally abusive and demeaning controlling boyfriend Phillip ,whom she stuck with for over 3 years. Kudos to her, she even takes the small step of going out on a double date with her best freind Kendra and her boyfriend Reed when they set her up with Reed's cousin Jaxon, this is actually huge step for her.

Jaxon is in town to open another bar and restaurant which h ARC provided by the author for an honest review! Jaxon is in town to open another bar and restaurant which he has asked Reed to manage, Courtney and Jaxon have an instant connection, but as much as Jaxon wants a relationship the age difference he is 22 and Courtney 17 presents one issue nd then Jaxon has a not so great past that he keeps a secret. To spite each others best intentions to try and keep this relationship as just friends both of them become more and more attached and keep in touch even after he returns to California.

These two go through so much it almost outweighs all the good and just when you think here comes your Happy ever after ,the author flips the circumstances has you hanging on by the edge of your chair then leaves you will a cliff hanger I do not want to wait for the next book in I need to know!! But boy am I proven wrong.

Toxic Secrets (Secrets, #1) by Jill Patten

There are many secrets and they are toxic. So many the reader wonders will they ever be able to be together? Furthermore, I think there are even more to come. With secrets, love, and chemistry comes angst and wow does this story have the angst. From the moment Courtney sees Jax for the first time before words have even transpired between the two the angst is dripping Angsty new novel From the moment Courtney sees Jax for the first time before words have even transpired between the two the angst is dripping off the page.

This is a story that could be finished in one sitting, you will not want to put it down. Courtney is hurt, lost, and beat down trying to move on from a toxic relationship she had with her first love Phillip, who is one of the biggest book douche bags ever! She is surrounded by the supportive best friend Kendra who is a spunky, strong, and mouthy…I love her and her boyfriend Reed who is the all American perfect boyfriend.

If forced we always end back with the douche! I feel for her and the indecisiveness she thinks she feels but I also wanted to slap her silly a couple of times. Enters hotty Jax, gahhhh is he hot and those piercings, with his own secret or maybe two in tow.

Toxic Secrets

He is written exceptionally well and I felt what he felt. I love Jax even if I think I know what he is doing but am not sure. I want to know more, I want him to not hurt, I want him to throw her down and take her. Oh and when he kind of does damn if its not hot. It is entirely too soon to tell if he will be able to make a future with Courtney or at all. She has a way of capturing a moment perfectly. Her ability to transcend strong, powerful emotions into words on a page is an untapped talent not often found.

Great, awesome, fantastic debut novel by Jill Patten. If her first book is this good, her future books will only get better. Oct 15, Milly rated it it was amazing. ARC provided for a review. Courtney is a senior in high school who has ended a 3 year relationship with her boyfriend Phillp. He abuses her verbally and physically, is controlling and cheats on her.

See a Problem?

Courtney thinks this last year of school should be easy, but Phillip has plans of his own. He is completely obsessed ARC provided for a review. He is completely obsessed with Courtney and tries to manipulate her into giving their relationship another chance. Lets take a moment to talk about this delicious male specimen. Courtney and Jaxon have an instant connection. They promise to stay in touch even when he returns home. When they meet again sparks fly out of control and neither can control the need to be more than friends.

But will all of Jaxon's secrets and dark past ruin their chance for a happy future? This book pulls the readers into the story while increasing the anxiety of the events in the timeline. The author has captured every moment perfectly. This has been a fantastic debut novel by Jill Patten. We will no doubt be reading more extraordinary books from this author. Oct 31, Kadene Cook rated it it was amazing.

Where do I begin? Or the nipple piercing? This book was not what I expected at all. I enjoyed the relationship between Court and Kendra because it reminded me of the type of relationship I have with my best friend. The relationship was honest and left nothing to the imagination where the two girls were concerned. Reed, Kendra and Court also has a wo Sooooooo Reed, Kendra and Court also has a wonderful bound that I find myself very much dying to know how that was formed. The man is honest, successful and has the heart of gold when It comes to Courtney even though he has his hidden secrets and has not completely opened up to her.

I was happy to see him protecting her even from herself when she drank and wanted to go beyond what is reasonable for a straight guy and he definitely was straight. The dimples got me every single time and I found myself imagining he was smiling at me for the most part. I found myself honestly mirroring one of Courtney's statement about Jax when she said she was more attached to him once she found out how comfortable life was for him and he never ever used that to his advantage with her or his cousin.

As for Phillips, I am still trying to figure out why someone has not put him in a choke hold already until he passed out My back it was done by Jax. Overall, this was a very good read and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.. Oct 31, Savy rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC provided for an honest review, and honesty is what you will get!

Meet Courtney, a 17 year old girl, who believes in true love, however her taste in boys is anything but. But she has spent too many years with Phillip, who is ARC provided for an honest review, and honesty is what you will get! But she has spent too many years with Phillip, who is the star basketball player, with Dr.

Why do girls struggle to leave the one who is the most damaging?! Meet Kendra, also 17, raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, and lives life to the fullest. Due to the intensity of this story, you need Kendra around to balance the seriousness. Kendra has a serious boyfriend, Reed, who is the protector of both girls. Meet Jaxon, well…watch out for Jaxon! Courtney and Jaxon have chemistry from the very beginning; chemistry so strong that you feel the tension when they are together and you will unintentionally become their silent cheerleaders.

It begins as a simple teenage crush, yet the trials they go through are anything but childish. The author does a great job of pulling the readers into this story while increasing the anxiety, and balancing the drama. There are several characters, several twists, but the story is very clear and coherent. This may be what teens are doing these days, but as a parent I prefer to think kids are more innocent.

You will be hooked to these characters and you will be begging for book 2 to be released! Aug 22, Sibylla Matilde rated it it was amazing Shelves: I had the pleasure of beta reading this great book, and, let me just say, WOW! Jill Patten has poured blood, sweat, and tears into this sucker, and it pulled me and tore me to pieces. Courtney is a high school senior who is coming out of a freaky, mentally abusive relationship. Her asshat ex is a cheater and a control freak, but, my God, it is so hard to pull away from someone like that.

She is trying to regain her self-respect, her strength, and her life. And, then, a I had the pleasure of beta reading this great book, and, let me just say, WOW! And, then, along comes Jaxon Vaughn… yummy, sexy, nipple-pierced Jaxon Vaughn. OK, metaphorically and literally He looks out for Courtney, gives her what she needs, even when that means pulling himself away. I think it is real and accurate for her age! Christian Grey rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are twist that take unexpected turns into events that lead to heart ache and angst.

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But there are good times too that are heartwarming and smile worthy. One worth picking up today. To see my full review and likeness of my book boyfriend, ch Quick review: To see my full review and likeness of my book boyfriend, check out my blog post. Jan 19, Jacqueline rated it liked it. I really enjoyed this until the ending.

She's a high schooler, but not too juvenile, he's a 22 year old with lots of secrets, only a few of which we learn about in this book, I guess all will become clear in the follow-up. There were lots of belly tingling happy times in this that made the ending even more brutal and, sad to say, spoiled the story for me.

The writing was good, better than usual quality b 2. The writing was good, better than usual quality but I don't enjoy being left feeling like their future's bleak. Aug 21, Teri rated it really liked it. I had the privilege of beta reading for Ms. This is her debut novel of love, lies and deceit.

Once I began reading, I was hooked and loved every minute of it. Oh Jaxon is HOT and makes my heart skip a beat. I told what I know. Oct 17, Kelly Hitchcock rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this story. Jaxon is every girls dream: I wish Courtney would of stood up to Phillip a long time ago and she would not be in the situation that she is in.

I was provided this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. No stars were given to Toxic Secrets because it was not read in entirety. When I read the book's blurb posted on Goodreads I was excited about reading it! Toxic Secrets is a debut by author Jill Patten. The book was soundly writ I was provided this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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