Stronghold (Tomes of the Dead)

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A virus manifests itself in deceased humans, reanimating them for the purpose of being a delivery package in spreading the virus. The delivery protocol is through mock eating; the virus itself is already delivered in the bite; it is just the base amount of reinvigorated motor skill that prompts an "eating ritual". The speed and strength of a zombie should be in direct correlation with the remaining musculature, although with limited motor function the articulation would be jerky. Therefore, a zombie could conceivably run, if enough leg muscles were present, but without the presence of mind to focus on maintaining it, they'd probably fall flat on their face.

However, a bite should be as strong as the maximum psi capable in the remaining anatomy. Zombies aren't people anymore; they aren't going to talk, evolve, or craft new social structures. The zombies we get in Stronghold are not these traditional types at all.

They are a horde controlled remotely by a "hive mind" I've seen this a bit in Warhammer Fantasy stories with Vampire lords as the controlling force. Bottom line, they are reanimated by sorcery the Cauldron , and they are controlled and directed for revenge. What throws me off is that they are given quite specific tasks, such as assembling and utilizing siege weapons, building siege towers, operating battering rams, and employing missile weapons. None of this is presented poorly, so I can't say it's bad.

It just takes a while to get used to. Another thing about the zombies that threw me is that they all seem to have the same capabilities of strength which is pretty formidable, by the way , regardless of the individual states of decay. They are also nearly unkillable; that's right, no easy headshot kills, the can still move after being burned, etc. This leads to a problem which I will address in the "quibbles" section. But on the plus side, Finch portrays these shambling monsters in a truly frightening manner.

Stronghold (Tomes of the Dead)

All types of gruesome depictions are used to convey some of the horrendous wounds these things suffered in their lifetime and now. For a horror novel, rather low. There are extremely tense scenes throughout, and there are many moments of potential insurmountable odds where you the despair of the characters becomes palpable. And yes, there are one or two scary scenes. And now, onto my few minor quibbles: First of all is something that occurs quite often in books with pitched battles of this size.

I'm talking about a force that is near impossible to keep track of the size of.

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We all know that Corotocus took a sizable force into Grogen, but since the moment the zombies show up, they consistently and repeatedly get their rear ends handed to them. Then, at one point near the end, they still have over forty men capable of fighting on hand. Maybe I wasn't keeping a proper mental tally, but it just doesn't seem to add up right. Second, there is an inconsistency problem with zombie endurance. All throughout, it is beaten into our heads how indestructible they are.

Lifelong warriors deal killing stroke after killing stroke, and they still get demolished by the walking dead. And yet, when Ranulf needs to get through a cluster of them, he can dispatch half a dozen at a time with a good stroke. But these moments defy the logic laid down from the start. Lastly, and this doesn't come up until near the end, is the sudden introduction of zombie longevity. All throughout Stronghold, we have reanimated corpses that run the gamut of recent dead all the way back to things that are little more than skin like parchment hanging off of bones.

Yet, they all have comparable endurance. Towards the end, however, Gwyddon has to take into consideration how long they can last, for they may rot away over the course of the next few weeks. Some of these warriors were in the earth rotting for a darn long time, and if the same sorcery is in play in a few weeks, why is deterioration suddenly an issue?

This didn't make sense to me. In the end, it takes nothing away from the story at large, but it did make me raise an eyebrow. And with that, you can't go wrong. Here's what it is: King Edward's brutal enforcers get a true taste of the horrors they have been dealing out in a grand zombie vs. A few last notes: I know I often describe books and stories that have a certain kind of pacing, and with battle scenes with a certain kind of flow, as having a "cinematic quality" to them. Stronghold is one of those. Wasn't I surprised when a quick search revealed that the rights to make a movie based on it were optioned back in Alas, as there are no recent updates, I guess it's not happening now.

Done right, it might've been one for the ages. Also, after reading this wonderful book featuring a legendary Welsh cauldron that reanimates the dead, why not enjoy some cauldron-themed tunes? Until next time, cheers! Or just listen to the whole album. None of which matters at all of course as this series is about excitement, the thrill of the chase and zombies and on those fronts the book delivers perfectly.

So for history lovers with a thirst for some zombie carnage this is highly recommended. Oct 08, Anthony Giordano rated it it was amazing. Want some solid zombie reading? English knights in 13th Century Wales meaning the walking dead are actually cauldron-born? How about if I tell you this great premise was executed by a solid writer?

This is my first read by Paul Finch, and I really dig his style. He seamlessly infuses historical fact into this horror fiction; sign Want some solid zombie reading? He seamlessly infuses historical fact into this horror fiction; significant events, people, places, lifestyles, dress, cuisine, etc. He has obviously done his homework regarding the logistics of castle defenses, as well as siege tactics.

What could have ended up being a standard zombie tale shoehorned into a random period is elevated by this knowledge.

Dec 22, Richard Wright rated it liked it Shelves: A classic siege novel, with zombies? What's not to like. It's the thirteenth century, and a brutal English army has pacified the recalcitrant Welsh on behalf King Edward Longshanks, slaughtering everything in their path.

Kindle Editions

When Druids raise those dead cadavers as a vast undying army, the English hole up in Castle Grogan, and a horrific siege commences. Finch has done his research, and the period setting is impressive and well used. Shifting things to the thirteenth century also gives zombies a new A classic siege novel, with zombies? Shifting things to the thirteenth century also gives zombies a new edge, and as they form against the English in their tens of thousands, there's an increasing sense of claustrophobia as the situation worsens, and desperation pulls very human failings to the fore.

A grand, dark adventure, particularly memorable for the various creative ways in which zombies can be put to use as siege weapons.

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Mar 04, Frances rated it liked it Shelves: On the plus side, a descriptive style that actually made zombies on their own creepy again which is pretty rare; usually I find it's what they do, or what people do in reaction to them, that's the source of chills , and a fast-moving plot. I am not up on medieval siege weaponry, and I never got bored or felt I was being told something irrelevant. Jul 16, Trevor rated it really liked it Shelves: Attention to details when it comes to medieval warfare? Sep 14, Cj rated it really liked it.

HachiSnax Reviews: Tomes Of The Dead: Stronghold

The universal bullet threw the brain, eh I mean crossbow bolt. I got the sample which was five chapters. Nary a zombie to be found. It's an interesting premise for sure but I wasn't hooked. Aug 27, Gene rated it did not like it. Mother allways told me if not have any thing nice to say best not to say anything.

Chris Pepper rated it really liked it Dec 27, Eddie rated it liked it Aug 25, Darren rated it really liked it Oct 16, Nick rated it it was ok Mar 15, Jordan West rated it liked it Oct 09, Darren rated it really liked it Feb 22, Dean rated it really liked it Mar 03, Nikki rated it really liked it Dec 25, Jason rated it liked it Jan 09, Dryw Hart rated it it was ok Aug 30, Paddy O'callaghan rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Dexter rated it really liked it Sep 22, GBH rated it liked it Mar 31, Eric rated it really liked it Mar 15, Catherine rated it really liked it Feb 01, Russell rated it liked it Nov 28, Mike Padilla rated it did not like it Aug 12, Scatoma Caserole rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Robert rated it really liked it Jul 29, Brian rated it really liked it Jun 12,