Rapture Untamed: A Feral Warriors Novel

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In order to do this both races were forced to contribute most of their power. When the battle was over only one Therian from each of the ancient animal lines still retained the strength and ability to shift. Now only nine men, the Feral Warriors, are all that stand between the world and Satanan's latest plan to escape.

With the leader of the Mage infected with a powerful dark spirit, they fear that Satanan now has control of him. Stealing the souls of his own people, these soulless inhabitants are looking for a way to free Satanan and his army. As this new threat strengthens, the Ferals are being pulled in too many directions to be affective. Lyon, the leader of the Warriors has decided to ask for help from the British Guard, an elite group of highly trained Therian fighting units.

Now finally with a purpose in her life Olivia isn't going to let anything stand in her way. After surviving a vicious attack at the hands of the draden, remnants of the powerful Daemons, she now possesses a deadly ability that she must keep hidden, particularly from the Feral Warriors. Olivia has been a member of the elite Therian Guard for more than three hundred years, but this is the first time working with the Ferals. Nothing was going to stand in her way and ruin this for her.

All the Ferals were strong and overpowering, but only one drew her attention, the Feral Warrior, Jag. He simply annoyed her. Yet as hard as she tried, she couldn't ignore the raw sexuality that emanated from him. Jag has never been accused of being charming, a jerk yes. Jag knew he was a jerk, even the other Feral Warriors knew it, and considering the way he and Olivia first met, she now knew it too.

From the moment Jag first saw Olivia he wanted her, regardless of the less then stellar way they met, or the fact that she wanted nothing whatsoever do with him. So maybe for Jag it's a good thing he's a jerk, because no matter what he had to do, Olivia was going to submit to him in all ways. Rapture Untamed is a perfect title for this book. There is nothing tame in this book, actually at times it's even a bit disturbing.

Pamela Palmer has taken a big chance in the direction she takes with the two main characters. Some may find it a bit offensive how Jag is portrayed, and is his treatment of Olivia; some will find they can't turn the pages quick enough. I was at times both. Throughout most of the story you are going to think of Jag as thoughtless, and vulgar, and believe me he is. However, as his character develops you will begin to see that this is a shield he uses to keep everyone from getting close to him. As to why, you are going to have to read the book. Olivia's character is put between a rock and a hard place as she tries to deflect the attraction she feels for Jag.

That attraction is going to be her downfall and her salvation. If you have enjoyed the other books in this series you are going to be blown away with this one. This is one trip you are not going to want to miss, be prepared for volatile sex scenes, explosive action, and characters that are downright "feral".

I appalled that Pamela Palmer did not shy away in her portrayal of this story. She had to know that she was going to shock some of her readers, but also had to know there was no other way to write it. Okay I am a fan of the Feral Warrior Novels, but the "I've never liked a girl, wow but this one is blowing me away" story line is getting old. It is almost exactly the same in each book. She is strong, a fighter, a warrior I like these books because they are so different from anything I have read, but I didn't rush to get the next one, in fact I still haven't bought it.

I feel like they are becoming predictable. Just keep getting better and better. I so want to be in a relationship as one of these. To long to have a sisterhood as this and a family so loyal, fierce and protective as these ferals are to their mates and each other. I am awe struck by the depth of love and passion in this awesome series. Don't want it to end. This series is fun--full of interesting and well-drawn characters.

Watching them grow and develop is one of the best parts of the series. Looking forward to reading more of the same from Ms Palmer. I did not find this story at all creepy. What I did find was two warriors who needed each other. To me it was a great story with class. If the author wanted to she could have made Jag a hell of alot meaner and she could have made it where Jag did take Olivia in his cat state from someone who has read alot of shifter books would know.

And make it where he did all kinds of bad things to Olivia. But the author didn't. All in all it was a story about two warriors who needed a friend someone to help them get over there past. See all 51 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. They have to fight to not only to save each other, but the only family Jag has. He is the ultimate bad boy. I'm thrilled that he finally got his HEA. Pamela seemed to get her footing in these last couple of books. I loved the flashbacks and how deeply the author delved into Jag's psyche.

I FELT his agony.

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The POV switching still gets on my nerves. I still occasionally have to reread to find out who is thinking or speaking. Also, some of the steamy scenes border on crossing the line. There is some scenes in this book that border on BDSM, or some might say abuse. I understood the reason behind this, but some of it made me slightly uncomfortable. Call me a feminist, but I have a hard time with women being unwillingly or overly submissive. As I said, there was a reason behind adding this into the story, so it made it more palatable.

Hunger Untamed Feral Warriors

Overall a fantastic read and if your a fan of this series, you will LOVE this story. Mar 19, Vanessa theJeepDiva rated it really liked it Shelves: This is my favorite book of the Feral Warrior series thus far. I like the story where the jerk is brought down, or in this case meets his match. Jag has been an ass from the beginning of the series. He has always instigated arguments and fights with his fellow warriors. He has given all of the other Warriors cruel and childish nicknames. He makes very harsh comments that are sexual in nature to Delaney.

There has to be a reason he would behave this way. The readers are finally given his story. T This is my favorite book of the Feral Warrior series thus far. The book picks up where Passion Untamed left off. The Warriors are seeking the three escaped Wraith Daemons and the Daemon blade. Lyon has enlisted the assistance of the Therian Guard. I like what Jag gets with his female. Being the captain of her Guard team we know Olivia is tough and she obviously is thick skinned and able to handle the conflicts that being a female with a male job gives her.

Olivia and Jag share an attraction from the beginning. She knows there is more to him and he is just too much of an ass to show it. She almost dislikes herself for the attraction, but she is done with the self-pity portion of her life. She may grab what he throws at her and throw it right back, but for the most part she handles him. Olivia sees more to him than what he wants others to see. This book is full of surprises and a cliff hanger at the end. I am very pleased that I have the next book sitting on my coffee table. I am eager to see what is going to happen next. Dec 30, Summer rated it did not like it.

You know what I love in a romance novel? Sexual harassment followed by sexual blackmail. Because nothing says "ooooh, baby" like a guy talking about doing a girl in front of a bunch of people and then finding out a secret about said girl so she'll, you know, do him. Look, I get what Palmer was trying to do. Or maybe that's just on the female protagonist's end.

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A You know what I love in a romance novel? Anyway, it's supposed to not make it rape because she really did want to have sex with him Oooh, baby, that's right, tell me to suck your dick or else you'll get me killed or banished. And when I pushed away the facts of the beginning of the two characters Of course, then there's luuuurve talk and a boring sex scene of "love making" that is then instantly ruined if it wasn't already ruined by "love making" scenes, by nature, being boring as hell by the jackass male protagonist spilling her secret in an attack of anger.

Calling her a "life-sucking bitch" right after sex and it being overheard. This may or may not be worse than the time he used his "special Jaguar powers" to cause her not to have an orgasm as a way to punish her. Oh, and then the female protagonist gets kidnapped and has to be rescued.

I remember Jag and his bad attitude and sexiness, but I had forgotten how perfect he and Olivia were for each other. If there was anyone in the Feral Warriors world that could somewhat tame that smokin' hot, snarky Jaguar, it was Olivia. He needed a woman to put him in his place and in turn, they thrived as a couple. Also there was some unbelievably hot, angry sex involved.

If you are looking for a new-to-you paranormal romance series featuring shapeshifters and magic, you can't go wrong with Feral Warriors. Do not start mid series, you won't have a clue what's going on and that would be a damn shame. On that note, Go Feral! Jan 07, Stephanie G rated it really liked it Shelves: We finally learn why Jag is so sarcastic and antagonizing to, well everyone. He punishes himself for what happen centuries ago by driving everyone close to him away. That's until the fiery Olivia refuses to put up with his nonsense.

Olivia isn't without her own demons. A secret that she has kept hidden for years could threatens her life if anyone found out. Guess who happen to stumble upon it? That's right, Jag and he is using it as leverage to finally get the close to the woman he wants more th We finally learn why Jag is so sarcastic and antagonizing to, well everyone. That's right, Jag and he is using it as leverage to finally get the close to the woman he wants more than anything. This book was different from the previous in the Feral Warriors series. Before there seem to be a huge battle they were building up to or something really major happening.

In Rapture Untamed the Ferals are trying to locate and destroy the Daemons that were created in the previous book but to me the main focus was put on Jag and Olivia and getting Jag to move on from the past. Olivia is a strong heroine and I commend her for standing toe to toe with Jag and taking him on.

A weaker person may have crumbled at what he said but she found out why he's like the way he is and helps him move forward.

Rapture Untamed

The ending is bitter suit. Both finally get the happiness they deserve but the race to save two warriors is on. The ending was a great build up to the next book. Sep 17, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book. It is far the best book in the series. I liked the chemistry between Jag and Olivia. I would not recommend this book to anyone who is sensitive about this topic sexual dominance.

By reading all books in this series, I had developed som I loved this book. By reading all books in this series, I had developed some dislike toward Jag due to his attitude and behavior. However, in behind of my head, I had a feeling that he was hurt badly. It turned out that I was right. Also, I loved how Olivia was not one of those "dame in distress" and had to be rescued. She was a very tough woman and was able to stand her ground. It was inspiring to see strong woman in this novel not that I am dismissing other female characters in the book--they all are wonderful characters.

I loved how Pamela Palmer kept me on my toes until very end. Mar 25, Sharon Simi Ehcstasy rated it it was amazing. Jag would have to be my favourite feral so far. I knew this one was going to be good. He was always in the background of the other books with the smart ase comments. He did not let me down. Jag was funny as, sexy as and touching as.

She feels his pain with the history she had growing up and is the only one who cracked his hard heart shell. I loved this book and am giving it to my BFF nagging her to read quic Well its official. I loved this book and am giving it to my BFF nagging her to read quickly so we can share the tribulations that they went through and compare notes on the great love or should I say sex scenes in this book. Jag was a total asshat and ruined a good portion of this book for me. I get his emotional torture affected his personality but man oh man he was just rude and crude.

Thankfully Olivia could handle him and held her own and then some. But when Jag learns Olivia's secret and blackmailed her into having sex with him indefinitely, I was so done. Rape is rape regardless! But I had to return since Olivia didn't have much of a problem with Jag or his issues. Thankfully he totally redeems himself by the Jag was a total asshat and ruined a good portion of this book for me.

Thankfully he totally redeems himself by the end of the book but the first half is a little tough to get through especially if this topic is your hot spot. May 03, Ren rated it really liked it Shelves: Jag such an arse, and I hate what he have done to Olivia, despite his tortured and tormented past. That's the reason why I give just 4 stars, even Feral Warriors is one of my favorite series, and I love Pamela Palmer's writing style just forget the silly names of the Ferals: I really love Pamela Palmer's Feral Warrior series and this one is as great as the rest.

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  7. Jag is such a witty and tormented soul. He is one sexy beast. They are just my style. I can't wait to see what happens with this storyline and the next sexy shifter! Took me about 6 hours to finish the book. I just couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the next one to come out. This book was hot, steamy and action packed all at once.

    Great job Pamela Palmer. You have a new fan! Jul 04, Sarah MacLean rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jag has been my favorite warrior from the very beginning. I am still sighing in a puddle of lovely and therefore unable to be articulate Can't wait for the next one! Feb 06, Diana rated it it was ok Shelves: Wow, let's see, upon first contact the lead male that this book is about sexually assaults the heroine. He is so disgusting I couldn't get further than page Feb 21, Stacey rated it did not like it.

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    HATED the main character! Jul 01, Andrea rated it it was ok. And boy, was I lost. This author did not recap anything that had happened in the past, what exactly the Ferals were, their customs, how they had come to be together, or the significance of anything they did. I felt like I was coming into the story completely lost and nothing really made sense. I had no idea why Olivia and Jag thanked the goddess, like she was their God. The first thing that struck me was the misspelled names. Then there was the crazy villain Satanan. Just take Satan and twist it around.

    If he came loose the world would be over and they had to stop him at all costs.

    Rapture Untamed (Feral Warriors, #4) by Pamela Palmer

    It was just too doom and gloom, very dramatic and just like a cheap thriller, sci-fi movie. I like a little more seriousness than that, not something so corny and overdone. Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend. Atlantis Series Complete Collection. A Scent of Greek Out of Olympus 2. That Old Black Magic. A Taste of Greek Out of Olympus 3. A Sci-Fi Alien Romance.

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