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  1. WHO emergency risk communication guidance: communicating risk in public health emergencies
  2. WHO emergency risk communication guidance: communicating risk in public health emergencies

The guide is a popular reference among preppers, survivalists [5] , licensed amateur radio operators and owners of radio scanners.

WHO emergency risk communication guidance: communicating risk in public health emergencies

The frequencies allow them to gather intelligence and monitor emergency services, government agencies, and emergency amateur radio frequencies during and after a disaster. The current version is 1. It can be ordered online, downloaded as a PDF or loaded into a mobile device. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Regulations and guidelines for national interoperability Tables of nationwide interoperability channels and frequencies Common communications references Tables of commonly used frequencies for emergencies and disasters Aviation , MURS , GMRS , FRS , CB , railroad, SAR and marine frequencies Amateur emergency, calling and repeater frequencies GETS and Satellite Phone dialing instructions It also includes an organized listing of the national mutual aid channels and other reference material.

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  • Guide for emergency responders provides tools for communicating with specific vulnerable groups!
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Background A significant number of Florida's 19 million residents are likely to be considered vulnerable during or following a disaster. Specific issues Warning messages.

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Vulnerable populations may have difficulty receiving or understanding traditional warning messages during a disaster, due to their cognitive, economic, or language needs. Emergency responders and public health staff may be unaware of how to identify and communicate with populations that have different messaging needs.

The practice The Florida Department of Health DOH developed a communication resource guide for public health personnel and emergency responders who will be providing information or warnings to vulnerable populations during an emergency.

**COMMUNICATIONS** During An Emergency

The guide specifically discusses aspects of emergency communication for the following groups: Collaborating with service organizations —engaging leaders in the community being served and creating formal agreements for how communication will be handled For the elderly —crafting emergency messages that follow a logical, understandable sequence For various cultural groups —using translation services to ensure messages are communicated properly and ensuring that messages respect groups' beliefs surrounding grief, loss, and death For people with developmental disabilities —referring to familiar emergencies eg, fire drills as a point of shared understanding F or people whose medical recovery is affected by the disaster —ensuring that behavioral and mental health aspects are touched on by risk communication messages What made this practice possible?

Input from work group members representing: Participants also used the guide during the Statewide Hurricane Exercise.

WHO emergency risk communication guidance: communicating risk in public health emergencies

In both instances, use of the guide produced positive results and feedback. Notes For more information on Florida's emergency preparedness efforts for vulnerable populations, please visit the Web site listed below. Regional group prepares first responders, businesses, and residents for chemical emergencies.

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Social media training program builds responders' comfort with, ability to use Facebook, Twitter for emergency communications. Connecticut emergency guide focuses on local hazards and enhanced communication to prepare and inform state residents.