The Trouble With Women

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  1. The Trouble with Women

The Trouble with Women

Then this is the book for you. In The Trouble with Women , feminist artist Jacky Fleming illustrates how the opinions of supposed male geniuses, such as Charles Darwin who believed that women have smaller brains than men and John Ruskin who believed that women's main function was to praise men , have shaped the fate of women through history, confining them to a life of domesticity and very little else.

Get ready to laugh, wince, and rescue forgotten women from the "dustbin of history," while keeping a close eye out for tell-tale "genius hair. Jacky Fleming is a feminist cartoonist, whose work first became known through her series of pre-internet postcards, which reached women around the world by snail mail.

Her first published cartoon was a college essay, which she handed in as a cartoon strip. Expressions are crucial for cartoons: A woman trying to paint has dropped her small paintbrush from sheer exhaustion.

Lee Krasner perched on a high stool applauds Jackson Pollock making one of his drip paintings: Labouring women make their way across the back of the cartoons, struggling under great burdens of coal: But still, there is something that stopped me enjoying these cartoons quite as much as I wanted to — the jokes just felt too comfortable, not sneaky or wicked enough. Nobody is seriously defending the corset these days, or the idea that if women are overeducated they will be unfit for marriage — not out loud, anyway. These are easy targets, they come ready-skewered; even the condescending patriarchs are feminists now, and the noble sacrifices of the suffragettes are written into the school syllabus.

A recent New Yorker cartoon had four middle-aged men sitting round a boardroom table, not a woman in sight. I even ended up feeling rather earnestly defensive on behalf of all those women in the past who made out the meaning of their lives according to the light available.

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Present perspectives on the past can be condescending too. When Fleming is scrutinising her own world there is so much more room for the leverage of irony. Two women sitting side by side are drinking wine again.

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It is when the classic joke-triangulation of men and women and marriage has subtly shifted that we know our culture has turned a corner into a new place. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All.