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It was released direct-to-video and has received negative reviews from critics.

oddball - Wiktionary

A duo of elderly jewel thieves, on the run from the law, disguise themselves as wizards in order to hide out at an African village. Oddball Hall was written and directed by Jackson Hunsicker. Stromberg did the music. Oddball Hall was released directly to video on April 19, Film reviewer Leonard Maltin criticized Oddball Hall and gave it two stars; while he wrote that the film was good-natured and simplistic, he felt that it was not funny.

Synonyms and antonyms of oddball in the English dictionary of synonyms

That may be why the major studio that picked this up never, to my knowledge, theatrically released this. Though odder is the question why they picked it up in the first place.

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I have tried to create main characters who are drastically different from the types who generally appear in crime novels. Mikael Blomkvist, for instance, doesn't have ulcers or booze problems or an anxiety complex. He doesn't listen to operas, nor does he have an oddball hobby such as making model airplanes.

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I found that it wasn't so oddball to like music and poetry and visual arts, they're kindred spirits. I've been such an oddball my whole life, but I've always been cool and I've always dressed fairly smartly. The choice of roles as I grow older gets more and more limited, so if I pin myself to one kind of part I would get in trouble. So, these oddball ladies came along for me to do - I guess Terry Gilliam helped in this respect. I have found them more interesting, flashier and I get more mileage out of them.

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I was bullied and regarded as little bit of an oddball myself. If you think about it, I was at college, and then three months later, I was a massive pop star. It's stress-making, especially when you're a bit of an oddball as I was, the black sheep left to your own devices, and then suddenly everyone's interested in you. I think there's something in the fact that it's hard to be good looking and funny.

You have to have an oddball quality; people have to sympathise with you to find you funny.

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When you feel like an oddball , it never really leaves you. I got a bit of an oddball to pitch your direction. Killing bees to lure an oddball sheik. We are talking about a three-dimensional, very rounded character, a very rounded sort of, chubby oddball loner Because he's kind of an oddball , so I wondered what it's like to be with him.

I'm tired of feeling like an oddball. Well, how did that oddball get her? He's not an oddball.