Tackling Under-performance in Teachers

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This ensures that each participant will receive personalised support where issues can be focused on and covered during sessions.

Teacher Performance Standards & Evaluation: The Conversations

We can also offer this course as an in-school 2-day model, with day 1 focusing on identification of issues and agreeing key improvement strategies and day 2 around 10 weeks to a term later focuses on evaluation of impact and future improvement strategies. During the period between days 1 and 2, participants work on their school improvement strategies with email and Skype support from the course leader.

The blog that inspires leaders in the UK education sector

Steve brings a wealth of whole school, faculty and department leadership and development expertise and relevant professional experience to this course. This intensive course explores in some detail the factors that can contribute to department underperformance, key change strategies — what needs to be implemented and ways to go about it — and, critically, how to measure the impact of This intensive course explores in some detail the factors that can contribute to department underperformance, key change strategies — what needs to be implemented and ways to go about it — and, critically, how to measure the impact of change to ensure growth and improved performance keep going at a good pace.

The Importance of Effective Evaluation What causes staff and students to underperform? The 5 stage improvement cycle Know what Ofsted identifies as underperformance in departments Using data effectively to intervene successfully Forensic tracking systems Using assessable, timely and reliable data so all staff can effectively monitor Check all learners on the right course at the right level Track targets, attendance, punctuality and on-course support Make effective links between self-assessment and access to data — what does the information signify?

Making Your Department a Shining Example in Your School Unpick inspections key identifications of successful departments Look in detail at the 8 common features of successful Departments Put people at the heart of success to turn your vision of a successful department into reality Develop and lead a high performance team Handle effectively difficult conversations, complacency and performance management. Step-by-step guide to key improvement strategies Ensure evaluations of the effectiveness and quality of teaching and learning is clear, accurate, robust How to improve teaching, learning and assessment by: Practical Toolkit to Measuring the Impact of Your Improvement Strategies Proven strategies to excel in your departmental improvement Ways to achieve your improvement goals that are sharply focused, inclusive, challenging yet supportive.

Tackling Department Underperformance

Exemplar material and models of good practice Evidencing difference Tools and models to take back to school for immediate use Learner engagement and data — being SMART in your evaluation Stakeholder feedback — ensuring the voice of every stakeholder is heard Celebrating success The role of motivation in ensuring sustainable improvement Performance management and performance related pay Communicating success effectively.

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Email of CPD Contact. Mobile of CPD Contact. If you boil the report to its most basic of outcomes - having a high quality teacher in the classroom has a positive impact on the achievement and progress.

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The downloadable in-house training course tackling staff underperformance provides strategies for managing challenging conversations. Firstly, you will need to know how to identify colleagues who are underperforming - not as easy as it sounds - and formulate an action plan for supporting them to improve their practice. Once this is done, it is important to seek out and enact constructive, positive solutions to underperformance and take on the encouraging role of the mentor.

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Taking this role as coach and mentor can be a difficult one for many, and knowing what support to provide to establish improvements is not always a natural skill, but one which must be learned from appropriate professional development. Inevitably, not every colleague will make the required improvements.

The Optimus blog

Difficult conversations are sure to ensue; tears and anger are not unlikely. Dealing with the emotions of others in a sensitive way is vital. View the discussion thread. The Optimus blog The blog that inspires leaders in the UK education sector.

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Lizzie Gait 23 February Want expert advice from education lawyers on an employment issue? What do you do when a teacher is underperforming? Difficult feedback can be