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We offer a cumpara acum acest produs. Batman and Robin Vol. Jack and his father are taken off of Teague's ship, the Misty Lady , and sent to the brig of Norrington's ship. Aboard the ship is a rum-lover and ally of Teague's, Joshamee Gibbs. He frees Jack, Teague, and his crew. Jack boards the Barnacle to take off a Royal Navy flag and to sail away when Fitzwilliam shows up and they then battle rapidly back and forth.

When Jack finally wins, he's about to kill Fitzy when his father stops him. Meanwhile, Fitzwilliam somehow follows Teague's commands and the three of them end up on the Admiral's ship once more. The aristocrat then turns in Teague and Jack, who are hiding behind barrels. A fight breaks out between the two crews and Jack and Fitzy take at it one more time.

Teague and the Admiral fight and when Teague successfully knocks down the Admiral, his son, James Norrington , is frightened and backs up only to fall overboard. Teague rescues James and his father chastises him about being saved by a pirate. Teague tells Jack that Fitzy only did as he was told because of his ring which makes anyone do anything you'd like. He gives Jack the ring and then takes him to Isle Hermosa.

In the story's epilogue, Jack gets a new boat, which is only large enough for one or two people, and sets sail for a new treasure. After acquiring a new boat, Jack sets off to find the fabled Poseidon's Peak and the treasure it holds. He arrives on a deserted island and runs into a sailor who is badly hurt and has amnesia. Following a night of fitful dreams the sailor remembers that his name is Bill and the two of them trek inland to find any clues to where Poseidon's Peak might be.

Before long the two are captured by the natives, with Bill inexplicably able to translate what they're saying and are challenge to fight for their lives. Jack cheats and the both of them run into someone very familiar, Constance Magliore , who the natives worship since she swam out of the sea. After getting away from the natives, Jack has the idea of lashing logs together to make a raft to escape the island and while they search, they unearth a chariot covered in sea life.

They get on the chariot and it prompt takes them out to sea where the jump off it before it submerges and end up on a small rock in the middle of the ocean. Jack, in a fit of anger, tosses Constance off the rock which causes her to lead them to an underwater cavern. Constance proceeds to lead them through tunnels that seem to go in circles until Jack meets a group of people that are very familiar to him, the former crew of the Barnacle sans Fitzwilliam , along with Arabella's mother and her crew.

Jack was especially glad to see Arabella but is dismayed when she runs up and kisses Bill who has regained the rest of his memories and says that he was rescued by Captain Smith's ship sometime after they had split from Jack. Not too long after this, a group of mermaids, who were of a higher level than the ones Jack has met before, asked them to keep the items belonging to Poseidon his trident and chariot away from Davy Jones who would use them to manipulate their kind, and in exchange they would show them how to escape the cavern. Shortly after the request, an unwanted face showed up riding the chariot and wielding the Trident of Poseidon: In order to retrieve the chariot and trident, Jack challenges Torrents to a duel to the death, in which Jack is ultimately victorious.

The Sirens are then reunited with the chariot and trident and in gratitude show Jack, the former captain of the Barnacle , Laura Smith who is captain of La Fleur de la Mort , and Smith's crewmen the escape route. Upon returning to the surface, Jack farewells his ex-crew for the last time and departs, thus ending his teenage adventures. Following his teenage adventures, Jack bartered a magical compass from Tia Dalma. With their powerful galleon, the Silent Mary , Salazar and his crew sank dozens of pirate ships. Facing extermination, the last pirates in the Caribbean joined forces in an attempt to stop Salazar, but in a fierce battle off the coast of the mysterious Devil's Triangle the Spaniards destroyed most of the pirate fleet, showing no mercy.

The Wicked Wench was the last remaining pirate ship, and her dying captain gave his compass to Jack, explaining its power with his last breath. When the compass pointed toward the Triangle, Jack quickly formulated a plan how to defeat Salazar. Climbing into the crow's nest, Jack shouted through the smoke to the pirate hunter, mockingly telling him that he will be spared if he surrenders immediately.

Laughing and sliding down the halyard on deck, Jack defiantly raised the black pirate flag, earning the right to call himself Sparrow. He took the helm, steering the Wench toward the Triangle. Just as Jack expected, the Silent Mary , with Salazar at the helm, quickly followed the pirate vessel into the unknown waters. As the Wench approached the entrance into the Triangle, Jack ordered the pirates to throw ropes around the nearby reefs off the port side of the ship.

The loop caught the reef, tightening, and causing the ship to swiftly turn to the left, as Jack Sparrow steered the ship in the same direction, changing the Wench' s course at the last moment. The Silent Mary stayed on her course, sailing straight ahead. The Spanish warship quickly hit the nearby rocks which resulted in a massive explosion that killed the entire crew and sank the ship. With the battle over, every surviving pirate in the Wench' s crew gave Jack one item as a tribute, including a hat. Jack eventually returned to Shipwreck Cove where he became known to all Pirate Lords , even though Teague wasn't yet prepared to officially recognize Jack as his son.

Despite that, Jack joined Teague on several voyages on his ship, the Troubadour. When some mysterious pirate ships began to attack both merchant ships and pirate ships, a meeting was held in the Pirate Hall in Shipwreck City. Although he wasn't invited, Jack entered the chamber where some of the Pirate Lords convened because he was interested in meeting Esmeralda , with whom he developed a friendship, and her grandfather Don Rafael , the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean.

Jack also met Hector Barbossa , a pirate captain whose ship, the Cobra , was destroyed by these mysterious rogue pirates. A few months later, Jack discovered which ship had destroyed Barbossa's ship. Thanks to Jack's information, Barbossa also identified the ship. To quickly solve the case, Captain Teague summoned Davy Jones , the Lord of the sea, who identified Borya as the leader of the rogues.

Trapped, Borya revealed the names of other rogue captains, identifying Christophe as one of them. The rogues were quickly imprisoned in the dungeons of Shipwreck City. However, Jack believed that Christophe was innocent, and so he helped him escape. But by doing this, he broke the Pirate Code , making himself an outlaw in the eyes of the Brethren.

During their escape from Shipwreck Island , Christophe's rogues kidnapped Jack, taking him with them. Christophe even started to make plans for making his own fleet, and he asked Jack to join him as captain of one of his vessels. Jack participated in the Attack on the Dutch flute , and after the battle, he met Pharaoh Taharka , the ruler of the mythical island of Kerma.

Mortally wounded, the old Pharaoh gave Jack the magical talisman. Christophe took the talisman from Jack, and decided to find Kerma. Not wanting Jack with him anymore, Christophe left him in a longboat on the open sea. After they reached land, they joined the East India Trading Company. For the next five years, Jack faithfully served the Company, sailing across all the Seven Seas , eventually reaching the rank of First Mate. When Bainbridge was killed in a battle with pirates led by Jack's old love interest Esmeralda , now a Pirate Lord of the Caribbean , Jack took command of the Fair Wind and managed to save the ship and most of its cargo from falling into the hands of Esmeralda's pirates.

But Sparrow refused to transport slaves, so Beckett gave him command of the Wicked Wench , a merchant vessel of the Company. Jack Sparrow and the Wicked Wench were an unbeatable team, and Jack sailed on many voyages for the Company. One day, Beckett proposed to Jack that he'd organize a search for the lost island of Kerma , as well as the Shining City of Zerzura with its treasure-filled labyrinth. Jack embarked on a voyage, while assisted by Beckett's house slave, Ayisha , who was actually princess Amenirdis , a member of the Kerman royal family.

Jack and Ayisha sailed for the Bahamas , where they liberated Ayisha's brother, prince Shabako because Ayisha refused to give Jack the location of the island until her brother was safe. After they sailed back for Africa, the Wench was attacked by Boris Palachnik 's rogue pirates. Ayisha's magic destroyed the pirate ship, but the Wicked Wench was badly damaged. Jack and his crew were saved by Esmeralda , whose crew helped Jack to repair his ship. They found the treasure, and Jack tricked Christophe into taking a rock instead of the Heart of Zerzura. Beliving that he has the famous jewel, Christophe sailed off.

Jack, who had developed an attraction towards Amenirdis, decided not to reveal the location of Kerma to Beckett, due to knowing that Beckett would enslave the inhabitants of the legendary island. A few days later, the Wench returned to Calabar. Beckett, angry that Sparrow had betrayed him, ordered Sparrow to carry a cargo of slaves to New Avalon in the Caribbean for Viscount Penwallow , Beckett's immediate supervisor and patron. Jack Sparrow set off with the Wicked Wench' s hold filled with slaves following his pick up, but he couldn't stand the idea of humans beings as "cargo," so he resolved to free them.

Jack sailed back to illusion-hidden Kerma , and the island's ruler, Pharaoh Shabako , agreed to give the slaves asylum there. After languishing for a couple of months, Beckett ordered Jack to be brought within sight of the Wicked Wench about a mile off the coast of Western Africa. Beckett and his operative, Ian Mercer , branded Jack with a "P" brand on his right forearm, marking him forever as a pirate. Then Beckett ordered his ship to fire on the anchored Wicked Wench , using inflammable "carcass charges. But it was lost, as Jack was trapped in his own cabin and went down with his sunken ship.

Neither dead nor alive, Jack found himself in a strange place. Knowing that he was on the path to the Land of the Dead , Jack spoke a magical incantation, which allowed him to summon Davy Jones , the Lord of the sea. Jack then struck a bargain with Jones. In exchange for the resurrection of the Wicked Wench , Jack promised to give up his position as captain of the Wicked Wench in thirteen years time so as to serve for a century aboard Jones' ship, the Flying Dutchman.

Jack, however, had no intention of keeping his end of the bargain, having become too attached to his ship and not wanting to serve anyone. Inspired by the Biblical parable of "the pearl of great price", he rechristened it the Black Pearl , and set out for a life of adventure as a pirate. His early pirate life was the subject of many legends and rumors about his exploits, some of which were most likely mis-truths possibly made up by Sparrow himself to bolster his reputation.

One of these legends told of how he sacked Port Nassau without firing a single shot, while his other notable exploits included impersonating an officer of the Spanish Royal Navy and a cleric of the Church of England. He became friends with the infamous pirate Jolly Roger , who often performed unsavory deeds for the Brethren Court , in the hope of achieving a position among them [20]. It was believed that Jack became chief of the Pelegostos in the years prior to meeting Elizabeth Swann , a tale he relayed to Mullroy and Murtogg at Port Royal.

He also met Angelica , a novice from a Spanish convent. Jack seduced her and corrupted her, thus introducing her to the life of piracy. They had several adventures together, but their relationship didn't end well as she tried to kill him in Saint Dominique. He tied his piece of eight into his hair, letting it dangle over his trademark bandanna. Because of his position, it was possible that he kept in sporadic contact with his father. It is also known that during this time he had a sparrow tattooed on his arm to better identify himself to others as Captain Jack Sparrow.

But Jolly Roger also wanted Jack's position, and he invited him to a game of poker. Jolly had to cheat to win so he conspired with Amo Dorsi , a villainous Voodoo Witch Doctor, to deal the cards. Jolly won hand after hand. Soon, Jack was out of money and he bet his piece of eight for one last hand. He won, and Jolly, thinking he'd been double-crossed, shot his partner in crime. Jack threw the table up, tossing cards and gold everywhere, and disappeared in the confusion. With his dying breath, Amo Dorsi cursed Jolly Roger to walk the earth as the undead, transforming him into a skeletal beast.

Jolly swore vengeance against Sparrow and the Brethren Court, and became a leader of an undead legion [23]. The crew had many adventures in the time after this but nothing could amount to what happened next. When the evil alchemist, the Shadow Lord , created the Shadow Gold , a special liquid that grants him unfathomable power, and threatened to destroy the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court , Jack was sent by Tia Dalma on a mission to recover nine pieces of Shadow Gold in order to stop the Shadow Lord's supernatural Shadow Army.

During his journey around the world, Jack went to Asia and Europe , fighting with powerful organizations like the East India Trading Company and bands of thieves like the Fourth Estate.

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However, before the treasure was found, the crew mutinied that night. Led by Barbossa, the crew marooned Jack on a desert island with nothing more than a flintlock pistol with a single shot for him to kill himself. Barbossa believed it would be the last they would see of Jack Sparrow. However, Jack merely resigned to his fate and discovered that the island was a secret cache for a group of rumrunners and for the next three days Jack cavorted with them, and likely suffered little more than a severe hangover before bartering for passage off the island.

This misadventure helped to build upon Jack's reputation in the Caribbean, helped along by Jack's outlandish exaggerations as to the circumstances of his escape; one version of events saw Sparrow using a couple of sea turtles as a raft to flee the island. Jack kept his single-shot pistol , making no modifications to it, but rather keeping it with the intent to use it upon his mutinous First Mate, Barbossa.

It was believed that Jack's altruistic nature may have been part of the reason why his crew mutinied; indeed, Barbossa would later note that Jack's attempts at non-violent solutions to problems was exactly the attitude that lost him the Black Pearl. Whatever the reason, the mutiny was not a unanimous agreement among the crew of the Black Pearl. Death would not come quickly for any of the crew of the Pearl.

After leaving Jack marooned, Barbossa's men found the Aztec gold, but their treasure, which was soon frittered away on drink and food and pleasurable company, came at a price. They became cursed men, where in the moonlight, they were shown for what they really are: But he, too would suffer Barbossa's wrath; after sending his cursed coin to his son with the belief that they deserved to be cursed and remain cursed, "Bootstrap" was tied to a cannon and plunged into the ocean depths, apparently to his death.

Jack was the only member of the crew not to be affected by the curse, since he had already been abandoned by the hands of Barbossa. However, he heard tales of the curse placed upon his former crewmen, which possibly fueled his desire to achieve immortality as well as eternal freedom to sail the seas. Jack later bartered with rumrunners to gain passage off of Rumrunner's Isle. Jack talks with the Tavern Keeper in Port Royal. The rumrunners transported Jack to the town of Port Royal. Upon his arrival, Jack was penniless and had no coin to his name.

Determined to find a ship to captain, Jack was given advice by the local innkeeper who told him of local tax money being guarded around town by the city watch. Jack pilfered the money and bought himself a small sloop. Jack took an entirely new crew, and he spent much of his time plundering merchantmen out of Jamaica. Though he was hardly the most infamous pirate on the Spanish Main, he did make a good name for himself in and around Port Royal, even going as far to find a local treasure of legend, belonging to none other than the local tavern keeper's late grandfather the innkeeper urged Jack to find it and keep it for himself.

After eight years had passed since the mutiny against him, Captain Jack Sparrow became an infamous pirate of the Seven Seas, but he still wanted the Black Pearl as his own. Through unknown circumstances, Jack spent time with Anamaria before leaving her, in which he stole her boat, the Jolly Mon —or, as the pirate himself put it, "borrowed without permission, but with every intention of bringing it back".

At some point, Jack Sparrow traded Scarlett and Giselle fair and square to the Auctioneer , who wanted brides to sell. The auction took place on the very night where both wenches, separately, believed they were to marry Jack Sparrow. By the time they learn of Jack's deceit, the auction started and Jack sailed away on the Jolly Mon. Jack's trickery caused a great deal of trouble for the Auctioneer and his clients, particularly Mungard. Before Jack Sparrow left Shipwreck City, Scarlett would have already taken four nails off of the Jolly Mon , just in case Jack had cold feet about their supposed wedding.

Jack Sparrow's arrival to Port Royal. The Jolly Mon plowed towards Port Royal , while Jack stood on the rigging, gazing keen-eyed at the harbor. Noticing that his boat was filling up with water, he jumped down to bail it out. Jack then spotted skeletal remains of three pirates, still clad in buccaneer rags, hanging from gallows erected from a rocky promontory along with a fourth unoccupied gallows bearing a sign that said "Pirates Ye Be Warned". Pausing, Jack Sparrow took off his hat and placed it above his heart—a moment of exaggerated respect for the doomed pirates as he sailed by them.

As Jack reached the port, his boat kept sinking lower and lower until he made it to the docks, where only the mast was visible above water. Jack offered the harbormaster three shillings to ensure his name did not appear on the ledger. The Harbormaster accepted this bribe, though did not notice Jack stealing his purse before the pirate swaggered away to find a suitable ship for him to sail on. Jack before fighting Will Turner. Striding through the docks to "commandeer" the Interceptor , Jack Sparrow was accosted by two royal marines, Mullroy and Murtogg, who were assigned to guard the Interceptor and make sure the docks stay off limits to civilians.

The two marines and Jack soon engage in idle conversation before they were interrupted by a young lady falling from Fort Charles.

Author Updates

Despite his piratical nature, Jack was not about to let the girl, Elizabeth Swann, drown, and dived into the ocean to rescue her. Bringing her up to the harbor, Jack tore off her corset , allowing her to breathe; he then spied a strange coin fastened around her neck, one of the pieces of Aztec gold Barbossa's men were seeking. However, before he could explore the situation further, Commodore James Norrington arrived to arrest Sparrow.

The Governor then ordered Jack to be hanged. However, Jack held Elizabeth hostage, ensuring the return of his effects before making his daring escape. With Norrington's men in pursuit, Jack sought refuge in a blacksmith's shop, where he cut his manacles. However, he was soon confronted by the blacksmith's apprentice, William Turner , whose face Sparrow vaguely recognized, who engaged the pirate in a sword fight. Sparrow won, through a mixture of skill and pirate trickery, but Turner refused to stand down.

Jack was resolute he would not shoot Turner, thus wasting his single shot, and was preoccupied enough with this quandary for John Brown to knock him unconscious. Jack Sparrow in Fort Charles prison. When Sparrow came to, he found himself incarcerated in Fort Charles , which soon came under attack by a fog-shrouded pirate ship, the Black Pearl , as Jack immediately identified it. Jack remained in the cell throughout the attack, but, the next morning, was visited again; this time by Will Turner, who made a deal with Jack to help him reach the Black Pearl' s port and rescue the captive Elizabeth.

Jack agreed, and immediately set about acquiring a ship. Sparrow and Turner used cunning and guile to board and commandeer the Dauntless , which was summarily boarded by Norrington's men. However, the pirates slipped away, unnoticed, and boarded the Interceptor. They then used it to flee Port Royal and leaving the Dauntless with its rudder chain disabled.

The two pirates headed for Tortuga to find a crew for the Interceptor , for they can't crew one ship on their own. After arriving to Tortuga, and some less-than pleasant reunions with two jealous prostitutes, Scarlett and Giselle , Jack tracked down his old friend, Joshamee Gibbs. Jack explained to Gibbs his plan to follow the Black Pearl' s trail to Isla de Muerta , and to use Will as leverage to reacquire the Pearl from Barbossa.

Gibbs agreed to the plan and helped Jack assemble a crew. After an interesting reunion with Anamaria , Jack and his new crew set sail on the Interceptor , following Jack's navigation by his strange compass to Isla de Muerta. At some point during the journey, the Interceptor encountered the British merchant vessel Earl King , captained by McGlue. The crew of the Interceptor boarded the King , captured the entire crew, and looted the ship.

There, Jack witnessed the start of the ritual that Barbossa hoped would lift the curse, but complications arose in the shape of Will, who was far too impatient for Jack's liking. Jack implored Will to remain where he was so that Jack could implement his plan, but Will rashly knocked Jack unconscious and rescued Elizabeth himself. Turner took the girl back to the Interceptor , where he admitted Jack had fallen behind.

Having sworn to keep to the Pirate's Code , Gibbs ordered the crew to set sail. Meanwhile, Jack had woken up, and found himself surrounded by Barbossa's pirates. Invoking the right of parley , Jack was brought before Barbossa , and made a deal with him to procure the person whose blood would lift their curse, for Elizabeth's blood had had no effect.

Jack was brought along as the pirates set sail to pursue the Interceptor , and found himself aboard his former ship for the first time in eight years. Jack Sparrow and Barbossa before Jack is sent to the brig. In the captain's cabin of the Black Pearl , Jack and Barbossa were negotiating about how and when Jack will reveal the name of the person's blood that Barbossa needs. When Barbossa expressed his mistrust in Jack's honesty, the former captain of the Black Pearl replied that of the two of them he was the only one who hand't committed a mutiny, which meant his word was to be trusted.

He also sarcastically thanked Barbossa for raising a mutiny that unintentionally saved him from being cursed by the Aztec gold like him. However, when he suggested to Barbossa that he attempt a negotiation with the Interceptor's crew, Jack was locked in the brig.

Allan R. Wallace

As Barbossa said, that was the kind of attitude that had lost Sparrow the Pearl in the first place. Jack witnessed the ensuing battle from within his cell, but when a stray shot smashed the lock, he was able to return to the deck, and slyly helped his crew in the fight. Noticing Barbossa's monkey making off with the medallion, Jack gave chase, and once more found himself face-to-face with Barbossa aboard the Pearl. This time, Barbossa was not so lenient, and made Jack walk the plank.

Accompanied by Elizabeth, Sparrow had no choice but to make for Rumrunner's Isle , the island he had been marooned on ten years earlier. Fortunately, Barbossa allowed Jack to keep his pistol, still with its single shot. Jack, marooned by Barbossa again, with Elizabeth Swann. With the rumrunners no longer operational, Jack had no plan of escape. Elizabeth then questioned Jack and his legends, after being told about the last escape. Jack then responded by giving her rum. However, Elizabeth proved more cunning than Jack had expected. It was through the smoke signal that she hoped the ensuing fire would attract attention to the Royal Navy.

Jack rubbished the plan, tempted to even shoot Elizabeth had he possessed more than one shot. But a short time later, help did indeed arrive in the form of the Dauntless , and both Jack and Elizabeth were rescued.

This caused Jack to comment that Elizabeth would be impossible to live with. Jack Sparrow and Barbossa negotiating in Isla de Muerta. He coerced Norrington into allowing him to go ashore alone, and Jack once again confronted Barbossa in the treasure cave, just as the ritual began for a second time, this time with Will as the sacrifice.

Jack stalled the proceedings and was able to convince "Commodore" Barbossa and the cursed crew to defeat Norrington before lifting their curse.

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  7. During their negotiations, Jack managed to secretly steal one of the cursed coins from the stone chest. Barbossa sent all but a few of his men to attack the Royal Navy forces outside, while he, Jack and Will remained in the cave. It was at this point that Jack showed his true colors. Jack Sparrow fighting Barbossa. Stealing a sword from one of Barbossa's men, Jack threw the blade to Will, who fought Barbossa's men. At the same time, Jack pulled his sword out and engaged his former First Mate in a deadly duel , in which Barbossa seemed to gain the upper hand. The fight led them around the cave, until Barbossa cut it short by declaring that, as an immortal, Jack could not kill him.

    Sparrow tried anyway, but Barbossa merely sighed at the sword plunged into his body, and responded in kind, stabbing Jack in the gut. Victory was denied, however, when Jack stumbled backwards into a shaft of moonlight, transforming into a skeleton before Barbossa's shocked eyes. Holding aloft the medallion he had taken, Jack grinned triumphantly at his nemesis, and began the duel anew. The duel seemed endless, although quite pointless, since both captains were immortal. When asked if they were to engage in this single duel until Judgement Day, Jack suggested that Barbossa could surrender.

    By this time, Elizabeth had joined Will in the cave, and, working together, they had dispatched the remaining cursed pirates. Noticing Will standing over the chest, Jack quickly cut his hand with his sword, staining his medallion with his blood and hurling it to Will, who did the same with his coin. Barbossa aimed at Elizabeth but Jack finally used his single shot, firing it into Barbossa's heart.

    Barbossa taunted him over a wasted shot but Will revealed his own bloody coin and dropped both the coins into the chest. Barbossa then realized he had been defeated before toppling backwards, dead. Avenged and the curse now lifted from him, Jack set about searching through the treasure cave for items of particular value. However, upon his return to the open water, he discovered his crew had already departed on the Black Pearl , after Elizabeth had failed to convince them to stay and help in the fight.

    Jack had no choice but to accompany the Royal Navy back to Port Royal. Jack escapes the Royal Navy at Fort Charles. Arriving to Port Royal, Jack was sentenced to be executed at the gallows, for his crimes, to be hanged. He grimly awaited his fate in the courtyard of Fort Charles. However, Will Turner was also present, and staged a daring rescue of his comrade. Together, the two pirates fought Commodore Norrington's soldiers, but were ultimately surrounded by Royal Navy soldiers, Norrington, and Governor Swann.

    It was only when Elizabeth interference and decision to stand with them that Governor Swann ordered the soldiers to stand down and lower their weapons. Captain Sparrow at the helm of the Black Pearl. Seizing his chance, and noticing a familiar parrot flying nearby, Jack Sparrow made his farewells and escape. Bragging to the soldiers, he accidentally toppled over the fort wall, falling into the harbor. Landing with a splash, Jack sputtered to the surface and gazed at the horizon.

    With a smile, his eyes landed on a familiar sight—the Black Pearl. Her black sails were no longer tattered and her sides gleamed in the bright sun. Grinning, Jack began to swim for it.

    Sparrow Swift Is Born (international intrigue) by Allan R. Wallace on Apple Books

    In the face of this alarming chain of events, culminating in Elizabeth's profession of love for Will, Commodore Norrington decided not to immediately pursue Sparrow, giving him a day's head start to escape. As Jack arrived close enough to be pulled in, he was brought aboard the Pearl. After regaining his hat and coat, he was once more given command of his ship by Anamaria. He ordered the new crew of the Black Pearl to set sail and, with his compass , headed off on many other adventures on the high seas.

    As captain of the Black Pearl once again, Jack continued operating as a pirate. The Black Pearl attacked the merchant ship which was carrying the St. Piran's Blade , a sword with supposedly magical powers. Cotton accidentally sent the ship to the bottom of the sea.

    Jack told them about the blade, but the meeting was interrupted by Jack's former crew which became undead once again. Will and Elizabeth were captured but Jack managed to escape. The cursed pirates forced Will and Elizabeth onto their ship and took them to their secret hideout. They also retrieved the treasure from the ship Jack sank, including the St. The cursed pirates waited for the Black Pearl to arrive so they could send her to the bottom of the ocean. But instead, Jack sneaked into the fort and freed Will and Elizabeth. Jack fought against the cursed pirates with St.

    Piran's Blade , but when Elizabeth took it, the sword started glowing with fire, because she was the only person with the heart pure enough to activate the sword's power. The cursed pirates were easily defeated and their ship was heavily damaged by the cannon fore from the Pearl. After the battle, Will and Elizabeth persuaded Jack to give them the magical blade so they could donate it to some museum. However, Jack kept the sword's chest which was filled with jewels. When Jack went to search for one treasure which he buried before Barbossa's mutiny, he couldn't find the exact spot.

    To find the treasure, he had to find one of his former crewmembers, Scurvy Joe , who had the treasure map tattooed on his back. When Sparrow found out that Joe was imprisoned in Port Royal , he "invaded" the city alone. He was quickly captured and thrown into the dungeon. When he was confronted by Commodore Norrington, the naval officer commented that Jack really is the worst pirate that he ever heard of. When Joe tried to kill him, Jack easily captured him, and the Black Pearl' sailed to an island where the treasure was buried. Two days later, when dawn came, the sun turned the cursed pirate into his human form, allowing Jack to see the treasure map.

    When Jack learned about the mystical magical idol of Aztec origin, he sailed the Black Pearl for Mexico , where the idol was supposed to be hidden. The information was correct, the idol was hidden in one old temple, but once he reached the temple, Jack saw his old crew, now led by Bo'sun , forcing Will to take the idol for them, because they were holding Elizabeth as a hostage.

    However, when Bo'sun took the idol from Will, Jack attacked him, pushed him into a deep pit, and took the idol. Will and Elizabeth disposed of Pintel and Ragetti , and the trio started escaping from the temple. Followed by angry pirates, the trio reached the beach and boarded the Black Pearl , which opened fire on the undead crew's ship , damaging it heavily.

    However, Jack knew that his former crew would follow the idol wherever he goes, so he decided to melt the idol and spend the gold in as many ports as possible. Some time later, Jack was in Tortuga once again, where he found himself chased by Norrington and his men, who were disguised in civilian clothes.

    Cornered in one alley, Jack had no way out, but luckily for him, Anamaria showed up, interrupting Norrington's men, and Sparrow managed to run away. He found the carriage belonging to the Governor of Tortuga , from which he took the governor's hat and cloak, easily disguising himself. When Norrington and his men encountered "the governor", he threatened to arrest them as spies.

    Unfortunately for Jack, the real governor suddenly appeared, and Jack had to run away again. Using the governor's coach, Jack managed to escape once again, and he and Anamaria reached the harbor where they boarded a boat which took them far away from Norrington. Jack finds the treasure of the Isle of Lusee. Some time later, Jack and Will Turner ended on the Isle of Lusee , a place where the cruel governor treated the colonists as if he owned them, imprisoning the innocents and confiscating their treasure.

    Jack and Will convinced the people of the island to organize a revolution and overthrow the governor. The people of the island, led by Jack and Will, stormed the governor's fort and Jack easily captured him, taking the keys of the treasury. However, when he and Will entered the treasury, Jack revealed that his plan was to steal the treasure for himself, not to give it to its rightful owners.

    However, Will convinced Jack not to steal the treasure, and because the people of the island considered him their hero, they gave him the largest share of the treasure. Jack showing a drawing of a key to his crewmen. A year after his great escape from Port Royal, Jack realized his freedom came at a cost. The debt he had sworn to Davy Jones thirteen years prior had still not been paid.

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    Whether Jack had the foresight to attempt to call off the debt, or whether it was simply a coincidence is unknown, but Jack embarked on a quest to locate the Dead Man's Chest , which legends say contained the still-beating heart of Davy Jones. But first, Jack allowed himself to be captured by the corsairs off the Canary Islands and taken to the Turkish prison in order to obtain information he needs to solve his impending dilemma. He soon happened upon a valuable drawing of a key in a Turkish prison , giving him an advantage in his quest by figuring out that he must find the key itself.