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  4. 3 Homeless People Were Beaten With A Bat In DTLA Over The Weekend: LAist

Log in or Sign up. Dictionary and thread title search: Previous Thread Next Thread. Hi guys, when we say "over the weekend" what exactly does it mean?

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SRPGgamer , May 26, Derby central England English - England. I think it means both days of the weekend. It could relate to the future - "I'll be at my sister's house over the weekend" - or to the most recent weekend - "Over the weekend I dug all the weeds out of my garden. Belfast, Ireland English-Ireland top end. I think it would only refer to one particular weekend. It generally refers to all of the weekend, however you choose to define that, but may seem to have different meanings.

I was in Paris over the weekend. And finally, to address "at the weekend": As JR says, at doesn't work.

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In general, you would use at with a time, e. On is slightly vague possibly deliberately so and would suggest some time during the weekend, or possibly the whole weekend. For the weekend could mean most of the weekend and possibly the entire weekend, and over the weekend explicitly means the whole weekend — in this context. As JeffSahol points out, in other contexts e. It's worth pointing out that at the weekend is fine in British English.

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It means "at some point during the weekend". Anne is coming to stay at the weekend — Anne will arrive during Saturday or Sunday. Anne is coming to stay for the weekend — Anne will arrive on Friday or Saturday and leave on Sunday or Monday. Anne is coming to stay over the weekend — could mean either of the above; it could mean that she will arrive at the weekend and stay for longer.

I have to be at lunch at noon. Andrew Leach already pointed out that "at the weekend" is acceptable in British English. I thought this was interesting; the following screen shots are both from Macmillan's online dictionary for the word at , meaning 3 , but they one on the left is from their online British dictionary , while the one on the right is from their online American dictionary.

News From Russia: What You Missed Over the Weekend

There are only a few differences in the entries the last of which is pertinent to this conversation, although the others are rather intersting as well:. American speakers emphatically do not use at the weekend , but British speakers emphatically do.

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Canadian Standard English same a Standard American. I would say "on the weekend" almost exclusively; I would consider it the most generic PP. I don't hear this in any North American English, standard or otherwise.

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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Monica 7 18 You don't normally say "at the weekend," not unless weekend is being used as an adjective e.

3 Homeless People Were Beaten With A Bat In DTLA Over The Weekend: LAist

May 7 '12 at And you can use in when weekend is used as an adjective. I have to admit I haven't consulted any sources, but here is what I'd say is "correct": On Saturdays, her sister Ann usually comes to stay with Mary for the weekend. What are you going to do over the weekend? We are going to Paris over the weekend.

  • 3 Homeless People Were Beaten With A Bat In DTLA Over The Weekend.
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Are you going to stay here on weekends? Simon Jester 4 This is based solely on my experience as a native speaker of American English. Ben Hocking 2, 1 9 I would qualify what you said about "over the weekend":