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Posted on September 3, September 6, by Anchal.

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Dear Son, As the morning sunlight enters our room, you will turn two years old and on your second birthday I would love to write Nasal congestion in infants and toddlers can be worrisome for the parents because the little ones feel very uncomfortable. The blocked nose can be due Posted in Parenting Tagged nasal congestion , nasivion nose drops.

Pros and Cons Posted on July 19, by Anchal. Breastfeeding is a special journey for a mother and her baby. My journey started off with a few hiccups due to clogged ducts. Posted in Uncategorized Tagged breastfeeding , breastfeeding toddlers , extended breastfeeding 2 Comments on Extended Breastfeeding: Flying with a toddler? I got your back! We went for our first ever vacation outside the country with our toddler to New York.

Cleansing is the first and the most important step for a healthy skin. Some products are so harsh on your skin that they remove the If only we can embrace a better understanding of each other's path and recognize the common ground we share. Then maybe we can finally call a truce.

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The majority of moms in Parents ' poll said they'd never been personally criticized for their status as a work-outside-the-home mom WOHM or a stay-at-home mom SAHM -- though 28 percent had. Interestingly, a higher percentage of SAHMs 31 than WOHMs 23 felt criticized for their choice -- reasons varied from insinuations of laziness to not supporting their husband or family financially. Each side tends to feel that they work harder than the other or are worse off because of their choice. Will women ever be able to do what's "best" for their family -- working or not working -- free of judgment?

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Probably not, and moms seem to feel it's wasted energy. Another myth our poll busted: Working or being at home is a "choice. Who does believe it's a choice? Two thirds of them believe women make the decision to work or not. The bottom line for most moms? They do what's best for their -- and their family's -- needs.

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If I didn't work, then we wouldn't be able to afford anything. The cost of everything has skyrocketed and then we were having a tough time paying the bills, and for all that the kids need for school -- it was too much for one income. As much as I love my son, I need some time to myself and I treasure the independence. Teaching allows me to be home at a decent hour, off on weekends, and home two months in the summer. I've chosen to stay home with my daughter until she starts kindergarten.

I love being able to do it. We have to do without some luxuries, but it?

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With one child having ADD, it was time to become a stay-at-home-mom to help him stay focused. If I put my younger son in day care it would cost about the same as I would have made working. I didn't see the point. Happily, 62 percent of our respondents said that the moms they know "are mostly supportive of one another," regardless of whether they work outside the house or stay home with the kids -- nearly exactly the same percentage who believed mommy wars exist. Take that, mommy war flame-fanners! The small number of full-time work-at-home moms we polled -- those who are home day-care providers, therapists, or run other businesses from home -- felt less optimistic on both fronts, perhaps because they lack the community of coworkers or SAHMs.

And according to the mothers we surveyed, mom-to-mom tension does still exist in small doses. Here's a fascinating finding: More than half of all moms -- 55 percent -- would change their current situation, whether they're employed or at home, if they could. And perhaps most surprising: Nearly a quarter 24 percent said that being unable to find work figured in, while a third 33 percent cited an inflexible work schedule. And a small percentage 7 percent said they were home to address their children's unique health or learning issues.

If you've ever had doubts about whether you're doing a decent job as a mom, you're not alone. A quarter of our respondents said their work choice led to worry over whether they're a "good enough mom"; 22 percent feel stress because of their work choice, and a little less than that -- 17 percent -- feel guilt.

Full-time working mothers worried the most about whether they're good enough moms. They don't feel guilty about working, however; only 18 percent of full-time WOHMs said they do.

Bad Moms - Wikipedia

One thing every kind of mom -- 66 percent overall -- worries about? Stay-at-home moms 69 percent worry about it the most, though full-time WOHMs 58 percent worry about it too. Part-time work-at-home moms feel the least guilt and stress, perhaps because they have both some income and time. Parents may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. In our nationwide survey, we discovered this: