Lessons from Public Relations Issues

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Communicator of the Year by PR Week. Instead, if you need to inconvenience a customer, be willing to negotiate with them and never force it. In statements, never blame the victim but acknowledge the mistake and offer a heartfelt apology.

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Any business issues being addressed in a public-facing statement, such as social media, need to be approved by the chain of command listed in a communications plan. Even with the relaxed demeanor of social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, these posts need to be vetted out to determine any repercussions that may arise. Equifax experienced one of the largest data breaches ever that affected more than million customers. Not only was it being investigated by the SEC and multiple states along with hundreds of lawsuits, but Equifax also sat on the news for six weeks. Once the breach was disclosed, Equifax tried to charge comprised customers a fee for the privilege of protecting themselves and freezing their credit.

Below the image was an apologetic paragraph to their customers beginning with:.

The issue may not be percent resolved yet, but there are several things that public relations teams in any industry can learn from the fast food giant. Appoint a team and devise a strategy. Before a crisis occurs, make sure to appoint a response team and then agree on a strategy. Everyone on the team should have clear job responsibilities and understand whether to be proactive or reactive in their media coverage. They should also be prepared to teach proper protocol to anyone within the company that could be approached to speak to the media.

KFC was able to react so quickly to the incident because they already had a team and a strategy in place for how to approach a public issue. They were organized and were able to act fast with their public announcements and ad placements because they had already built relationships with all the necessary contacts. Gather all the facts and accept blame. Too often companies issue statements without having all the facts. Gather as much information about the incident as possible before deciding on your tone and creating your message. Not having all the facts or making up information to fill gaps will only make the crisis worse.

If necessary, admit that your team is still digging into the cause of the crisis. It also may cause a public concern about eating lettuce and create a lack of trust from your customers regarding lettuce in the future. You identify a few priorities: You also immediately stop selling lettuce and destroy the existing stock to ensure the E. When establishing your position, you determine you must own the problem, be proactive in alerting consumers, and provide information to the local nightly news to help get the word out quickly.

You also contact local medical centers to let them know of the potential problem, which will allow them to watch for symptoms and ask sick patients if they have eaten at any of the possible locations that may have served the affected lettuce. You create a message that is straightforward, honest and helpful to consumers. You share the message with your accounts that have the lettuce and ask them to review the message for any additional information that needs to be added or removed.

You want to be honest while also being careful about the damage that could happen to your company's image. Get access risk-free, just create an account. Once the public relations messages have been sent out, it's critical to monitor the results of the management of the issues.

Three Ethical Lessons From PR Pros

Luckily, most of the tainted lettuce has not been distributed to the end consumer and can be destroyed before making people ill. Because you were so quick to respond and handle the crisis, the problems were minimized and no one had life-threatening issues. In planning how your company will handle PR issues management, it helps to consider a variety of questions ahead of time and have a plan of how issues will be handled.

These questions will guide the evaluation of the five steps to help clarify which actions the company should take. When a specific issue happens, you can tailor your plan to fit the identified issue. Some helpful questions include:. What local media can be used for communication?

Public Relations of Issues Management

If the communication needs a wider range of distribution, what extended media is available? Issues may arise that affect the reputation of the business, the clients or consumers of the business, and any partner of a business. As a company identifies issues and how to manage those issues, there are also PR issues that affect issues management. The five steps that help identify and manage a problem include: Additionally, having questions that help guide the evaluation of the five steps helps to clarify what actions the company should take to manage the issues.

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Ethics and PR Do Mix, But It’s Up to PR to Tell That Story

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Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals. Add to Add to Add to. Want to watch this again later? Companies may face issues that affect consumers or the public and must have a plan for managing these issues. Along with resolving the problems, the issues may need to be communicated.

Using public relations effectively can help handle the management of the issues. What is Issues Management?

Public Relations of Issues Management When a problem arises, the way the company handles the issues can have a positive or negative effect on their brand. Steps for Issues Management There are five steps to managing a public relations issue: Let's take your issue through the steps for issues management: Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Select a subject to preview related courses: Questions to Consider in the PR Campaign In planning how your company will handle PR issues management, it helps to consider a variety of questions ahead of time and have a plan of how issues will be handled.

Some helpful questions include: Who will be affected and how will it affect them?