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Personal pleasure, he realises, outweighs professional duty: Thus the overburdening of his motor system had revenged itself by crippling his capacity for impressions and for inspiration. Fraundorfer at last confronts Louise with the truth — the truth Laudin still believes is essentially noble. Unable to defend herself against this accusation her usual wiles prove ineffective against the pitiless — because grieving - gaze of Fraundorfer , Louise stands exposed for what she really is: Wassermann is not as pitiless as Fraundorfer: We feel no great delight in seeing Louise exposed: Louise and her hangers-on remain behind, drunk, in disarray, temporarily stunned, but perhaps unchanged in any significant sense.

Laudin now undergoes a complete breakdown, and is only saved by the ministrations of his wife. Aware of everything Laudin has done, and fully prepared to grant him his freedom should he ask for it, Pia reveals the true nature and extent of her love for him.

Laudin Und Die Seinen

She proposes that Laudin abandon his career, move to the country and recuperate. In time, she maintains, he will find his true calling. Laudin, still reluctant to admit defeat, only gradually accepts what she is saying: Though he could say to himself that he had, to the best of his ability, defended the ignorant and the defenseless against the arbitrariness and false assumptions of those powers of stone, yet he had himself become too profoundly the victim of those powers to continue to draw self-respect from so poor a consolation.

Should he ask her to go with him to the country, she will gladly follow. She will happily live with less, she tells him. The judgement of society means nothing to her: Indeed, her transformation seems even more profound for having been effected in silence and obscurity. Laudin suddenly realises that his former wife has disappeared, and that the woman in front of him is a new person.

The struggle he has undergone in public, she has undergone in private: Rather than an obstacle to change, his marriage becomes the means of attaining it. Pia does not chain him to society: Ludwig Lewisohn pages Quotes: But this opinion seemed utterly foolish and perverse; in reality, the matter stood quite differently. It is things which shamelessly and impudently and importunately stand in need of man, and demand and misuse his strength and his time, as seems fitting to them.

The spoken word is irrevocable. It might be asserted without fear of contradiction, that through the slow and industrious digging and corroding of this representative and her followers, all noble spontaneity had been destroyed and was being destroyed more and more. To her and to her like, the whole of humanity, men, women and children, were but a single debtor. She conceived of herself as having a perpetual lien on law, morality, love, fidelity, good faith, on God himself. And in so far as she conceived of herself as having been disappointed in her claims upon happiness and satisfaction — in precisely that measure she believed all human society to be in her debt.

It is alone with that thing and with God. It is the discouraged submission into which untruth weaves us with a subtle lightness of touch, thread by tiny thread; amiably playing with us and — God protect us from that — sustained by an apparently magical element. Anarchy would be better or chaos or universal nothingness. We must begin anew, whatever this new thing be.

Only let us do away with this lie, this evil caricature, this world-shame. This unblessed mixture of compulsion and revolt, of public morality and of vice, which in a more modest age was secret but which is now perfectly public. It makes people evil; it makes them stiff-necked and vulgar; it does so more and more each day.

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We are drowning in self-assertion and self-consciousness. We are concerned over the extinction of the I or its separation into component parts or its deliquescence and reformation. If an individual is dissatisfied with the form of its existence, it will seek a new one, a more joyous one, one that is more conformable to its needs.

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I can no longer resist the conviction that the individual personality, in consequence of the modern overemphasis of it and especially since Christianity has ceased to function effectively, has lost its significance. We must prepare a new loam from which new creatures are to grow. The pair is important. I am thoroughly persuaded that for each man and each woman there exists but a single possible complementary personality.

Laudin und die Seinen by Jakob Wassermann (Paperback) - Lulu

It surpasses all imagination what human society would gain in peace, in delight, in elasticity, in purity and cleanliness, through the constant multiplication of such truly constituted pairs. And it is for this reason that I want all barriers to choice to fall.

Neither men nor women must be hindered in their choices. No moral odium, no burden of paternity, neither motherhood nor premiums on virtue, must prevent them from testing and experiencing all the forms and even the fancies of love that they either desire or imagine.

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  7. If they possess any true instinct, that instinct will be sharpened; if any social willingness stirs in them, they will be led to the same goal. And be that goal what it may, it must not be what is now called marriage. Nor should we be concerned over a possible dissolution of morals and a so-called lapse into savagery.

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