Epiphany of Purpose: A Guide to a Life of Power and Happiness

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Subscribe to Tiny Buddha for daily or weekly emails and to learn about future giveaways! In my experience, meaningful transformation always starts with some type of epiphany—a realization that suddenly puts life in a new perspective and informs what you need to do from this point forward. The basic common denominator for everyone that I reached out to interview was that I admired them for whatever reason. This was because I began to understand that these epiphanies contain some of our greatest wisdom and if I could know the epiphanies of people I admired, I would probably be getting some amazing insights and wisdom to utilize in my life and to share with others.

If you want to learn from each other in deep ways, that is. There is tremendous strength in it, and we learn in the deepest, most visceral ways when we can be open and vulnerable with one another. The strength of that willingness and act of love really allows us to relate on a very human level. It allows us to truly feel and understand and be strong, open, and inspired and it also helps us to not feel so alone. There were so many!

The Spiritual Epiphany That Led Oprah to Accomplish Amazing Things

The way she said it in that moment, I had an epiphany, which is the way this works a lot of the time. I realized that was exactly what I had been doing—berating myself mercilessly inside. In the same situations, I know I would actually speak lovingly to a friend and mean it. The way Kristin described it just made perfect sense to me and changed me on the spot.

The epiphanies of Desmond Tutu, Maya Angelou, and Deepak Chopra surprised me in their absolute simplicity and the clarity in which they recounted them. I expected some incredible, dramatic stories considering they have all led somewhat dramatic lives and yet while their epiphany was dramatic for them, the actual moments were often quite quiet and intimate. I will admit I was almost a little bit disappointed when I first heard them. But then when I went back and worked with the epiphanies, I realized the absolute power in them.

I had no idea about her background in ornithology and actually learned a ton about birds of prey like hawks, falcons and eagles just from our interview! I also thought it was interesting in the cases of Diane Warren, Cory Booker, Rabbi Shmuley and Florence Horne my eldest contributor at 91 years of age that their greatest epiphanies happened when they were 7, 12, 13 and 10 respectively. Whether they were calmly contemplating the sky, meditating or praying, clinging to hope in a crisis, desperate to heal, or searching for an answer, people were listening and paying attention to signs and what was going on around them.

They were open to these moments. When people had an epiphany, they never doubted for one instant that whatever happened was real for them. They had absolute faith and trust in their experience and themselves, knowing the action they were taking because of their epiphany was right for them, regardless of what anyone else thought. Every single person whose epiphany positively changed his or her life took action. All of them took the first step toward whatever the epiphany compelled them to do, even if they had no idea what would happen after that. After people began to take action on their epiphanies, circumstances seemed to fall into place so that they could take the next step.

It is as if the world conspires to support your decisions and actions, to confirm that you are on the right track. Many not all of the people I talked to felt the hand of God or some other mysterious, benevolent force in their lives after their epiphanies. Serendipity starts to happen and then everyone whose epiphany changed their life was open to receive it—they were aware of it when it happened, were grateful for it, and kept looking for more of it.

And hopefully, eventually, we all start expecting it and then listening, believing, acting, receiving all become a normal part of our lives, a way of living, and epiphanies are something that we are having and acting upon all the time without them having to come from a huge crisis or disruption in our lives. To overcome this one, you need to find ways to quiet your mind.

Do whatever works for you to do this, whether it be meditation, prayer, walking, writing, driving, swimming, yoga, whatever. Find ways to quiet your mind and start paying attention to your heart and mind and to others and the environment around you. Another barrier is when an epiphany occurs, some of us have the tendency to not believe in it. Or believing someone else who tells you that. By not taking action on what you feel compelled to do is a huge barrier to realizing the potential of the epiphanies.

I think another thing that happens is that people gloss over these moments. They have an epiphany and then they forget about it.

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We need to honor these moments and think about them and talk about them. We all can and do have epiphanies—no matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your age is, no matter what your beliefs are. I realized every moment of my life was a choice. And it was that moment, with that realization, that I found true freedom. I realized that true freedom is found within me, and everything else is just geography. The deeper meaning for me is that nobody is really alone. Each of us is always connected to Spirit through Spirit to each other.

It's important to reach out to others with whom you feel a kindred connection. I believe that when you authentically want to connect with people of your own "tribe", and seek them out, you will find them - whether or not they're actually your biological family. Orian Williams - film producer. I wasn't really sure what it was I was going to be doing - didn't know what my calling was, though I had passions for photography, literature, dialogue, meeting people, art, traveling, all these things.

I thought, "How can I combine them into one job? I started looking inside to find out who I was and where I was going rather than looking to the outside. I started looking at the things that aren't right in front of me or that I could touch - I looked into my heart and found things I was passionate about.

For me it's about the things I grew up loving. I looked back into my life, and the things that motivated me to be who I was, and I started looking back on my inspirations - music, bands I love, books, films, photography, travel - and knew that producing was a way for me to live a passionate life. Adriane De Bonvoisin http: Not only did I have the "perfect" job and the "perfect" boyfriend but I had the "perfect" New York City lifestyle. I traveled and went to all the best parties and restaurants. To the world, I had it all. And I was miserable. What I realized was that this dream career, this job, was simply toxic for me.

I had climbed a very high ladder and it was either the wrong ladder or it was leaning against the wrong wall. But I finally had the courage to leave that job and take what I thought would be a two, three, maybe four months to get healthy and decide what I needed to do. It turned into two and a half years. During those years, I walked around the planet, read books, did nonprofit work, met a lot of people, and started listening to my own intuition. What I learned from all this is that we are all just so much more powerful and resilient and intuitive than we've ever been told.

Jan 01, Barbara rated it really liked it Shelves: Elise Ballard came up with a fantastic concept, and she really did a great job with this book. The book is called "Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage, and Transform" and I have to say that the subtitle is perfect, as I found this book extremely inspiring, encouraging, and transformative. A total of 58 people were interviewed by Elise and asked to share their Elise Ballard came up with a fantastic concept, and she really did a great job with this book.

A total of 58 people were interviewed by Elise and asked to share their epiphany story, and each story falls into one of the six categories. In the introduction of the book, Elise tells us that although she placed each of the epiphany stories into one of these sections, most of the stories could fit into several or all of the categories.

One of the things that I found to be so wonderful about this book is that each person's story is kept very short and directly to the point -- I would say that each story ranged from three to six pages. It is amazing how much important information can be shared in so few pages. Although I found so many of the stories throughout the book to be fascinating, enlightening, interesting, and inspiring, I think my favorite section was the "Healings" section.

In one of the "Healings" stories, Rupert Isaacson, an author and an activist, discovered "astounding results using horses and nature" pg. Isaacson to start a non-profit organization called the Horse Boy Foundation, where they work with kids on the autism spectrum by using horses. The "Miracles" section included some absolutely wild stories. Joel Harper, a fitness trainer who lives and works in New York City, was rushing to an appointment on his bicycle, and saw a little girl with her father around 60 feet ahead of him.

Joel was riding very fast when suddenly the little girl stepped right into his path. She was only around 3 years old, and did not realize what she was doing. Well, it happened so quickly that there was absolutely no way for Joel to slow down or move out of the way and he was sure he was going to hit her which probably would have killed the little girl. But, thank God, no one was hurt. As he explains it, "My bike and I went through her body.

I just sailed right through her body. Or her body went through mine. It was one and the same. It felt like my body was floating. Nothing happened to Joel Harper or the little girl, and he pulled his bike over and looked back -- the little girl was just playing with some flowers, and her father stood there looking completely stunned. This experience led him to "stop and reflect on my choices and the speed at which I was traveling in life.

But most of the stories are not quite as "far out" as Joel Harper's. There was such an amazing story about forgiveness, which I will never forget.

An Epiphany and Finding Happiness After Death | HuffPost

Linda Biehl's 26 year old daughter, Amy, was killed in South Africa during the transition from apartheid to a multiracial democracy. Linda and her husband chose to honor their daughter's belief in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which works toward achieving restorative justice rather than retributive justice. Amnesty was granted toward two of the four men who were convicted in Amy's death, and Linda chose to work with these men toward restorative justice.

The two men now work as social activists for the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust, a nonprofit organization created by Linda Biehl.

Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage, and Transform

While sharing her amazing story in this book, here is one of the things that Linda said about forgiveness and reconciliation: Mehmet Oz, Desmond Tutu, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Barry Manilow, among a few others. I have been reading and following the works of Deepak Chopra for at least the past 20 years, and I was astonished by how much I learned about his work in the two pages devoted to his epiphany in this book.

I feel as though I now have an extremely simplified, yet very clear and concise understanding of exactly what his work is all about and how it originated. Although I have always loved Dr. Chopra's work, I never would have been able to easily define his teachings until now. Thanks to Elise Ballard, I will now enjoy Dr. Chopra's work even more than I ever have. Overall, I tremendously enjoyed the eclectic mix of the people, the stories, and the epiphanies in this book. This is a book that will come in handy whenever I am feeling sad, unmotivated, or unbalanced, or if I just need some quick encouragement, because it's the type of book that I can just pick up and find an inspiring story by just flipping to any of the pages.

Thank you to Crown for listing this as a First Reads giveaway, and thank you to Goodreads for selecting me as a winner. And, of course, thank you to Elise Ballard for writing such a great book!! Jul 26, Kristiana Gomez rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loved Elise Ballard's beautiful insights on what inspires our most life-changing epiphanies. I'll be looking forward to her next publications. Apr 21, A. Very inspiring for anyone! Easy to read in short burst of time. Jul 26, CJ McKinnon added it.

The stories of each epiphany were excellent.

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But I wish the author would have included epiphanies of average, everyday people. I would be able to better relate to their stories in relation to my own life much better. Sep 15, Rachel rated it liked it.

See a Problem?

Great concept but it was a bit repetitive - surprise, people often discover the same truths about life! However, there definitely were some standouts that really made me think. Jun 27, Paula Vince rated it liked it Shelves: I loved the premise of this book. The author made it her project to interview several subjects on moments of epiphany in their lives, when puzzle pieces seemed to slot into place and all became clearer.

They are grouped into categories such as "callings", "new directions" and "miracles". It wasn't the sort of book where submissions were called for. Elise Ballard hand-picked all the interviewees herself, and they are all high achievers in their chosen fields and have a lot of business acumen. Many I loved the premise of this book. A glance at the "About the Author" blurb reveals that Ballard is just such a person herself, an actress and independent filmmaker and producer. She writes how she connected with each subject as segues into their stories, and I couldn't shake the feeling that she lives insulated in her own world of VIPs, far removed from interests and habits of the common people.

I wondered if this may have skewed the book somewhat, as there might have been valuable input lacking from the more unsung-hero type of plodder who many of us may find it easier to relate to, or even the thoughtful 'arty' type of person without get-up-and-go or connections, who has plenty of insightful thoughts but wouldn't have a clue how to put a business plan together or thrust themselves into the limelight.

Because of this, the book may have lacked a little balance. However, it did contain a variety of interesting stories from the subjects. It would appear we really do have our own paths to walk which are different from those of others. Diane Warren spoke about her passion for song-writing as part of her epiphany, while Nell Newman daughter of Paul discussed her equally great passion for conservation and whole foods. Oh yeah, there's one other thing. I think reading this book did help me feel more in-tune with inner promptings and able to recognise ephiphanies.

It actually helped me realise that I have a lot. We may be brought up tending to think that if they're not burning bush or Damascus Road experiences, then they don't fit the bill. In actual fact, they may be zooming through our thoughts all the time, subtle enough to slip away without us even registering them if we're not careful. Jan 04, Nancy rated it really liked it Shelves: I very much enjoyed this book, which I won from Goodreads!!!

This book is a compilation of interviews with a variety of people, some of whom I'd heard of, many others that I hadn't, about their epiphanies and how the epiphanies changed lives. Then, in first person, the epiphanant's did I just make up a word? The epiphanies are organized, very logica I very much enjoyed this book, which I won from Goodreads!!! I really loved all the stories, but a couple that really stood out for me were the following. So if God is moving you into an arena that you know nothing about, but He has given you the talents to do it, you will not be alone.

It is a book I want to share with so many people, too. As to myself, perhaps, I am still awaiting the big one, though I have at least had some smaller ones. I tend to just let things happen, though Jan 17, P. Reviewer rated it it was amazing. I recieved this book through Goodreads First Reads This is one of those inspiring books that you read and then smile after you've read it. Elise Ballard puts together tons of interviews that highlight when each person had an "epiphany. I'm especially glad that, as a non-Christian, most of the epiphanies weren't religious.

I'm an atheist who tends to shy away from religious books. But these stories were diverse I recieved this book through Goodreads First Reads This is one of those inspiring books that you read and then smile after you've read it. But these stories were diverse and dealt with some terrible tragedies and some lighter, more comedic epiphanies. The interview that I thought was the most inspiring was the one about the family that forgave the South African mob for lynching their daughter.

A minor criticism I had with the book was that it was too short. I wanted some more analysis or interviews. But overall, I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something fascinating and well-written. Aug 06, Ganesh added it Shelves: An interview I liked: When Cory Booker was 12, he ran for class president against other candidates he thought were much cooler than him. When he stood up to give a campaign speech in front of his peers, he froze and then mumbled through the speech.

He took away two things from that experience. First, he resolved to be a better public speaker. Second, when he won the election, he realized that people voted for him because of who he was. But at the same time, only by putting yourself out there can you really be a part of a movement for change. Jun 08, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a genius theme for a book. I hadn't given the concept epiphanies much thought before, but now realize how much we have to learn about ourselves and others through epiphanies.

An Epiphany and Finding Happiness After Death

The subjects in this book are so eclectic and each one inspired or touched me in some way and quite often taught me something about life. The stories are very well curated and presented by the author. I am guessing that this book would be equally impactful to someone in their 20's or 80's. The epiphanies give us spi This is a genius theme for a book. The epiphanies give us spiritual food for thought and remind us of the resiliency of the human spirit. The book has inspired me try to interview my loved ones and learn more about their life epiphanies!