Dark Awakenings: Volume 2 in the Little Girl Lost Trilogy

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  1. Thorne: Rose's Dark Awakening
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A page-turning paranormal suspense! Tired of the same old werewolves and vampires? You'll love these fantasy romances because mythological mermen, centaurs, and genies need love too. Mother of Shadows The Chosen Book 1.

Thorne: Rose's Dark Awakening

Thrust into a world of magic Helena must pass a mysterious trial in order to lead the Chosen and find the man who carries the other half of her soul. Be warned, this dystopian reverse harem set in Scotland contains four sexy bear shifters that will make your blood boil and your ovaries scream! Witch of the Midnight Blade Part One.

An apocalyptic hole in the sky dropping alien hellhounds and high-tech dragons onto the world. Review "Castle demonstrates considerable skill in crafting a tale that offers readers a conflict-ridden forbidden love interlaced with political intrigue and betrayal. Product details Mass Market Paperback: Forever July 1, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Rite of the Vampire: A young woman with a secret.

A man with a death sentence. And a terrible fate that threatens to destroy them both. Your next vampire book addiction! The Devil Series, Books She vowed not to use magic, but that was before a devil arrived.

Finally some answers from Victoria?! - Season 15 Ep 7 - There's a dark Paranormal force growing!

Read this dark vampire series today! Blood Huntress Ruled by Blood Book 1. Can the assassin survive out of the shadows when she infiltrates the vampire court and catches the eye of the dangerous yet tempting vampire king? Black Mesa Wolves Books Sexy wolf shifters lay eyes on their destined mates and will do anything to win them. Get ready to feel the heat with this irresistible box set! Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention vampire lily vampires romance seer castle queen tynan paranormal quinn cait ptolemy macgillivray sith kendra meets main unique leigh idea.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. From the first time he sees Lily in the moonlight, catshifting vamp Ty is captivated, but when moves in for a little taste of the beguiling Lily, he finds tha Lily is more than she seems - and she is just what he has been hunting for, a Seer.

See a Problem?

And as much as Ty wants Lily, as a servant to the queen of a powerful vampire house he has no choice but to complete his hunt and deliver the Seer into the dangerous vampire world knowing full well that queen will never allow Lily to be his. I am really not a super vamp fan, so on my first attempt at reading Dark Destiny I read the prolog and it didn't grab me.

But, I am trying to start attacking my TBR pile and doing a "choose it or lose it" on some of the numerous complete or nearly complete series languishing there and the two books of Castle's series was the least daunting choice. Well even though my reasons for picking this back up were dubious, I have to say that in giving it another chance, the first real chapter was really good and the rest just kept on getting better.

It is hard not to go into too much detail but I thought that the world that Castle created was interesting with a smattering of mythology, and a caste system running through the different vampire clans. The mindset that goes along with having been a victim of those prejudices plays a key part in the story because it defines the characters - especially the leading man, Ty, and several of his 'blood' brothers as well - and it sets up the 'obstacle' that the staring pair have to overcome to be together.

And all of that just worked really well for me, I loved Ty, who is an awesome hunter but very vulnerable in his belief that as Cait Sith - a catshifting vamp with fae origins - he is just a 'gutterblood' and that serving the queen of one of the 'highblood' clans is the best he can do, I also loved his struggle against wanting to keep his leading lady Lily for himself, when duty demands he turn her over for the good of that race.

And I loved Lily, she is at a disadvantage as a mortal in the cross hairs of the immortals, but she controls what she can, and takes the chance on grabbing some happiness with Ty however fleeting that may be. So, the bottom line is that I really enjoyed this first episode in Castle's Dark Dynasty series and it's actually worked to my advantage in being so late to the party because I have the second book on my pile already and the third book is out soon, so I don't have too long to wait for more of the Ty's Cait Sith brethren, Jaden is up next in Midnight Reckoning and Damien is on the horizon in Shadow Rising.

Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. I have been a fan of Ms. Castle's work ever since I stumbled into her McInnes Werewolves trilogy years ago. Her novel for Harlequin Nocturne titled Renegade Angel was also a page turner which I hope will turn into some kind of series. So when I heard she was coming up with a new series titled Dark Dynasties I was intrigued.

I pre-ordered the book as soon as I was able to, and had very high expectations for the series. I was very happy to have those expectations met. I could not put this one down. This is the story of Lily Quinn, an orphan with some unexplained psychic ability, who is targetted by a group of vampires to help them determine who has unleashed a cursed beast on them.

Tynan MacGillivray is the cat-shifting vampire sent to find and deliver her to fulfill her purpose. But the situation quickly escalates as assassins are sent after them and her powers begin to make an appearance, not to mention the little issue of their developing attraction which goes deeper than either wants to admit for very different reasons. In order to survive, both Lily and Ty will need to face some deeply ingrained personal demons as well as learn to lean on each other. Dark Awakening is a beautiful story in that the characters, while having the usual whirlwind romance among impossible circumstances, also have the chance to mature and grow emotionally as individuals.

Ty broke my heart with his acceptance of his lot in life and his place in it. He details the weather every day and makes marginally interesting descriptions of temples, hotels, restaurants and girls, and he reflects on the horrors of the Khmer Rouge.

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Osborne probably intended insight into a fascinating and dangerous country and also to give the reader a sense of its exoticism. Sadly, despite its high aspirations, this novel does not quite work. Topics Fiction The Observer. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. The angel with black wings is taller and broader than the one with white wings. Nadira has always been interested to know about them. He hates this species and the fact that his brothers fell for the flesh of their women. He goes there, only to meet his brother Sammael. Sammael threatens him that if anything happens to Mary, Gadriel would pay. Nadira was waiting for Mary in front of her favorite angel stature for some times and then it starts to rain.

She has always been fascinated by this statue, where the angel seems like falling from heaven. His face is not clearly seen but she loves it nonetheless.

Hunters in the Dark review – down and out in Cambodia

That is when she sees two huge figures on the bridge, which she has to cross to the car parking. As she was spying, someone grabs her from behind and speaks to her. She immediately recognizes Sariel, one of the angels from her dreams; the one with white wings, the one who'd always been with her. She must trust him on that. On her way, she sees this enormous man, wounded on the chest, standing in the middle of the road and staring straight at her. Nadira thought many things, about what could've happen to this man and tries to veer away from him. She takes him to her house.

Being a former nurse helps and she tries to take care of him.

Dark Awakenings - Cindy Hanna - Häftad () | Bokus

Then she gets his name, Gadriel. And, that one night decides what they both want, which is to each-other. In the morning, Mary comes by to see Nadira, instead meets Gadriel. Gadriel was going insane with worry and then he sees Sammael has come to take them away death. Gadriel goes on his knees, asking him to spare their lives. Sariel comes in then and makes a bargain; their lives will be spared, in return Gadriel has to be ready for his call from God. Gadriel agrees, to save his wife and child's lives. Then the nurses come in and inform him he has a daughter.

The last love scene was very nice, with Gadriel opening his wings and all that I actually was imagining it, how it would look and feel, being engulfed in huge black wings with a sinfully handsome angel. Gave me goosebumps, that I can tell. Anyway, I wish it was a full novel because it left me a bit frustrated. In the end, I was rooting for Gadriel, he was so crazy about Nadira and intense.

I wish there was more of him and their story. Oct 09, Rachel rated it it was ok Shelves: However, this could be my fault for not paying closer attention to genres when I find new reading material. So I was a bit disappointed when there was no real depth to the story and no real character development what-so-ever. Pretty much just lust-at-first-sight, lots of rolling around in the sheets, then a semi-fo Eh Pretty much just lust-at-first-sight, lots of rolling around in the sheets, then a semi-formulaic happily ever after and ending with a To-Be-Continued.

Sadly, I wont be continuing. That being said, however, the writing wasn't bad and if I were looking for a book that met my descriptions above then this would have been dandy. I loved this e-book. I had never read a book about Angels before but this on had me from the first page. When Gadriel saw Nadira, he knew that she was his. I love the whole MINE thing, it gets me envery time.

This story has passion, heart, and soul. I recommend to those who want a short story that totally draws them in. I can't wait to read book two - Dark Admirer. Jun 05, Netanella rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this - a short story that reminded me a lot of the movie The Prophecy with fallen angels and battles in heaven. The bleeding man, however, is not a man at all but the fallen angel Gadriel, and their night of passion offers him redemption and peace.