Cream Puff Dessert Recipes

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Continue to stir until a film forms on the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat and transfer contents to a bowl to cool slightly, about 3 minutes. Add 4 eggs, one at a time, stirring vigorously to entirely incorporate egg after each addition.

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For the egg wash, whisk together the remaining egg with 1 tablespoon water. Gently smooth the pointed peaks with a moistened finger, rounding tops to ensure even rising. Brush tops with reserved egg wash. Bake until puffs rise and are golden brown, about 30 minutes.

How to make: Easy Cream Puff Dessert

Let cool on sheets on wire racks. Puffs can be stored at room temperature for up to 1 day. Insert the tip into the opening of each pastry, and pipe to fill with pastry cream. How would you rate this recipe? I needed cream puffs for the office and didnt have time to dig out my recipe that I know works so I used this one because I figured it would be a good one My cream puffs did not rise at all and after googling some other see that the oven needed to be hotter I recommend the temperature being set at Came out nice on the first try!

Would definitely recommend in the future. I had tried making cream puffs in the past and all three batches were hard as rocks. After watching the kitchen conundrums and swapping out my old recipe for this one they turned out light and puffy on the first try. I have made these twice so far and will definitely be making more in the future. I make them on the small side 1inch instead of 1.

I fill them with the pastry cream and dip them in dark chocolate ganache so they are bite-sized eclairs. Well, I haven't tried it yet, but this reminds me of the one my family used, and I grew up loving! We always used custard or homemade vanilla pudding inside, then a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top.

So many ways to add to it, but delicious any ol' way! Chocolate and fresh ripe strawberries are probably my fav! I've been searching for a cream puff recipe that was good and this is wonderful!! I've made them before with classic cookbook recipes but they always deflate and are thick.

Pan Cream Puff Recipe -

French Vanilla pudding is yummier t I made this using sugar free pistachio pudding and sprinkled the top with pecans before serving. I loved the whole thing, but no one else in the house liked the cream puff crust and only ate the I gave 4 stars because this recipe is good, but one on a different site is better.

Cream Puffs

Makes the crust more airy So good and yummy, everyone loved it. Vanilla or Chocolate pudding is great.

Cream Puff Dessert

The cook and serve pudding tastes a little better and fresh made whipped cream adds an added richness to it. Just made this today on my new gas range wanted to try out the oven. I've only got one thing to say This recipe was not only easy but delicious.

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I didn't use chocolate syrup simply My husband loved this cake. He couldn't stop eating it and I've got to admit it was fabulous. It is a definite keeper. My mother used to make this exact recipe years ago. Everywhere we went this cream puff "pie" came along as well. This recipe is easy to make lower in fat without having to put thought into it a I love this recipe, but I like a little more pudding.

This gives you all the great flavor with very little fuss. Allow dessert to chill overnight before serving. Added to shopping list. Go to shopping list.

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  • Grease and flour a 9xinch pan.