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  1. Faith - a new way of thinking and a conversion of heart

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Vincent Pallotti in Its charism is to assist all people in finding and living out their apostolic vocation in life. The Pallottines, made up of around 2, priests and brothers, can be found in more than 40 countries. Their motto is taken from the words of St.

Conversion of Heart John Swisher

Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians: Pope Francis told the members of the Society that their founder, St. In , Pope Francis, then-Cardinal Bergoglio, opened the causes for sainthood for three Pallottine priests and two seminarians who were brutally beaten and shot to death on July 4th, Yeast is a fascinating thing. It is so small in size and yet has such a powerful effect upon the dough. The yeast works slowly and somewhat miraculously.

Faith - a new way of thinking and a conversion of heart

Little by little the dough rises and is transformed. This is always something fascinating for children to watch when making bread. This is the ideal way for the Gospel to work in our lives. Right now, the Kingdom of God is first and foremost alive in our hearts. The conversion of our hearts will rarely effectively take place in a day or in a moment.

Sure, each day and every moment is important, and there are certainly powerful moments of conversion we can all point to. But conversion of heart is more like the yeast causing the dough to rise. The conversion of heart is usually something that takes place little by little and step by step. We allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives in a continually deepening way and, as we do, we grow deeper and deeper in holiness just as dough rises slowly but surely.

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