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  1. 13 Bonus Key Performance Indicator Examples & Definitions
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  3. What Are 10 Leading Indicators for Measuring Organizational Success?
  4. Indicators or Measures That Assess the Success of a Business or Organization

This is especially true if your business has a lengthy sales cycle.

Case Study Using Key Predictive Indicators

In our business, our sales cycle can be as long as 18 to 24 months in some cases. We meet a potential client or investor, engage in initial discussions, convince them that we're relevant, then wait until they feel the timing is right to make an investment in their business.

13 Bonus Key Performance Indicator Examples & Definitions

We measure how many potential clients we are engaged in conversations with within the last three months that are likely to hire or partner with us to build a business. We count a client as an active discussion when we are talking to them about a specific way we could build or transform a business for them.

1. Profits are greater than losses

We count the number of outstanding proposals that have not been accepted but are still relevant to our client. We typically engage our clients in a 6-toweek starter project to explore the prospect of building or transforming a business, prior to agreeing to a long-term partnership.

We know these partnerships have long-term potential, but we need to invest in them to retain and grow our business with them. When you are planning your business, one of the indicators that needs to be created is the break-even point of sales, according to small business resource Power Home Biz.

The break-even point is the number of units that needs to be sold during a given period in order for the company to cover all production costs, sales costs and business overhead costs. The most common measuring periods are monthly or quarterly.

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While the company is not making a profit, it is able to sustain itself through product sales. This is the first step to determining the success of a company. When the number of average sales goes up, and the amount per transaction goes up with it, then your company is heading towards success.

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You can measure the amount of sales sold to new customers, the amount of sales to existing customers, the amount of profit per sale and the average amount transacted during each sale. If any of those numbers start a downward pattern, then you need to take corrective measures to bring it back up. The online business financial resource Money-Zine discusses a net income ratio as a way for small business to measure growth.

What Are 10 Leading Indicators for Measuring Organizational Success?

The net income ratio is the amount of money left over after operating expenses are subtracted from revenue. An increase in net income means that either revenue is going up, costs are going down or some combination of the two. Net income can be a subjective success indicator. If your revenue remains constant, but you decrease costs by eliminating employees, then you will experience a rise in net income.

Indicators or Measures That Assess the Success of a Business or Organization

That is why it is important to keep an eye on net income, and attempt to get an increase in net income through a combination of an increase in revenue and costs savings that are not due to employee layoffs. If you can increase net income and grow your workforce at the same time, that is an indicator of organizational success.

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