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  1. ‘An American Tale’: Modern Lessons on Racism, Immigration and Human Decency
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But as the Mousekewitzes have not yet registered to vote, he can't help Fievel find them. Meanwhile, his sister, Tanya, tells her gloomy parents she has a feeling that he is still alive, but they urged her that the feeling would soon go away. Led by the rich and powerful Gussie Mausheimer , the mice hold a rally to decide what to do about the cats. Rat is extorting them all for protection that he never provides. No one has any idea what to do about it, until Fievel whispers a plan to Gussie.

The mice take over an abandoned building on Chelsea Pier and begin constructing their plan.

‘An American Tale’: Modern Lessons on Racism, Immigration and Human Decency

On the day of launch, Fievel gets lost and stumbles upon Warren T. He discovers that he is actually a cat in disguise and the leader of the Maulers who later capture Fievel. A goofy, soft-hearted orange cat named Tiger takes a liking to a crying Fievel and sets him free. Fievel races back to the pier with the cats in hot pursuit when Gussie orders the mice to release the secret weapon.

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A huge mechanical mouse, inspired by the bedtime tales Papa told to Fievel of the "Giant Mouse of Minsk", chases the cats down the pier and into the water. A tramp steamer bound for Hong Kong picks them up and carries them away. During the battle, Fievel is once again separated from those he loves and falls into despair when a group of orphans tell him that he should have given up a long time ago and he believes them. Papa Mouskewitz overhears Bridget and Tony calling out to Fievel, but is sure that there may be another "Fievel" somewhere, until he sees Mama picking up his son's hat.

They team up for a final effort to find him, and in the end, Papa's violin playing leads Fievel back into the arms of his family. The journey ends with Henri taking everyone to see his newly completed project — the Statue of Liberty , and the Mouskewitzes' new life in America begins. While all of the animal characters were animated from scratch, the human characters were animated using the rotoscoping technique, in which sequences were shot in live action and then traced onto animation cels.

This provides a realistic look for human characters, and distinguishes the cartoonish animal characters from the more realistically animated humans. The musical score for the film was composed by James Horner.

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The record would quickly be shattered with the release of The Little Mermaid three years later. The film can almost be credited for the start of the animation renaissance of the late 's and 's, as it showed investors and film studios that animated films could still be profitable at a time when the industry was in a slump, and Disney nearly closed it's animation studio. An American Tail was a box office success, the first among Universal's animated releases to do so.

Critically the film received mixed reviews in general, with Siskel and Ebert notably bashing the film on their show, believing that it was too dark and depressing for children to handle. The staff of Halliwell's Film Guide gave it one star out of four. Common Sense Media gave it largely positive reviews, as the group stated "This is a heartwarming animated tale about the experience of immigrants coming to America.

View All Photos 6. An American Tail is a beautifully rendered animated flim that tells an overly familiar story in terms children can easily understand. Fievel Mousekewitz and his family of Russian-Jewish mice escape from their homeland in the late s, boarding a boat headed toward America to evade the Czarist rule of the Russian cats.

Fievel, however, is separated from his family upon his arrival in New York City, and he discovers to his horror that there are cats in America too his father said there weren't. Fievel meets his share of friendly and hostile mice, and he eventually befriends a cat as well.

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Phillip Glasser as Feivel Mousekewitz. Amy Green as Tanya Mousekewitz. John Finnegan as Warren T.

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Philip Glasser as Fievel Mousekewitz. Cathianne Blore as Bridget. Dom DeLuise as Tiger. Madeline Kahn as Gussie Mausheimer. Pat Musick as Tony Toponi. Nehemiah Persoff as Papa Mousekewitz. Christopher Plummer as Henri. Erica Yohn as Mama Mousekewitz.

How An American Tale Tackles Racism, Immigration | Collider

Will Ryan as Digit. Hal Smith as Moe. Neil Ross as Honest John. September 10, Full Review…. The overall quality of the animation -- baroquely executed if rather conventionally conceived -- makes it worth a look September 10, Full Review…. June 24, Full Review…. August 30, Rating: January 1, Full Review…. January 1, Rating: An intimate and entertaining animated epic May 16, Full Review…. Adorable, heartwarming tale of immigrant mouse.

An American Tail

December 21, Rating: November 24, Rating: September 10, Rating: February 18, Rating: View All Critic Reviews Lady D'arbanville Super Reviewer. Jennifer Xu Super Reviewer. Michael Edwards Super Reviewer. John Manard Super Reviewer. View All Audience Reviews.

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